Patch 2.4.3 going live!

Yeah, that’s right.

This is mostly for my peeps whose work prevents them from getting other news sites.

And as usual, here are the items that I think are the most interesting on the patch notes list (which are shown in full on MMO-Champion)…

Equipping an item will now cancel any spell cast currently in progress. Of course, for Druids, this makes macros using Idol swapping a bit more problematic… but more of a heads up, really. And weapon swapping, etc. If you never used this, then no worries, but if you were used to easily swapping items for optimum Idol and Weapon combos with different attack types, then it will require some adjustments.

When a stun wears off, the creature that was stunned will prefer the last target with the highest threat, versus the current target. All this is telling me, is if I was applying proper threat before a Stun, then I should be able to count on the mob coming after me when Stun breaks. Win!

Barkskin: The cost of this spell is now reduced by Tree of Life Form. Barksin cast by trees, and cheaper! Woot!

Magister’s Terrace

  • The Stun component to the Sunblade Mage Guard Glaive Throw has been removed and the Bounce range reduced.
  • Vexallus and Kael’thas are now tauntable in Heroic mode.
  • Vexallus’ damage caused by Pure Energy has been decreased.
  • Kael’thas’ Arcane Sphere has had its visual size increased. His Arcane Sphere attack has had its range decreased and the damage/second of Phase two on Normal mode has been decreased. (Heroic mode remains unchanged.)
  • Sunblade Warlocks have had their damage reduced slightly.
  • Fel Crystals in the Selin Fireheart encounter have had their health reduced slightly.
    Warlord Salaris and Kagani Nightstrike have had their damage output reduced slightly.

Having recently done this a few times, I can safely say… YAY!!!!

And yes, I am glad we did it on normal successfully a few times before the nerf. I’ll take the nerf, but I now know exactly why I am happy with this…

Clockwork Robot Bots fight amongst themselves again…without attacking people in the arena. Well… they’ll blow up other Bots in the arena, but you know what we mean. Well, hell… time to whip out the bots again… for guild meetings. Other than that, I’ll stick to my froggie and my bunny.

Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen: The triggered effect from this Item can now occur on periodic damage ticks. I guess it’s time for me to grind that SSO rep from revered to exalted on Windburn now.

Time Management features have been implemented! These features include an alarm clock, stopwatch and viewing your computer’s local time.
The new stopwatch feature can be accessed via the /stopwatch, /sw, or /timer slash commands. Inputting a time into the slash command will make the stopwatch count down. For example, /stopwatch 1:0:0 will make the stopwatch count down from an hour, /stopwatch 1:30 will make it count down from 1 minute, 30 seconds and /stopwatch 30 will make it count down from 30 seconds.
Who exactly was asking for this?

Nightbane will no longer become unresponsive and unkillable during his air phase. Cool… I understand he is targetable now in the air, too!

Fixed an issue where players could have two minimap tracking types active at the same time. I was hearing that people in the guild were delighted that Mining and Herbing showed up at the same time. No dual farming for you! Denied!

Among other things not in patch notes, the loot cards from the Trading Card Game “The Hunt for Illidan” can now be used. And there is a bear mount in the game for the next expansion of the Trading Card Game that’s not out yet… yeah, I will no longer be spending a dime on The Hunt for Illidan. Screw the Etherial, I’m saving money now so I can buy cards until Windshadow has a bear mount when the next TCG expansion is released.

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Patch 2.4.3 going live!

  1. The timer and stop watch stuff is useful for doing raid bosses when you don’t have something like Deadly Boss Mods doing all the counting for you. I remember doing ZG right after they changed up Hakkar, and we had to run a stopwatch on the poison thing.


  2. I just finished downloading the patch (your computer is next dear!) and one thing I found cool in the patch notes that I hadn’t heard much about is that people who zone into a PVE instance with a PVP flag activated will now immediately lose their PVP flag! So no more making the entire party flag PVP to do buffs or waiting til the flag wears off itself.

    Not a huge deal, but something that will save a few minutes at the beginning of instances when someone has been asked to come in at the last minute.



  3. I guess the /stopwatch will see use in macros, either as a “ghetto” replacement for some addons (bosses, cooldown timers, av timers)

    Handy tip: if one person in a house downloads the patch, you can copy and run the relevant file on any other computers. If you’ve never cleaned out your WoW directory then there might be 2G of patches in there all the way from 1.0 to 2.4, which may come in handy if you ever have to reinstall.


  4. Thanks for posting this BBB. My work is anal about places I travel to on-line, so it’s always a bitch to find a website that makes it through the firewall and actually has the patch notes rather than a link to them pointing to a blocked site.

    Great blog btw. This is my favorite place to get info. Used to be here and ‘Of Teeth and Claws’ but unfortunately Karthis is gone now. /sob


  5. Cool! And I’m such a superficial follower of fashion, so my first stop in wow is a visit to Haris Pilton for a couple of bag gigantiques. And then a 28 slot herb bag from the hippy mushroom dudes.

    Plus, I guess now our guild tanks have no excuse not to farm MagT for the trinket. Happy days ahead.


  6. The stopwatch is also a very helpful feature if you’re learning new content and worried about encountering respawns while in a raid. For example, suppose that you have a fledgling Tier 5 raid that has stepped into Tempest Keep during one of their earlies excursions. They clear the trash to Al’ar, make numerous attempts on Al’ar, and have gotten somewhat close once or twice to downing the bird but just havent done it yet. Just as they’re setting up to make yet another attempt, the raid leader’s stopwatch chimes in saying that an hour and fifty minutes has passed since a first mob was killed. In other words, they now have ten minutes before respawns begin to pop. Does he:

    1) Make another unlikely attempt on Al’ar, or
    2) Gather everyone up and start heading for either Void Reaver or Solarian?

    Because if the group wipes again and there’s no wipe prevention in place, they’ll be fighting their way back to the boss again and for a just-stepped-out-of-Karazhan raid that can be a nightmare in and of itself. If it looks like they won’t down the boss, they might just choose to fight another boss instead, where the only respawns they’ll encounter iare the Phoenix Hawks along the top ledge.

    I’d also be tempted to use the stopwatch to tell me when a specific amount of time has passed. How often have you looked up while leveling or grinding on an unknown alt and cursed because you’re looking at being late for a raid or event or instance you set up with your buddy? Type in the time on your stopwatch and you can’t forget.

    Also, I think that maybe you could attack Nightbane during his air phase before. I vaguely remember doing it a couple of times with my hunter because my focused fire ended up pulling skeleton after skeleton from our poor beleagured Protection paladin and I wanted to give him some time before unleashing hell. Also, attacking Nightbane during that phase ensured that Smoking Blast was cast on me (at least for a bit) as opposed to a tank, since he casts it on the person with the highest aggro.

    However, that period of time didn’t last for too long. I think. Like I said, it was on my hunter and I haven’t done a fight in Karazhan with her in a long time!

    Thanks for the update, BBB; stuck at work and couldn’t see for myself if it had come out!


  7. Stopwatch may be good for trash respawns. Dunno if it can count up or not. Hmm, doesn’t seem like it. Still okay. I was using CT timer but that’s one more addon.


  8. Cynra is correct, you had always been able to cast/shoot at Nightbane while he is air phase, most people do not because once he lands he smack you dead, unless your tank knows ahead of time and is ready to intervene to pick up the aggro. I believe the issue was that if you happen to kill him while he is in air phase you can not loot him or that he does not actually die?


  9. There’s times (pun!) where you’re very intently concentrating on, oh, let’s say Curator or Prince or maybe both of those… and then you realize an hour and a half has passed and you haven’t drank any water and you feel like your going to pass out because you have kidney issues or whatever, so you have to leave right then and there and either make the raid break-up or make the raid leader bring their bear tank. A 30-minute or 45-minute timer would help with that. I, for one, welcome our new stopwatch overlords. ^_^


  10. I’m curious about Nightbane being targettable in the air. When will he do his aggro dump, as he takes off, or as he lands – because if your ranged have genned a buttload of aggro while he’s in the air when you can’t do tank stuffs…. well, that’s just gonna wipe the raid when he lands, right? As far as I recall, he’s untauntable…

    I’m not that concerned about the H MgT changes. We were already pre-approving the 5v5 setup on stepping in, and resetting if it was unfavourable (as in >1 melee person if only one sheeper). We had plenty of strategies for Vexallus – pets can take up to 6 charges before dying, rogues with cloak of win, mages with iceblock, even shaman searing totems. And it’s really not that hard to avoid the balls in Kael’thas. I’ve soloed the last 25% of him on my bear.


  11. Maybe they’re going to be the basis for the next season of “24” and are just prepping for the clock cutscenes. Jack Bauer will be a human rogue. Tony Almeida returns as a night elf druid. Chloe O’Brian remains a murloc.


  12. Equipping an item will now cancel any spell cast currently in progress.

    I’ve noticed this affects my flying n flower-picking. Normally I dive down n start picking flowers, which canceled my mount out. Now the dismount action cancels the flower-picking, which results in me having to click the herb again. Minor annoyance, but what the hey.


  13. i went and checked out Haris Pilton in the World’s End Tavern and notice she is selling epic 22 slot bags for 1200g !

    along with some other rubbish for a lot of gold


  14. The clock is awesome for knowing what the time in the real world is… I can easily utterly loose track of what time it is and play for far too long, missing TV shows, incurring the Wrath of the Household King (otherwise known as the wife). I was using the MyClock mod but now I can dump it… hurrah one less mod!

    The stopwatch thing, erm, I could maybe time my grind on Quel Danas and try to beat the best time in a vague attempt to make the damn dailies interesting.


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