T-shirt art contest!

Patch 2.4.3 is live!

That means that those wonderful WoW TCG cards with the in game effects can be redeemed.

I have my personal card of The Footsteps of Illidan.

I also have readers who have told me, in comments and in email, that I need a T-Shirt that says “I tank with my FACE!!!”

So then, as Emo Philips might say, I will just juxtapose the two….

Starting now, I am having a friendly little contest.

Send in your original image that you think would go good on a T-Shirt with “I tank with my FACE!!!”

Cassie and I will put them on the Sidhe Devils guild website for the guildies to chat about.

The top ones according to Sidhe Devils informal chat will be displayed here on the front page for your final voting. 

The winner will get MY personal Footsteps of Illidan code card, AND will get a T-Shirt from the Cafepress store with their image on it!

The deadline for submissions will be Friday July 25th… unless I get, like, 2 submissions and then dead silence. I’ll be putting up a link to this page on the sidebar so it doesn’t vanish into the mist…

And I’m not some cold dispassionate observer here. If you’d like to get something in to me but you’re on vacation or really busy right now and you think it’ll take some extra time, email me and let me know… I can extend it a bit. I’d just like to have a firm date set so you know that it’s not just going to go on forever…

Submission fine print… the only conditions on your image are, first, it should be in a format acceptible to Cafepress for use as a 10″ x 10″ T-Shirt image. Cafepress_sizetemplate_10x10.zip is the template Cafepress provides. 

Second, it should include the phrase “I tank with my FACE!!!”, which is the theme for the contest, after all. 

It’s understood the winning image will be available to be added to the Cafepress store, where I will make approximately two dollars on sales, if past store items are any indication. 🙂

In-game images, black and white or color artwork, whatever your imagination comes up with… digital or hand-drawn and scanned… the voting question to decide the final winner will be; “Which of these images do you feel would be the most fun as a T-Shirt?”

Send your image to; tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com, with the subject line FACETANK ART.

At the end of the whole thing, I will figure out how to do a gallery post with thumbnail images linking to the full size pictures, and the names of the talented creators.

So if I only get 1 submission, that is going to be a mighty lonely gallery. But a highly amusing post, so it’s all good.

Good luck!


20 thoughts on “T-shirt art contest!

  1. Actually Kody, I only added the line about the deadlene AFTER I saw Cynrea’s very smart question.
    Knew that I wasn’t going crazy! I read it a couple of times to make sure that I hadn’t missed out on the deadline and even searched for the terms “deadline” and “due” just to make sure. Thanks for the quick edit, BBB.

    I’ll be sending in my entry sometime this entry — assuming that I have the time between my moderately heavy weekend raiding schedule and frantically leveling my sin’dorei mageling. I’m a sucker for miminalistic t-shirt designs, so expect just that.


  2. It was just one week away dude, chill :p Right now it’s just piss-weather here and finally I’m back with my lovable drawing tablet again *cuddles it*
    However I just got in-game and someone sent me a mail there that he wants me to make a header/front-page image for some extensive Druid guide, so might have to pass on this after all ^^;
    We’ll see!


  3. Andrige, I thought you were on vacation!

    I don’t know how they do things over there, but when we’re on vacation… well, okay, when Cassie is on vacation, yeah, she works the whole time on the hotel internets. Okay, I gotta give you that one.

    Still… relax! Enjoy!


  4. I think someone have gotten a taste of the deliciously moist cake and needs moar T-shirts :p
    Guess I’ll try and throw in a submission, the person that made a request over a week ago which I replied to never really gave any answer back so I guess he called it off 😦


  5. Resto4Life uses a different tshirt shop but its got limited merchandise (i.e. no mugs/stickers etc). They use a completely different printing technique and limit the colors on certain types. Lots to read up on if you use them.

    I think its called Shirtshop?

    I’ve checked reviews and the only two highly notable locations for doing such a thing like this online are the one that Resto4Life uses and CafePress.

    Sadly, they’re both priced almost identically and not cheap. The only way to get around this is to find a local place and figure in costs of shipping yourself and include no markup like these websites obviously have…15.99 for a tank top…you KNOW that thing probably cost them 5 dollars or less lol


  6. Yes Tiger, they do offer front and back t-shirts with 10″x10″ designs.

    I didn’t do it, for example I was going to put my website address on the back of some of the msot recent shirts, because they charge $3 more for the shirt if you put something on the back.

    I really… REALLY need to find a cheaper shirt manufacturer. But I don’t want to just do a pre-order, buy a set quantity, and move on, beacuse not everyone wants a shirt, or the same color of a shirt. I’ve sold a nice mug, for example.

    But yes, two sided shirts are possible.


  7. I’m a slack that rarely ever posts on the forums, sir. I just lurk 🙂

    Wait, does that make me creepy?

    Design #1 sketched out and is serious
    Design #2 sketched and inked and is hilarious. I have tears rolling down already.

    Need to scan them in and basically draw on top of them (crappy scanner FTL)…which is the part that takes up the most time.



  8. at Cynra
    “The deadline for submissions will be Friday July 25th… unless I get, like, 2 submissions and then dead silence”


  9. Woo! 2.4.3! (or something like that) Just popping in to say a quick Guten Tag from Germany. Check my blog for more info on the trip. 😀

    ~joe/ishvi does the blog-pimp dance


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