Reminder: T-Shirt Art Contest has 1 week left!

Details, foshizzle, be on the original post!

You have one week from today for your submissions, but if you need a little more time, like Caitlyn, just let me know.

Plus, looks like I’ll be doing the WoW Insider podcast tomorrow.

You can tune in to WoW Radio live tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 Eastern time, you can join the IRC chat directly on WoW Radio in a widget or by sending your IRC client of choice to and the #wowradio channel. And if you’d like to email the show, which will be read by us but possibly not on the air, you can do that, by emailing

What with the beta patch notes, etc, I imagine it’ll be a BIG conversation. Join me and Matthew Rossi and Turpster for the fun!

Yes, I said ‘foshizzle’. Sue me.


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