Sell, trade or mail your enchants in WotLK!

Okay, sometimes I wonder about people.

Tons of news coming out of the WotLK beta.

Today I saw at WoW Insider that the Tradeskill ‘Inscription’ will let you create blank parchments.

And then an Enchanter will be able to take one of these parchments, and cast an Enchant on them, apparently using the appropriate materials…

And anyone can, whenever, use that Enchanted Parchment to cast the enchant on their own item.

So you can have your Enchanter main character cast Mongoose on a parchment, using up the mats, and then mail it to your alt to enchant their sword.

Or you can buy two Mongoose enchants from the AH when the price is right, saving them for when you KNOW you’re going to be getting those new Arena weapon upgrades next week.

And Eliah’s question for us in the article?

Enchanters, does this look like a good system to you? 

Are you kidding? Ummm…



9 thoughts on “Sell, trade or mail your enchants in WotLK!

  1. /agree

    Not only will this will finally allow enchanters to operate in a free market, it will also be a huge help to thems trying to find a particular enchant. Now if only Blizz would open the AH to allow us to post RFQs, we’d be in damn fine shape.


  2. I don’t see many enchanters taking the risk of burning their own mats to make the sellable enchants. Enchanters tend to enchant using the buyers mats. I know I am not going to create a mongoose enchant and risk getting lowballed with that high mats expense. If I get credit toward leveling selling them will help though vs enchanting my own chest 15 times.


  3. I think its a very good thing really, I’m a man of many faces but the only profession i wasn’t willing to level was enchanting due to not being about to enchant my own alts gear. Although i did start to level one of my alts with enchanting and jc when i heard this might be possible, maybe i should get rid of the jc and wait for inscription and start leveling a warrior with jc and the blacksmithing (dont have a blacksmith either).

    it does seem a bit harsh that a profession would have to rely on another just to be able to stick items on the AH..


  4. I figure, if nothing else, it will make it much easier to fulfill direct requests… Not having a lot of online time, the idea that my mates can request and enchant and receive it all by mail sounds fantastic.


  5. I think it’s a great thing, and will make money for the enchanters. Jewelcrafting is the best parallel for comparison. Jewelcrafters make stacks of money, because they make things that everyone has to buy every time they upgrade a piece of gear. Most JC profit comes from cutting gems and selling them on the AH, not from doing face-to-face cuts for people. I make 5g per (non-epic) cut on a face to face transaction; I make easily twice that on an AH sale. Enchanters, right now, are limited to the face-to-face transactions; give them the ability to sell their wares like JCs can, and it’ll become profitable again – I’d bank on that.


  6. I want to add to this, yes I agree with Jacemora that an Enchanter is going to think twice before using mats to create a scroll for sale blind on the AH where you can be undercut…

    but on the other hand, isn’t it nice Enchanters are the only class that pays no posting price when putting enchanting mats on the AH?

    I love this change, because Windshadow, my main, had BEEN an enchanter pre-BC, and all the way to 70. I leveled it, I almost maxed it. And Breen hit the nail on the head; when I got really into my alt Windstar the hunter, I realized that every time I wanted an enchant for GOOD gear, BoP gear, I had to find someone else anyway. And if I didn’t raid for the GOOD enchant drops, I wasn’t gonna have the best enchants anyway.

    So as long as I have friends with Enchanting and rare recipes, why have Enchanting on my main if I could only use it on myself? Except for PvP ring enchants.

    Now, if I had kept it, I would be delighted at this change… but I’m not going to worry about it overmuch.


  7. I think like you said on the post after this, there is another FOUR MONTHS and then some before we see how beneficial the ability to sell Enchants on the AH will be. I definitely see the twink market will be a good sell for Enchanters right off the bat but like Jacemora, I believe the high end enchants will still be a face to face encounter unless of course you are enchanting for friends and alts, which this will be AWESOME!!!


  8. I think the market that opens up here is the one for “non-optimal” enchants. If I’m running around at level 64 with some green gloves, and I see a 5 or 10g glove enchant on the AH, I’ll go ahead and pick it up. Why not? It’s only a few gold, and it’s something that’ll help me out a bit more until I get some good replacements.

    I was in this situation recently, where I recently hit 70 and had picked up a few blues to start working towards Kara. I considered enchants, but found them too expensive and inaccessible for stop-gap blues. Now I’m enchanting my epics, sure, but had I found some cheap enchants on the AH, I definitely would have grabbed those.


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