Say it loud, say it proud

When the first lawyer tripped the pullwire attached to the Claymores on the back approach, I knew something was up.

Since then, I have watched, not with a teeny tiny amount of minor amusement, but with outright glee as more and more Druids stand, unafraid, and shout FOSHIZZLE to the skies.

Let there be no confusion. This isn’t about me. This is far bigger than even my massive bear butt alone.

Let not fear stop your shouts of FOSHIZZLE! Whether you think the word to be meeaningless or silly is not the point, the point is, embrace your freedom to speak your mind and shout your own words to the heavens.

Let the blogoshere resound to your bearish growls, your catty meows, and to the sound of a Hurricane rustling the wind in your trees branches.

Nothing can stop the shifty power!

The rolling of glorious thunder;

Gives me shivers to see freedom in action!

Can I just say, while I’m here…Β I really like Lady Jess’ and Awlbistes’ banner redesigns? Very, very cool.

Oh, one other thing… please go gently on BRK. Entangling Root and Cyclone, sure, but no Moonfire spam. If I had commenters like the ‘Former Fan’ from that post of his, I’d go nuts too. Oh wait, I did.

Hey, gotta say… special grats to Pike for both post # the 200, and for showing off her secret love of Moonkins… Yay Pike!

As a Priest-alt-playing fan of /Hug, it’s awesome to see him put up a druidy Foshizzle, hee hee.


23 thoughts on “Say it loud, say it proud

  1. I don’t like hunters very much, so BRK will have to be careful around Moonglade or… he can expect scary things to happen.

    So, for all the druids,



  2. The Power of BRK’s sheer single-site reader volume vs. the widespread grass Roots community that is the Druid Blogosphere?

    This should be entertaining!

    And truly a masterful job positioning your stance against the corporate might of BRK. I hear there is a Clinton looking for a campaign strategist, you might want to apply! πŸ™‚

    In any case… FOSHIZZLE!


  3. I fully intend to start yelling “foshizzle” before every boss fight. It’s gonna be the last thing Archi hears on tues evening… πŸ˜‰


  4. Rohan, you have no idea.

    And Softi, I agree… time to make a new announcement Macro when I do a powershift on my boss tank fights… ‘Bear says Power Word: Foshizzle!’


  5. I already have a macro to do ‘/y IN BED!’ to mock the emotes of various bosses. I may have to replace it with /y FOSHIZZLE! /charge


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