So… do ya like pets and mounts?

Well… crap, I can’t believe I’m doing this.

FOUR MONTHS until this damn thing goes live, and I still can’t stop talking about it.

Oh, to hell with it, this is just too massive NOT to mention…

Hey, remember when we used to have, like, keys?

And they filled our bags? FILLED our bags?

And we bitched and whined for months and finally Blizzard gave us Keyrings?

Well…. you know those pets and mounts you have in your bags?


Yeah, believe it or not, that’s where I’m going.

As seen in the European Forums, and as reported on WoW Insider, Community Manager Wryxian has come out of nowhere to just drop the bomb on us with news that our pets and mounts will be taken out of our bags, and placed on their own spelltabs…

You will be able to drag them onto your bar and program macros as normal, they just won’t take up bag space anymore. You can take all of them, everywhere.

Coming soon to a WotLK near you… a random pet summoning Addon to make the most out of your hundreds of pets. Bet on it.


I swear, I heard Ferocious Bite yell so loud that it shook me in my chair.


18 thoughts on “So… do ya like pets and mounts?

  1. Damn! No we’ll see those silly pets everywhere. There goes my frame rates. Maybe Blizzard will give us an option to not show silly pets like they do for helms and cloaks.


  2. Felkan but they are so adorable… I don’t have as many pets as some people but I love to collect the ones I really like and same goes for mounts… HOORRAAAAYYYY is all I can say.


  3. The 2 or 3 I picked-up while leveling, I dropped or sold as soon as I had the chance.

    The only pet I held onto for some time was the mini-combat Yeti you get in Winterspring/Tanaris. But with 3-5 charges he was spent after a few days in EPL or the Outlands.

    This could be why I’ve never had a bag space issue even though I’m a herbalist and a miner.


  4. “Coming soon to a WotLK near you… a random pet summoning Addon to make the most out of your hundreds of pets. Bet on it.”

    No need to bet, I already have plans on adapting Kennel for this as soon as I get my beta key. I’m *such* a minipet whore… removing the bag space requirement is just gonna kill my bank account…


  5. Your comment page hates me today, BBB.

    Take 3:

    I just read this also and I’m almost hyperventilating!!

    To be able to get all of the cats and horses and talbuks and drakes and not need a whole empty guild bank to store them in.. PLUS all the little baby pets (which I love).

    Heaven.. I’m in Heaven… *swoon*

    And I need to start working on IF rep so I can have all of those too!


  6. Holy hell and crap on a stick! Screw Arthas, Shun lvl 80 and snort in derision at siege warfare, THIS is the reason I’ll buy WOTLK!

    No, actually, scary thing is I’m half-serious, that’s AWESOME. And yes, I DO remember keys, and the filling of our bags with them. Looks like I’ll be able to finally let my lvl 40 kodo out of the bank, he’s been looking a bit off-color.


  7. It is teh awesome!

    But it does make me wish I had picked up more pets when I had the chance. Too worried about bag space. Didn’t bother with the fire festival just because of that.

    I think there will be a bunch of people heading off to BRD now for that worg pup or spiderling reward =)

    /call random pet
    /dismiss pet
    /call random pet
    /dismiss pet
    /call random pet
    /s Ah who’s a little cutie then?


  8. Not happy til they do the same with the Mallet of Zul’Farrak, Scepter of Celebras, Seal of Ascension, and a hundred other bank items that serve actual purpose.

    I love my pets, but my inventory doesn’t need those items clogging my space.


  9. @Aerth /agree!

    They got pretty smart about it when they brought in the BWL attunement. The orb kind of branded your hand so it was completely virtual.

    I’d love for them to just turn them all into keys. I wouldn’t want them to go away completely, but that’s just the selfish part of me that slogged through all those quests to get them. 😛 (Especially that stupid seal!)


  10. Yeah… But the fact is we NEED the keys. Without the keys we can´t go a lot of places. The pets are just for fun. We don´t need them. If you want to have one, spend a bag slot for it and don´t complain. And why we can´t put our pets on the stables, rather than the bank? It´s an animal and not an object!


  11. Daft comment…

    It is an object… Training Collar, Bucket, Cage, Crate…

    They’re summonable pets, rather than the pets themselves…


  12. *side note*

    I saw a [Polar Bear Collar] on Wowhead yesterday. Also a bunch of bear-themed quests in Grizzly Hills… plus all those furblogs… I think I’m going to be in ursine heaven…


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