Sidhe Devils prepares to assault Zul’Aman

Monday evening, we’re going to go on in and have fun going after the bear boss in ZA.

What, you heard all this before?

Well, yes, it’s true that I’ve been in ZA before… and yes, it’s true I’ve tanked Nalorakk.

And it was lots of fun.

So I think it would be cool for those that would like to, to get to see the fun of the main gate opening, and the bear fights, and what the heck… it’s not like doing the first boss takes all that long.

In talking to Cassie, I realized that there is an extra benefit to doing ZA in Sidhe Devils.

Everyone can go talk to Griftah in Lower City and get the ZA quest to the Ghostlands, and once we get inside, can get their 20 slot bags if they haven’t already.

And once he’s down, we can bring any other 70s from the guild in to get their bags, too.

Hey… 20 slot bags don’t just grow on…

Oh wait, you can buy 22s now?


Okay, well, nevermind.

It’s still going to be fun.


5 thoughts on “Sidhe Devils prepares to assault Zul’Aman

  1. Cool ! I love ZA. Bear on bear is the best!!! Have fun in there and good luck. Ppl say you need a pally tank for the 3rd boss. Personally I think we can do it without, but we have yet to succeed. Let us know if you find a way.

    …those 20 slotters tho – mine is starting to look kinda ragged already and I’ve only had it 3 weeks. I guess I’ll trade it in for the upgrade. Such is the state of wow materialism (mine anyway)


  2. RE: Ara – Dragonhawk can be done without a paladin tank, it just requires a controlled release of the adds so you don’t get them all at once.


  3. You’ve got to be truly loaded to justify buying enough of those bags to cover the bags you carry and in your bank. Saving 1200g for 2 fewer slots is nothing to scoff at. On my server, that could get you 3 epic gems even without waiting for bargains on the AH.


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