I got it! I got it!

It is, perhaps, a sign that I’m not a nice person, when I read a story about someone else’s misery, and start laughing my big butt off.

This weekend, at the same time Sidhe Devils was in Karazhan, our friends in Blood for Blood were also in there.

Now, both guilds took about the same amount of time to clear it, and had the same success.

We had some confusion in our own run, two brand new members came in to have fun, and got taken out of the game by a thunderstorm rolling through their area. So we lost about an hour and a half, all things considered, finding a few more folks, getting them in and filling it out.

There might have been a ‘Jets vs Sharks’ dance fight in Curator’s Hall while we waited. And the gals might have won. Maybe. I’ll neither confirm nor deny. Damn it. We woulda had it except Morthog stayed in Dwarf form. Next time, do a /dance with the flaming Draenei statue, man! Just saying.

It turned out great for us, though, since one of the folks that we pounced on the second he logged in, and proceeded to drag kicking and screaming into Kara was Eustacius, co-creator of Road to BlizzCon, and as he mentioned on his own blog… for him, it was Christmas in July.

I love it when that happens. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, either.

So we had a slow down during the run, kept us up a lot later than we expected… but hey, when it ends up giving Wulfa a chance to get her Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix… well…. YAHOO! I’ll stay up. Yup! Not a problem. Truthfully, I’ve been rooting for her to get that bow for weeks now…. I think it’s very pretty.

Now, as I said, Blood for Blood also went in and had a successful run in Kara at the same time, and took about the same amount of time to do it.

However, the reason for their delay was a little bit different.

Graimerin wrote about it on his blog, and as I read about his pain and sorrow while tanking in there with this one really bad player… as I said at the start of this article, I was rolling with laughter.


Well, there was this one part that brought back the memories…

Grai said;

We were moving through upper ballroom pulling the non-elite trash near the doorway to maidens hallway. Again we had someone pull the elite group, so I run over to where the healers are grouped, consecrate, have all the nasties on me, and then ‘poof’ they leave me.

3B on my honor this is the truth, when the mobs suddenly depart from me I look up and see that I got DI’d; yeah one of our pally healers DI’d the tank. Needless to say we wiped again.

And as I read that, I remembered that feeling

that feeling you get when everything goes to hell, with mobs running around smacking the people under your protection, and panic and terror runs wild through the squishies, and you hold your cool, stay calm and collected, run over to reclaim aggro and bring order out of chaos… and then watch it all fall apart with no clue what the hell just happened.

And you ask yourself, “Why can’t I do anything?”

And then look up and notice, sitting there grouped amidst the 10 other raid buff icons, that little symbol that says, “Hi, you done been protected by Divine Intervention… sucker.”

Yep, I read Grai’s rundown of the event, and all I could do was yell at the screen that blessed quote from the first Die Hard movie…

“Welcome to the party, pal!”


8 thoughts on “I got it! I got it!

  1. One of our tanks in the guild, while leveling up through the Outland instances… had a pally healer.

    The pally healer died … and said, “I don’t know what just hit me, but it 1-shotted me!”

    And the tank realized… he was DI’d.

    The pally had NO idea what DI was.

    We still laugh about it. And I have a plan… one day when it’s just a bunch of us tomfooling around and my ret paladin is in the group… I’m going to DI the tank. Just to laugh.


  2. Paladins really have too many ways to mess up a tank.

    This reminds me of a Vashj run we did about a month ago. My job, as second healadin, is to wait 7 sec from when we run in then BoFreedom the tank.

    We’re running in, I wait my 7 sec, and hit I BoF. Suddenly I’m tanking Vashj and the MT is freaking out. Misclicking and taunting the boss off the tank ftl.


  3. That kind of thing, besides not being DI, just happened for us yesterday on Anetheron, when, at 15%, our RL began to shout at the paladins whom of them had clicked their Blessing of Protection on our MT (lucky for us he got that away veeeeery fast).


  4. thanks as well from me BBB – bummed out myself staring at the Moroes trinket on cooldown as Curator enraged through me – no crushes however 🙂 😦 That and I’m learning to hate the large Arcane ..protectors ? after curator… Hope to catch you all in game soon –


  5. Must be a bad alignment of the stars this past week. The very same thing happened to me during the Moroes fight. At first I thought I’d just been blinded again… but no, what’s that shiny bubble around me? Apparently one of the paladins wanted me to use my res on a healer that had been garroted, but didn’t calculate in the fact that Moroes would thrash 3 more people after leaving me. That poor healer didn’t even get a res, either, because the paladin didn’t bother to explain his stroke of genius first.


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