Nalorakk is dead! Film at eleven!

That title just about says it all, doesn’t it?

Oh yeah, and the music is Breathe Today by Flyleaf and Stand My Ground by Within Temptation.

Damn, did we have fun!

And Graimerin got some darn tasty tanking boots, too.

13 thoughts on “Nalorakk is dead! Film at eleven!

  1. Grats on the boss

    one thing on the 4 pull prior to thats worked for my groups
    only with axe trolls was MC 1 and tank the bear with it when that one is down let the ot have the bear back and grab the other axe troll and repeat keeps the healers more focued on the MT’s pull and deals with the 2 extras

    done this fight from 3 postions Hunter / Spriest / and Bear tanking
    out of them all the bear one was the most enjoyable due to more focus needed
    timings on growls lasserate stacks mangles and not the rince and repeat keys that most dps use

    rage starved pulls suck seen a few poor mages/locks get crushed from it


  2. Heh, yeah, I know… like I said, dno’t mind my button clicking, I was distracted being nervous about missing Growls or Demoralizing Roars or FFF.

    What I do on boss fights, especially on that one, is to pop ONE Dodge trinket at the start of my tanking phase to help out the healers and stagger cooldowns, Get my Mangle up and Lacerates, with priorities to FFF and Dem Roar after Mangle, and keeping an eye on Rage for Mauls.

    Normally, I never use the trinkets except on boss fights. I just don’t. I don’t tie them to ability macros, because I want them available when it’s critical to give the healers an edge.

    It’s one reason I’d love the Commendation of kael’thas, since it would trigger at ‘oh shoot’ moments automatically, leaving me free to balance the Badge of Tenacity more.

    Oh, and another reason… at 32k+ armor, I need to get hit more for rage generation, and I’d rather not having my Dodge spike everytime the cooldown was up, in case it happened right at the first three seconds of a pull. Rage starved at a pull= I’m an idiot.


  3. Great job! KoU is just starting ZA ourselves. We’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and this last weekend we got the first chest and downed Akil’zun for the first time.

    Nice pick of music, too.

    Though I spent most of my time watching what buttons you clicked and in what order than anything else.
    I want the pocket watch, but until then I have to use my green dodge trinket.

    Do you use your dodge trinket only on boss fights, and everytime it’s up, or tend to save it for ‘oh shit’ moments?


  4. Well, we budgeted 1 and a half hours to getting in and taking down the bear boss.

    In the end, with wipes while we learned all over again, it took us 1 hour and 45 minutes.

    So, just saying, even with having three people who had done it before on their toons, plus people on new alts who had seen it before, working things out can take a while. If you have problems, just remember, it’s fun when you finally get it, right?

    The first thing was, I made sure we had 2 Mages going in for the Sheeps. Serious. If you don’t have two Mages, then I’m not going to be much help.

    What we did that eventually worked for us on the 4 pull before Nalorakk, was this;

    We had 2 mounted bears, and two loose troll axe-throwers who break CC.
    The mounted bears, if close to each other, have a roar debuff that stacks and is brutal, they need to be kept far apart from each other.

    The mounted bears enrage, FREQUENTLY, and when they do all your healers need to be prepared to just go into overdrive keeping the tank alive.

    We marked one troll axe thrower for Sheep, we had one troll axe-thrower marked for a continuous Warlock Fear, we had one mounted bear marked for first tank kill, and the other mounted bear was my target.

    WoWwiki says that at 25% health, the trolls dismount from the bear. I was solo tanking my mounted bear as the last kill target… I burned him to 30% health and he dismounted on me before we expected. Word of warning.

    I ran forward to body pull. I picked up my mounted bear, Falromord the Warrior grabbed the mounted bear marked as our first kill target, Occulus kept one troll chain-feared, and Shrinnpoof kept spam sheeping the other troll.

    When the troll dismounts from the bear, the troll is who you keep target on, and who has DoTs and debuffs on. The bear is free. So we had our second mage, Blusummers, ready to spam Sheep (or Turtle, in his case) on the bear the second the troll dimounted, and we burned that troll down. Then the bear got finished off.

    Next, with one troll sheeped, one feared, and my mounted bear tanked, Falromord ran to pick up the feared troll and we burned that down.

    Next was the sheeped troll.

    Finally, as the sheeped troll went down is when my mounted bear hit 30% and dismounted early, but Fal was able to grab the bear as it ran free while I kept on the Troll, and we were able to take them down together.

    And if you wonder where Falromord is on that video… he switched from Prot Warrior to Graimerin the Prot Pally for the boss after our first few wipes, since he felt that his gear for tanking was better on Graimerin. I’m not convinced that Fal wasn’t able to tank it, I personally think that we just needed those first few wipes for everyone to get a feel for the fight.

    I know that I kept finding myself distracted trying to pre-announce on vent when the next form shift was incoming so we were both ready to Taunt and the healers were ready to switch main tank targets, and keeping up Feral Faerie Fire and Demoralizing Roar at ALL times to the point of spamming them early, and keeping my trigger finger on Growl for taunt and immediate Mangle for the followup to start building threat. I know I did not put out nearly the damage I could have, but I think during my turns tanking I did okay building threat while managing the rest. And of course I tried to keep the mangle up for Cassie’s bleed, and she did a great job using Rupture constantly.

    It’s just a fun fight when everything finally works together.

    I hope that helps!


  5. We’ve now been in there twice on almost-guildie run (1-2 aren’t guildies, but on the friends list).

    1st time couldn’t get the bear down (2 healers – doh!) 2nd week, couldn’t get past the last pull.

    Care to share your strat for the 4-pull? We were going after the two bears, w/ hunter CC on the two humanoids.

    But now, I’m leaning towards a rogue tanking one humanoid, CC-ing the other, burning the two humanoids down first and then going after the bears that should be tanked off in some distant corner. The bear-rider split is giving us fits… 😦


  6. Dear Blizzard: Will you pipe in TripleB’s music next time we have a fight? kk thanks!

    Umm, you didn’t include Boru in the final credits. I had to sedate him with kitty dope, he was that upset. Next time I won’t let him see the video, but he heard the music and came over to see what was up, and he is a BIG kitty so hiding the computer screen is rather hard … 🙂


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