Where Wulfa flatters the Triple-B

So, writing the previous post, I went to grab a link to Two and a Half Orcs, so’s I could link to Wulfa, and found that she’d just written a blog post about the very run I was talking about.

And she said something that I think is very flattering, and made me want to post a kind of gear status update.

Wulfa said;

And there was something else I forgot to mention about Kara. I really shouldn’t, because Cassie has enough to deal with 🙂 But TripleB’s druid tanking Prince is just a beautiful sight. He engages, we all hunker down, everything gets quiet on Vent, and we start our dps. And we keep going, and going, and going. And then he (Prince) dies. And it never seemed as if the bear tanking with his face ever really had any trouble.

So, you might ask yourself, what are the TripleB’s stats, that week after week, whether he has two people on heals or three, they keep getting Prince to go down?

In this run, I don’t think I ever really dropped below 10k health. So yeah, it’s not my skill, it’s my gear and the quality of our healers more than anything.

I can’t give you our healers, they’re MINE, my precious, Gollum!, but I can tell you what my gear is.

Here’s a list of my current gear, so you can see where I’m at. This is all gear that is available without doing 25 man raid content, by the way… but it does take a lot of Badges of Honor. But not a single piece of 25 man raid loot. Bear’s Honor.

  • Earthwarden – with +35 Agility enchant
  • Stag-Helm of Malorne – with Glyph of the Gladiator, Glinting Noble Topaz and Powerful Earthstorm Diamond
  • Barbed Choker of Discipline
  • Merciless Gladiator’s Dragonhide Spaulders – with Exalted Scryer Inscription of the Knight and two Solid Star of Elunes
  • Slikk’s Cloak of Placation – with +12 Agility enchant
  • Vestments of Hibernation – with +6 to All Stats enchant
  • Band of the Swift Paw – with +12 Stamina enchant and one Charmed Amani Jewel
  • Idol of Terror
  • Guantlets of Malorne – with +15 Agility enchant
  • Belt of Natural Power – with two Shifting Nightseye
  • Tameless Breeches – with Nethercleft Leg Armor and two Solid Star of Elunes
  • Footwraps of Wild Encroachment – with +12 Stamina enchant and two Solid Star of Elunes
  • Violet Signet of the Great Protector
  • Ring of the Stalwart Protector
  • Badge of Tenacity
  • Moroes Lucky Pocket Watch
  • So, as you can see, a lot of Badge rewards, and some Kara drops, a PvP item, and some BoE Auction House loot. Plus, of course, exalted with Cenarion Expedition for the big honking hammer… and I still have the 75 Badge chest piece because I bought it a few weeks before the 100 Badge reward armor was announced. I am somewhat opposed to replacing a 75 Badge item with a 100 Badge item. Damnit.

    So, am I done?

    No, there are still two rewards I could look for.

    One is the 100 Badge chest piece, which I’m not even sure I’ll buy since that’s a lot of Badges, and it would irritate the hell out of me, on general principle.

    And the other is the Commendation of Kael’thas, which I’ll get sooner or later once I start running Heroic Magister’s Terrace. Something both Cassie and I really want to do, but it always seems that either we’re doing Guild admin kinda stuff, or we’re doing something else in or out of the game that just prevents us from having the time. 

    I am at the point now where I’m pretty darn happy with my bear tanking gear for the content that I will be doing with the Sidhe Devils.

    And I am even happier when it’s gear that I can realistically tell anyone, “You can do this also, if you are willing to do Heroics and PUG or run Kara once a week, do some CE runs, and do a teeny bit of PvP.”

    22 thoughts on “Where Wulfa flatters the Triple-B

    1. Thank you for this list. i am but a brand new (as of yesterday) 70 feral druid and finally made it to your site following some links. glad i did, you will be a fount of information for me as a tanking druid 🙂


    2. Another fairly significant upgrade is the gloves. The Handwraps of the Aggressor are quite a big step up from the t4 gloves, even if you lose the 2pc t4 bonus (which isn’t that hot for bears).

      Other than that, nice gear set. ^_^


    3. @Everyone – Sorry for perpetuating the myth. I had read that res will have no affect in the PVE environment and hadn’t seen anything (until now) that said otherwise.

      Thank you for calling me on my error. 🙂

      @Boobah – Even with the doubling of SoTF, I think we are going to need to keep up with our def/res gear. Chance to crit currently scales with mob level and I haven’t seen anything yet that says that trend won’t continue. Base defense also scales with your toons lvl, so at lvl 80, we should have a natural 400 defense. It’s my guess that raid lvl bosses (probably lvl 83?) will have a pretty high crit %, maybe around 8-10% or so. That’s just purely a guess though.

      @BBB – Have you seen anything about wotlk raid lvl bosses and their hit tables?


    4. similar to me as well. main difference being i dont raid at all so everything i have is crafted / pvp or badge rewards.

      Next on my list is the 100 badge chest which will be a nice upgrade over the pvp chest.

      Have to say i am loving my PVP S2 shoulders and helm. they rock and are way better than other stuff i could get as a non raider.

      I’ve never been sure on how much +hit i need as its a difficult stat to find already on items i can get.

      Then i use stuff like, Boots of Natural Grace, Belt of Natual Power, Badge of Tenacity, Bands of the Swift Paw, Verdant Gloves (need an upgrade here!), Earthwarden, Idol of Terror and a Iron Band of the Unbreakable, Ring of the Stalwart Protector and a Darkmoon Card : Madness.

      self buffed in bear i run with about 16.6k HP, 30k armour, 27.8% crit and 33.43% dodge. lack of +hit and expertise but i am not sure i need these for the places i go or that i can easily get these stats ? but otherwise i seem to do ok in heroics upto now.


    5. Well, Dreadbite is not really a 25 man toon – she’s my ‘Oh Cthulhu, just stop your whining for a tank ALREADY’ alt : ). I considered stacking STA, it does play to a bears strengths a bit more than AG I think, but having 50% dodge unbuffed is just so damn nice : )

      I’m also curious to see if I can pump it higher and whether it’ll have an effect on my rage generation. At the moment, the extra crit from all that AG means I have rage to burn, will be interesting to see if that stays the case at 60%+

      But yeah, I personally think you can’t really go wrong stacking STA as a bear – I just tend to obsess on one stat and lucky me it’s dodge right now : )


    6. I think S2 is better than T4, at least for Head and Shoulders (especially once you get the SSC Staff). I have full T4, of which I use none for tanking. Pretty sad.


    7. Unless they revert the change to Survival of the Fittest (they’re doubling its effects), bears are going to be uncrittable nekkid, so neither defense nor resilience are going to be needed on y’alls gear whether or not the often-claimed resilience change is true.


    8. I’ll log in and grab my stats when I get home tonight, I don’t actually have Rawr on my work computer. 🙂

      And yes, I stacked Stam, because I have my two trinket ‘oh shit’ Dodge buttons which have served me very, very well.

      If I were still intending to push into 25 man content, I’d be micromanaging my gemming a lot more, so your use of more mitigation might be a much smarter load balance.

      For what I’m doing, stacking more stamina just gives my healers more of a cushion. I certainly haven’t had any problems so far.


    9. Hmmmm, very similar to my druids loadout except I’m gemmed for avoidance over HP.

      How much dodge are you runing, triple B?


    10. People keep quoting a posted change from the very first day of the WotLK friends and family alpha, that lasted like a day, that said Resilience would not work in instances.

      Not a single thing said or posted or printed after that first week of bootleg alpha reporting has ever backed it up, but it keeps getting stated as a fact. Don’t ask me why.


    11. I honestly don’t have a problem with it.

      For one thing, when I’m unsure of the group I’m running with, I’ll typically pull with a Starfire or Moonfire.

      And if I am sure of my group… they don’t unload the millisecond I pull, they all know to wait until they see I’ve got 2.5k+ threat on my target… which is usually after 2 – 3 seconds.

      In my opinion, if someone is pulling threat from a tank because that tanks’ very first Mangle is a miss, then there is definitely a problem… and it’s not the tank.


    12. “Until WotLK changes how res works, it’s still a very viable choice for bear tanks.”

      Err- what’s happening with resilience in WotLK? It won;t contribute to uncrittability anymore? Please say it ain’t so.


    13. Silly question:

      I think I see a total of 24 Expertise and 4 hit rating. Do you have problems with misses? I’ve had a mangle miss at the beginning of a fight or two, and it is rather embarrassing.

      And what are your stats (un-buffed or self-buffed) these days?


    14. The Commendation is pretty sweet, and for a long time I had that slotted with my Badge of Tenacity for my uber mitigation set. But as long as you’re running MgT…you should try and get your paws on the Shard of Contempt too. Expertise is one of the best TPS generating stats you can stack as a furry, and the Shard definitely delivers. Plus, it’s cool having the luxury of customizing your trinkets to particular encounters.


    15. Re commendation of kaelthas: I’d been putting off MagT for ages; having wiped so many times in PUGs, I’d convinced myself it was super hard. However, did a great run at the weekend in just over 1 hour. It was easy with skilled players (2mages + shaman); also I’d suggest mage+rogue+lock or magex3. Vexallus particularly has been nerfed.

      Its also just a plain beautiful instance, so I’ll keep going until it drops. btw, if you dps Kael to 50% in one minute (which is possible with t4 geared dps) there’s no pyroblast, meaning the tank doesn’t risk dying


    16. The S2 PvP shoulders kick ass… sadly.

      But yes, I can’t believe I listed the wrong Idol.


      Let the record show that, before I fixed it, I had the Idol of Ferocity listed.


    17. @Lheaf – Nope…those s2 shoulders are good for bear tanks. As he said, nothing he has is from 25-man content (so no t4+ shoulders). Until WotLK changes how res works, it’s still a very viable choice for bear tanks.

      It’s very hard for a bear to maintain the 2.6% crit reduction we need to stay crit immune as our gear level increases. Once you drop your last piece of Heavy Clefthoof, you almost HAVE to pick up something with res on it to make up the difference. And once you drop the Earthwarden in favor of the Wildfury Greatstaff from SSC, res gear is required. There’s not a lot of leather out there with +defense rating on it.


    18. Oh hey my name! I’m famous!

      You need to ask for Orclette photos more often. We posted them the day after you asked whereas the grandparents have to wait weeks …. that’s probably not a good thing, lol.


    19. I second the first comment! And I’m thinking the shoulders link is off, too, or I’m just confuzelled. Maybe they’re duo-purpose-pvp-style. Res is res and can’t beat armor and base stats.


    20. I’m very surprised to see Idol of Ferocity. Sure you don’t mean Idol of Terror?

      Or is this a test to see if we’re paying attention? 🙂


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