Beyond WotLK 2: The Instances

While thinking about the whole level 1 – 40 ‘Agents of the Bronze Dragonflight’ thing last night and this morning, I had a few ideas for sample instances.

The Return of VanCleef (level 25-28)

The Heroes have saved the day! They stormed the Defias Hideout, discovered the hidden mine entrance, slaughtered their way through the Defias Brotherhood, and stopped VanCleef and his plans. VanCleef is dead, and Stormwind is saved! The Heroes take Van’Cleef’s head and depart, happy in their victory.

And then the Black Dragonflight intervenes. They raise VanCleef as a non-corporeal spectre, mad with rage and consumed by a desire for revenge, and raise his fallen Defias host as skeletons and zombies.

Maddened by revenge, VanCleef and his undead crew are preparing to launch their massive ship of war, and bring Stormwind crashing into ashes, with the undead ravaging it’s streets.

Your agents must quickly enter the secret back entrance of the Defias Hideout, located in a mine shaft in the mountains near the sea (yeah, your exit from normal Deadmines), and stop him from launching!

You enter the instance and quickly fight your way to the dock, but you are too late! Just as you reach the huge ship, it begins to launch, and you quickly fight your way onboard. (Scripted launch event)

It is then a race against time as you fight your way through the undead inside the ship, fighting your way deep into the bowels of the ship trying desperately to reach the powder room in time. The closer you get to VanCleef, the more you drift in and out of normal reality and into a projected world of VanCleef’s twisted imaginings of oversized brutal Stormwind guards and jailors, until as your final battle you must face and destroy VanCleefs’ greatest terror; a horrible re-imagining of the heroes who killed him.

Once the heroes are destroyed, you can set the powder room to explode, and abandon ship to watch it erupt in a tower of flame just outside the docks of Stormwind.

The Rise and Fall of Gnomeregan (Again) (Level 30-34)

A trusted Agent of the Bronze Dragonflight, Giglipoof Marshbucket, has gone mad. Having lost his family and friends in the fall of Gnomeregan to the underground Troggs, the temptation of time travel has become an obsession, and finally consumed him. He has traveled back in a desperate attempt to prevent the readioactive venting of Gnomeregan and the death of everything he loves.

If Giglipoof succeeds, the history of the Alliance will completely change, and the stress to the flow of time may destroy all that now exists. Giglipoof is willing to take that risk… but the Bronze Dragonflight is not. 

You must go back in time to the height of the underground war of the Gnomes versus the Trogg invasion.

Giglipoof intends to stop High Tinker Mekkatorque from venting the radioactive waste, an act that in hindsight is now known to have only acted to destroy Gnomeregan and make it nearly impossible to ever restore it.

You must enter Gnomeregan, transformed into Gnomes to get past the new racial scanners posted in various areas warning of strange intruders, and fight your way through the city at the very height of the Gnome-Trogg war.

As you get closer to the radioactive waste tank controls, you receive an urgent warning signal from your contacts in the Bronze Dragonflight.

Mekgineer Thermaplugg, a secret agent of the Bronze Dragonflight, has reported that the Black Dragonflight has entered the city, and is trying to stop the Trogg Invasion by counter-sinking tunnels to collapse the Trogg entrances. You must immediately reach Mekgineer Thermaplugg, and acquire an uber-drill mecha that you will pilot down to the Black Dragonflight digging operation and stop them from crushing the Trogg main tunnels.

Facing down and destroying the Black Dragonflight and their leader at the side of Mekgineer Thermaplugg, other gnomes caught up in the battle begin to cry out that the Mekgineer has betrayed them and had helped the Troggs to invade.

The gnomes in the area begin to move forward as a mob to attack the Mekgineer, causing him to fall back to his reinforced chamber.

You have to fight through the mob, away from the area, to finally reach the controls of the radioactive waste tanks, and confront Giglipoof.

As you reveal to Giglipoof that his actions are exactly what the Black Dragonflight want, and try to reason with him, he seems torn, but finally gives in to his fears and tries to destroy the control panel and prevent the radioactive venting. You must finally face down your former friend and one of the most powerful agents of the Bronze Dragonflight and stop him before he succeeds in saving Gnomeregan!


You can see where I’m going with this, and obviously I can see plenty of opportunities for fun. I have plenty of other ideas, including an over-arching main storyline and the level 40 10-man raids that would be the level 40 ‘end-game’, but I’d love to see what kind of things you guys come up with along these lines. Re-imagined quests or Instances given new life, what do you think?


8 thoughts on “Beyond WotLK 2: The Instances

  1. Just to be sure, BBB, you are referring to the Infinite Dragonflight and not the Black Dragonflight, correct?

    The Infinite Dragonflight is the one messing with the current Caverns of Time instances. The Black Dragonflight is Onyxia, Nefarian, and Blackwing Lair.


  2. I wrote most of what I wanted to say in the previous post’s comments section, but I wanted to chip in here as well. I really think the game needs this sort of renovation/addition. The WORLD of Warcraft is so much more than powerleveling, endgame raiding and PvP. Those things aren’t bad, they just don’t live up to the promise of a living, breathing world based on an astoundingly successful IP.

    WoW’s design isn’t really amenable to world-changing events controlled by small groups, but if players are given the sense that they have an effect on their corner of the world, even if it’s just “keep the world from falling apart”, it can be very interesting, and very enjoyable.

    It’s like the Penny Arcade guy Tycho said a few weeks ago in this post:
    “World of Warcraft gives me the same feeling at the moment. Both games have incredible art, are vast beyond reckoning, and present thoroughly elaborate contexts for adventure and commerce. Last time I was in Lakeshire, I thought… Man. Somebody should make a GAME out of all this.”


  3. Hey BBB,
    first of all, ty for the blog. As to the topic at hand. All this is doing is changing the endgame to a second endagme at 40. I don’t have a solution to your issue, but a similar one is all those instance rarely get used now. I would like to see the ‘heroic’ facility to change the way the instances work. Have level brackets that would allow you to redo the instances with new loot tables. Or have the same loot table but have the reward +spelldam/str/agi etc based on the average level of the party. change the mob difficulty the same. That way people will still be able to experiance the old content. with any mature game the endgame toons will be a high %age of the population. Unless you limit char generation to once/week/month, and limit the speed of levelling it will be hard to sync the lower level population. I agree it is a shame but would rather focus on making the lower level content usable at higher levels.

    Please keep blogging.



  4. Personally, I was really impressed with the whole Uldaman story line. How the tale of the dwarves in Uldaman lead you to the Gates of Uldum in Tanaris. I would love to see a lvl 40 type endgame instance there. That whole story line made me feel like Indian Jones.

    It was amazing – probably the most fun I had exploring WoW.


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