Hairstyles of the Wrath and Lichness!

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the first real preview of the new hairstyles for male characters in Wrath of the Lich King!

These images are collections of wowmodelviewer characters datamined by Andrige from the beta, as he describes in the comments below. Andrige submitted these here that they might be shared with others as a glimpse into some of the new hairstyles we have to look forward to.

You should expect that, as we are still very early into the beta process, there are many more still to come, but I think that it is cute to see some of what we have to look forward to.

Andrige is a well known and highly talented WoW cummunity artist, best known for his modified shapeshift skins and a host of other Druid-related art projects.

He sent the male images to me and the female images to Phaelia of Resto4Life.

You can check out the male images by following the links below, and you can check out the female images by going to Resto4Life’s article here!

Take a good long look at the male night elf hairstyle on the left side… is that? I think it is!

Woot! Bonus style points!

Thanks, Andrige!!

*Disclaimer: Andrige wanted me to mention that, because he isn’t familiar with all of the existing hairstyles, that it’s possible some of these may already be in the game. Also, that the first batch he sent me was supposed to have the other hairstyles, but that he was having too much fun admiring the Night Elf Mohawk and forgot.*

*And to those wonderful people in the WoW Insider comments claiming that Andrige drew all this stuff, I refer you to his flat out statement in the comments of exactly where and how he obtained these images, and how you can too… so next time, please read before making an ass of yourself and accusing everyone of fraud.*

Links to each full sized image!

Edit: Added the dwarf pics that I forgot, thanks to Erthshade for pointing that out. Thanks bud!


55 thoughts on “Hairstyles of the Wrath and Lichness!

  1. Hmm, when they said they were going to add new hairstyles as a feature in the expansion I didn’t actually expect them to reuse old ones for other races. Wow that’s cheap 😉 (yea I know there are *some* new there, but most are old)


  2. Well.. I was going to complain that they were reused styles.. until I saw the male gnome and his undead mohawk 🙂 As if the horde didn’t like to punt us enough already!


  3. DOH!
    I forgot, there new hairstyles for Undead and Dwarves…*ugh*…
    Just didn’t add them, completely forgot about them. I’ve done the raw shots now during my hour at breakfast and I’ll compile them at lunch and send it to you.
    Also I see lots of errors with repeats and whatnot but that’ll have to wait 😦

    And yes, many of them are just cheapskate borrowings from other races, but who said hairstyles should be restricted by races? There aren’t any new beard-styles either but I have no idea if that’s just now or going to change in the future.
    P.S there are new Death-Knight coloured hairthemes as well, and in the case of Taurens horns. They’re all somewhat icy blue/dark blue and some kind dark blue/green colour.


  4. Well i just need to change my hair style so not to look like my guild leader (also a druid), it is really depressing, thank god im a tree and he isnt.


  5. …bah, don’t do things in a hurry I tell you. I forgot to add Taurens as well. They’re there but I forgot to add them to his .RAR I sent him.
    The Undead, Tauren and Dwarf is coming soon.


  6. Are these Andridge’s speculations or actual in-game files he’s extracted. In any case, I’d love to see the gnome mohawk on every one of mine! *grin*


  7. Actual in game files he worked his butt off to extract, and yes, he did labor to send me the Undead, Dwarf and Tauren, which I have now added.

    The Tauren gold tipped horns are cute.


  8. Actual game files, anyone can replicate this that know some modelediting.
    Extracted the new character model files from the beta data-files with MyWarcraftStudio10, created my own new patch, then used WoWModelViewer and found the ‘Model control’ option which allows you to hide/show all the different sub-models on the model. All hairstyles and such are just sub-models so just tried and got jackpot :p
    I do hope they’ll be adding more styles for the beards tho, the new horns didn’t really impress me much… (I think they will, at some point too but I want it naow)


  9. I’m amused that the Tauren hairchanges are…changes to their horns. Though the capped ones and the ring on one of them is kinda neat; might get that and get my one-broken horned guy changed a bit. It’d even be RP!

    or something.

    Thanks, Andrige and BBB!


  10. Hey Andrige will you be posting the Death Knight hair colour variations soon please! I’d love to see them 🙂 pretty please? 🙂 oh and also the tauren horn colors 🙂


  11. I understand your frustration at people saying these pictures are fakes, however unless a few people independently datamine the same images then I still think these are fakes. They just don’t fit the usually high standards of Blizzard. Yes I know Blizzard have reused armour skins in the past but given all the major innovation in the beta as it is I think this is a bit half baked.


  12. I will believe these are real when they are provides by independently verified sources with more reliability than some one best know for making tos violating mods to the game.


  13. HEE HEE HEE HAH HAH HAH! Oh that’s awesome….

    You newcomers that are only coming here cause of this thing being linked on WoW Insider….

    You don’t know how it works around here, and it shows.

    You see, you’re telling me you think I’m a liar for posting this. Yeah, I saw the comments on WoW Insider, so nice of you to bring ’em here in case I missed your whining the first time.

    But, people who come here regularly will know that calling me a liar on the blog is one of the funniest things to me evah.

    You think I am lying to you? You really think I am going to waste my time that way? That I’m really going to dishonor myself to fool you with faked hair pics?

    Lol. Idiots.

    The folks that realize that I am just sharing neat stuff from the game, and in this case the stuff that Andrige found in the beta files. And my friends, for whom this blog is written, and are the folks that understand that what I write, I write for fun and because of a shared love of the game.

    A sense of shared squealed “glee!” when we see something like the NE mohawk.

    You know, the folks that remember how excited I was to share that devs said we’d get Dire Cat form, and then the second I found out from a CM post in the forums that they were the cake, and the cake is a lie, I came here and shared that too? And ripped Blizz a new one for lying to us?

    Yeah, but I’m lying to them about hairstyles. Dumbasses.

    I posted this cause Andrige shared it with me, and I trust him. I’ve had many, many conversations with him, and I can totally see how, since he doesn’t have his own blog, that when he went rooting around in the beta models, searching for signs of new druid skins because of the hints we’ve seen from blue Inscription notes that they would be there, and came across this stuff, that when he wondered who he could share it with that would appreciate it, he thoght of me and Phaelia.

    If you don’t trust Andrige, and don’t trust me… then what the hell are you doing on my lawn? Get the hell out of here, you stupid punk kids!

    Just… morons.


  14. Hey Erthshade, sorry buddy. They were there, but when I took the pics off my own website when WoW Insdier tore my hosting a new one, I think I forgot to link the Dwarves back up. I’ll fix that. I think.


  15. I won’t question their legitimacy, and I’m a bit disappointed that a lot of them seem to just be recycled. But I must say this:

    OMFGSQUEE! Pirates of Dark water topknot for the draenei boys! (Now, if only they can do something about the beards and barbels being integrated with one another…)


  16. I WILL say, I agree with what some folks I was talking with was saying, that what there is so far is stille arly days, that this is highly unlikely to be anywhere near the final total amount of stuff.


  17. John,

    There are only a handful of people who are verbal about calling you a “liar” or something like that. Many of us know better. The vast majority of any questioning that has arisen in the wake of Andrige’s submission is due to your word choice in the original post:

    “These images were created and submitted by community figure Andrige, best known for his modified shapeshift skins and a host of other Druid-related art projects.”

    “CREATED AND SUBMITTED BY” is what got most people’s attention.

    Being this confrontational – seriously, calling people “idiots” and “asses?” – doesn’t get you or anyone else anywhere. It’s only marginally better than the posts on Insider spouting “OMG ANDRIGE MADE THIS STUFF UP.” I admit that I was skeptical for a long while, but you and Phaelian spoke up in his defense, and that seems good enough to me. But you have to appreciate that many of us are skeptical of any so-called “exclusive info” that isn’t directly provided by Blizzard, because we’ve been burned by hoaxes before.


  18. By the by: The Gallery is a lot more impressive without my retarded “content filter” from work getting in the way. ^_^


  19. Badger, as you could see from just a few of the comments filled with profanity that I’ve removed, one of which you responded to, I do not apologize in the slightest for my tone in that comment that I made on my blog to the people, such as Sage, who deserve whatever fate has in store for them.

    You make excellent points, you really do. I understand that there might be some folks that wouldmistakenly think I mean them, because they do not see many of the comments either my spam filters catch on the way in (which still amazes me daily) or that they misssd because I or Cassie deleted them.

    But I remain convinced that the people who have been regular readers and who have come to know me, know in their heart that it is not to them that my ire becomes directed.

    No, the ones I enjoy blasting with both barrels are the ones JUST like the one you quoted… and as you can imagine, while I removed YOUR comment, Badger, it was ONLY because you quoted the profanity that I was removing.

    I apologize for that. I really hate removing comments, it feels so fascist.

    As my readers know… feel free to say the images look like crap, feel free to say that my site is ugly, my writing skills are poor, or that I am a talentless hack.

    Just don’t impugn my integrity, and we’ll all get along just fine.

    If you want to call me a liar, do it on a different blog, lol.

    Or swear. I’m the only one around here that gets to unload the f-bomb, thank you very much.


  20. “You make excellent points, you really do.”

    Thanks! I can do that, occasionally. Comes with the net-nerd territory. ^^

    “But I remain convinced that the people who have been regular readers and who have come to know me, know in their heart that it is not to them that my ire becomes directed.”

    John, just FYI: I’d never heard of you until you picked up the slack over at Insider, but as of this moment, you may consider me a “regular reader.” Bookmarked and everything. ^^

    And you’re definitely not a liar, and I believe now that neither is Andrige. I’ll call my withdrawal from supporting those screenies a bit of “cautious skepticism,” but I do believe now, with your adamant support, that he legitimately data-mined those textures.

    What gets me, though – STAND BACK, I’M RETURNING TO THE SUBJECT AT HAND … – is the fact that, even as of the last patch to the Beta servers, those hairstyles are not available, in the Barbershop or elsewhere (i.e. Character Creation). Were they pre-loaded for a future patch or something?


  21. This looks completely fake to me, undead have all the human hairstyles, draenei have all the blood elf hairstyles, and i know for a fact that blizzard is NOT this lazy, gonna have to say this is fake till we get some confirmation


  22. Yeah these are legitimate data-mines… the hairstyles aren’t in the game yet probably because they are in fact kinda shabby interracial borrowings.
    Besides… there’s a difference to making hoax talent trees and then make it appear as the real deal (aka TBC fake-notes way back) but what is the meaning of creating about 5 hairstyles for 20 characters/10 races… just stands to logic that even though I am modding stuff I don’t do o_O

    In fact I believe the upcoming build which is coming on the beta should contain these to the barber… it’s a client-patch so it’s highly likely they’ll be adding the hairstyles imo, we’ll see 🙂

    Anyway, glad that it became as widespread as I hoped it to be, John 🙂
    And I can perhaps add the preview of the horn/hair colours, we’ll see.
    It’s quite a lot to swap so I can actually see them (right now those haircolours aren’t ‘bound’ to be viewed yet in WMV but I can arrange that with some work)


  23. Thanks for adding the link, BBB. It was actually a friend of mine who noticed there weren’t any male dwarf styles up, and lamented about it. I simply had the comment field ready.

    And Andrige, I hesitate to ask… new horn /colors/?
    I may be missing too much sleep. I just got the horrible mental image of a tauren with flourescent purple horns… please tell me the colors are reasonably natural…


  24. @Andrige:
    Could you upload your patchflie?
    I’ve created a patch with the humalfemale.m2 from the current wotlk beta build but i can’t find anyhing new. 😦
    Or do i need to insert more than just the .m2 file?


  25. I still hope these are either not real or just a small portion of the final number of hairstyles. v.v Swiping things among races is just lame. Especially if you favor some with the best styles and give others the crap. Troll female hairstyles are the most disappointing so far 😦


  26. Thanks Andrige! ^^

    I think you’re right, Blizzard is probably not going to make these in-game files “available” as file references to the Client until they’ve gone through and built upon the existing selection a *lot* more. These are just kinda like placeholders.


  27. Heh. I like how the Undead Males can now have the Human Male pigtails that look like a style a Tauren would wear.
    I’m looking forward to these changes. Many people think that, even though it’s only a little cosmetic change that doesn’t affect gameplay that much, hence could be considered ‘pointless’ to many, a little nip and tuck for our own personal vanity can make a world of difference.
    One last thing that I failed to hear from Blizzard is their thoughts on the main character creation page. You can only rotate your character model on creation, and cannot zoom in for a better look at fine details, such as eye colour, until you’re actually in game. If they implimented a zoom in feature at new character creation, or even a small detail description besides your selected features, such as ‘Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown’, then it’s be a lot more pleasant to play this game for a long time on a crappy computer, upgrade to a new computer, and not angrily find out that your pristine Human Female Priest has a hideous nose ring attatched that you could never see before.


  28. Hey BBB, I notice you posted that Andrige came across these hairstyles while data-mining for the new druid form skins. While it may not bother our Night Elf friends, we Taurens have been suffering with ugly skins for…well….ever and are eagerly awaiting any changes. Did he have any luck finding them?


  29. @Everybears: No I couldn’t find anything. I’m looking with each update though for signs of something new… however, I found two new animations for Moonkins: beg and I think the animation for the warstomp is a new one. But that’s about it for updates to our models so far. Not exactly ‘overwhelming’.


  30. i so hope that blizzard adds a mowhawk to dwarf’s, if anyone deserves one they do, but definetly keep the ones on the gnomes casue that just looks badass


  31. Thanks for discovering these, taking the time to make the images and posting how to find them, Andrige. I downloaded the beta and have been checking out the new styles in Model Viewer myself. If anyone still doubts the authenticity of these shots, don’t! I can confirm it’s all in there.

    Here’s an example of one of my characters with one of the stylish new gnomish cuts:


  32. To Mjölk:

    Trying to display most of the new models (new mobs, etc.) in 0.5.09d causes a crash for me too. I read on the Model Viewer forums that this is likely due to trying to display any model that utilizes the revamped particle system. Unfortunate, as I really wanted to get some images of that new motorcycle. 🙂

    Fortunately, this doesn’t seem to affect any of the new geometry added to the existing player models. I’ve clicked through all of the Model Control options to see the hairstyles on all the different races, and it hasn’t crashed on me yet.


  33. I am utterly disappointed that there will be no afro male gnomes.
    My plan was to make a pink afro gnome death knight.


  34. I’m not in the beta…but I messed around some on the PTR.  Including trying out the barber shop on almost every possible character model I might feasibly be playing…and a few that I probably won’t.

    I wasn’t very impressed.  Take, for example, the “Pirates of Dark Water topknot” for male draenei?  The one that I OMFGSQUEE’d about?  Ugh.  They’ve added a ridiculously tall forehead-spike—tall enough to detract from the ponytail itself—right at the hairline.  (The “faceplate” with that style is actually the one in the center of the image, not the one portrayed at the leftmost end with the topknot.)  There are no new facial hair/tendril styles for male draenei, nor new horn styles for their kinswomen.  The female troll mohawk is uneven and does not follow the contours of the model’s head.  And—although the troll gals now have the option of a buzz cut—it still appears that women on Azeroth are only allowed to completely shave their heads if they are orcish.


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