Your votes are needed for the contest!

We are now in the ultra final stage of the T-Shirt contest!

The designs have been viewed, the Sidhe Devils have made thier choices, and the three most loved images are now here for your viewing pleasure.

I ask that you take a look at each of the three pictures;

  1. KodySandwichs’ humorous bear with an ice pack to the jaw, which I shall call KodyIcepack
  2. Neo Geen’s ferocious bear, which I shall call NeoFerocious
  3. Cynras’ cute teddy bear, which I shall call CynraTeddy

Please take a look, offer comments by all means, but then go vote in the box in the left corner of the website for your favorite!

Yes, I’m asking my feedreader readers to come and click a button too. πŸ™‚

I’ll wait for the votes until Monday night, since most folks are used to my not posting anything more serious until Monday.

And as a reminder… one of these skilled and talented folks will be winning a T-Shirt printed with their awesome design sent to them, plus a “The Footsteps of Illidan” code card from the WoW TCG!

And please, remember… vote for which design most appeals to you to wear. This is for fun!




And thank you to everyone that sent in designs, we LOVED them!

Yes, even Deathrenders!

So that you can see the Horde version of KodyIcepack that KodySandwich created, I’m adding it below.

Please remember, all of these wonderful images will be in the store, you are just voting on who you think captured the fun of the contest the best, enticing you into wearing Bear Tanking pride!



32 thoughts on “Your votes are needed for the contest!

  1. I’d go with NeoFerocious – It’s the one most likely to be recognized as a Dire-bear druid, and thus, most likely to actually get a laugh.


  2. Honestly, number one is a massive win. The other two aren’t even close. I am a bit sad for the lack of a Horde design, but whatever. Druids are a faction all their own.


  3. Yes, there is a Horde version of the KodyIcepack one… same overall design, but with horns instead of ears, and green sintead of yellow.

    It is not here for one reason… the single thing commented on is that the green color was strange, and I had NOT had a chance to ask Kody if he could use a slighter different shade of it. But I will post it soon, okay?


  4. *agrees with Tesh*

    I’d heard about the contest but somehow skipped over the details of being able to draw something up… omg I SO want to draw something like this now. >.>


  5. I thought the original phrase was “I block with my FACE”. That’s the one I’ve been using lately, especially when being compared to other tanks who hide behind their shields.


  6. Minos, the original quote was, but everyone after that just was saying I tank with my face, so that’s what we went with. If that’s how it gets remembered, who says I was right?


  7. They are ALL fantastic; I’m sure glad I wasn’t picked to judge among them!! KodyIcepack…the pathos is awesome. Neoferocious…absolutely so! And Cynra’s cute teddy…just total win.

    I’m not gonna vote…and since I’m neither a tank nor a druid, you can’t make me! πŸ˜€


  8. Those a great drawings. Like them all but wouldn’t buy the one with the teddy (looks to girlish IMO)
    My favourite is KodyIcepack tho.


  9. They are all good, but Icepack ftw.

    That’s how I feel after a Prince fight.

    Looking forward to the Horde version. Moo!


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