A little Bear animation data from Andrige

Andrige just emailed me to let me know he’d found a few interesting things… and that he made a YouTube to share them. 🙂

To quote Andrige;

Found some quite interesting features in the datafiles for Bear.m2, which is not the same model as our Dire Bear for Druids but at least up until right now, we’ve shared the same animations as ordinary bears in our forms. I found it quite odd that they decided that an NPC bear should be able to fish and eat, an issue important enough that they added an animation for it.

So I’m thinking they’ll add these emotes to our bear forms to make it able to eat and fish in forms, as well as showing they are creating animations to shut the gaping hole that is our mouth when it’s not necessary to show your fangs.

And here is the YouTube that Andrige created from Bear.m2. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “A little Bear animation data from Andrige

  1. Oooh – that means looting boxes without shifting out, Aurik?

    So no more wasted Mana when doing the Mana Cells-type dailies? Quite often I’ve had to drink when doing that – it generally goes as:

    1. Get Phase Shifter
    2. Find box (and Wyrm if guarding it)
    3. If Wyrm then Kitty – Stealth – Kill Wyrm
    4. Loot box (causes shift out from Kitty)
    5. If not 10 Mana Cells, goto 2

    Step 3 often has to wait for drinking to top mana back up if Wyrms die quickly – not a big thing, but enough that it stops it being a frenzy of activity…

    As opposed to Nether Residue farming in Nagrand from the Clefthooves (Clefthoofs?) – find herd – kill herd – skin – repeat…

    And whilst I wonder about that… How come Kitty doesn’t get shifted out of form when doing the Nagrand Disturbance Analysis, but Swift Flight Form does?

    (Apologies for the interruption – normal scheduled programming will be restored immediately)

    Have fun,



  2. Just to confirm… druids can eat in form on the beta but these animations are not linked to them yet – just some weird head bobs. You cannot fish in forms at the moment, though – you simply shift out.

    It’s so nice to run about and not shift every time you want to open a box or pick up an object!



  3. Well, that would certainly be a step in the right direction. Now they just need to use Andrige’s ridonkulously cool re-skins to light a fire under the Development Team and make Druid Forms attractive again.


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