Congrats to the T-Shirt design winnah!

The votes for our T-Shirt design contest, the theme of which was “I tank with my FACE!“, are in… and your voices have been heard.

Clearly, while all three of the designs were enjoyed, and are delightful, only one could be the people’s choice.

And that one is… Kody!

Congratulations to Kody for your very cool picture of the bear nursing a sore jaw with an ice pack… it certainly captured the feel of tanking Prince with our face, and I think others most definitely agreed.


Tobysandwich, you are the winner of a T-shirt with your design on it, and a WoWTCG loot card, “The Footsteps of Illidan”, with code.

I’ll be giving you an email, so I hope I’m not on your spam list!

But don’t fret, my friends… I’m not a mean old bear.

I have WoWTCG loot cards of “The Footsteps of Illidan” with code for both of our other wonderful designers, as well!

That’s right, all three of our finalists are winners! See?

I’m not mean! Just cranky!

Hey, when they’re that awesome, how can you settle for a virtual handshake and a ‘better luck next time’?

So Cynra and Neo Geen, you can expect emails of your own. Grats!

Congratulations to all three of you for being such incredibly talented artists, and a hearty thank you to everyone that participated in the contest, you made this a lot of fun!

There will be more info coming as to when designs will be available in the store, and when I can get a gallery up here of all our entries.

Thank you all once again, and I hope you all enjoyed the contest!

Disclaimer: All prizes awarded are provided by the Big Bear Butt, because even with my extra large ursine posterior, I’m too small to have a sponsor. The choice of prizes is meant to reflect on what I think is neat in the game, and is not meant to be an endorsement of anyone… but I wouldn’t turn down any WoW related items in the future to offer as prizes for other contests. Hint, hint.


7 thoughts on “Congrats to the T-Shirt design winnah!

  1. I was all prepared to order my t-shirt ….. and then I read that t-shirt info will be forthcoming. Why can’t it be forthcoming now? I’s impatient! It’s not like you’re running a guild or have RL stuff or anything 🙂 🙂


  2. Wulfa: If it was “forthcoming now,” it … uh … would have already … “forthcame?”

    Yeah, that’s the ticket.


  3. mmm… I’ve been needing a new bear shirt, ever since my anthro bear one got a huge hole in it… which couldn’t possibly be from the frequency I wore it…


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