Do what he says, not what I do!

Reading Mr. ‘short britches’ BRK today, and laughing.

First, allow me to say, I agree wholeheartedly.

If you seriously get a legendary Bow to drop, or hell, a hunka nice super-sweet ranged epic weapon like the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix or the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle or something…

For the love of the WoW gods of loot fairness, if you have a Hunter in the group, let the Hunter have first chance!

No other class is as DEFINED as the Hunter by a single piece of loot.

I don’t mean other classes don’t depend on weapons as much, I mean that few other classes get judged by a single piece of gear like Hunters do.

You see almost any other class, and you will do a general /inspect to check them out.

You look at a Rogue, and granted, you check their weapons out first, but then you want to see what they’re packing to back those bad boys up.

But a Hunter runs by, and admit it… you’re checking out the long gun. You want to see what they’re using to bring home the bang-bang.

Come on, folks. The ranged weapon drops, you give the Hunter first shot. Period. End of story. I don’t even want to hear it. I don’t CARE if the Fury Warrior could use it to pull and hasn’t had a drop in two months, you offer it to the Hunter first.

Okay. *breathes deep*

Now, on that post BRK gives a lot of advice. And if you look close, you may notice that he gave this bit of advice to bloggers as number 3;

3. Make moar white space. Massive chunks of text turn people off, totally. Break up those paragraphs, people!

Hey, I resemble that remark!

The thing is, he’s absolutely right.

Yes, yes, I know, my site is 99% massive chunks of text.

That doesn’t change the fact that he’s right. Don’t do as I do, do as he says, break it up, make it attractive, please the eye with nice layouts and pictures and designs.

You want some examples? Check out Unbearably HoT (grats on the awesome marriage proposal, Runycat! Woohoo!) or Resto4Life.

Both of those sites have awesome, informative posts, but they also break things up with attractive formatting and images that are relevant to the subject… and are cute, too.

Me, I do it this way because I screwed myself with my theme.

I CANNOT get images in this theme to play well or do ANYTHING I tell them to. I cannot get them to align right, align left, wrap text properly, space where I put them, put text above or below or in any way do what I tell them. NOTHING.

When I add images, they go to the left and text wraps, PERIOD. Even if I put breaks, line spaces, it doesn’t matter. It’s like, built into the damn theme to take my power away.

When I really need an image, I work the sizes over and over until I can get them so the text ends up below. But if you look through my imported archive of back posts from the old blog website, you’ll see my pretty picture formatting got turned into crap, and it’s enough to make me cry, ’cause I can’t fix it.

So… no pictures, except when necessary. No neat formatting. No pretty playful pictures woven into my posts.

It sucks. I WANT to do better, I just can’t get it to work.

So follow the advice of the BRK. If you have the ability to break up your text with images, colorful or fancy text, moving text around and making things flow in interesting ways…


Oh, and since I said nice things about BRK… foshizzle… I have to add something Erthshade pointed out to me… the natural result of any Bear/Hunter altercation…



14 thoughts on “Do what he says, not what I do!

  1. oh my!

    the epic picture is a major plus…eeheh

    Hope you can find some way or form to “spice” your posta bit (like above)

    Btw, loved to hear you on TN.


  2. I seriously couldn’t believe that post about the bow when I read it this morning. What was even more shocking was how many people in the comments didn’t see any problem with a *ROGUE* getting a legendary BOW.


  3. I’m going to take a hit for this one…

    I’m glad the rogue got it. He’d been with the guild for two years (“since we wiped on Moroes”), always shows up to raids and is a very good long-standing member. The two hunters were relatively new (one just a few months), supposedly the other one was on probation and they’d already given another hunter the bow from a previous drop.

    Now… is it a “hunter weapon”? Sure. Of course, it’s a bow. But does that make it *automatically* go to the hunters?

    The guild is progressing fine since it’s clear that they have Kil’Jaedan on farm, so the argument of they are “gimping their raid” doesn’t hold water.

    In the end, it was the guild’s Loot Council’s decision and the fact that the hunters /gquit and have gone and QQ’d on every possible forum shows what kind of people they are.


  4. I’m all for rewarding loyalty when the opportunity presents itself, but I was shocked to read about that rogue, who should have passed rather than go into an orange frenzy. You’d think they’d want to try building loyalty, too. Most of the comments regarding the rogue being perfectly right to take it point out that the guild would prefer it not go to someone who might jump ship in Wrath for whatever guild starts doing Naxx/T7+ raids.

    Horsepucky. Chances are good that guild won’t survive to the end of Wrath. They’re not encouraging new people to stay on with their cronyism, because apparently if you weren’t with them since Kara you don’t get loot priority. No mention of any pre-BC raids because, most likely, this guild didn’t exist to do them then.

    Admittedly I don’t know the guild in question and they may have gotten world/server-first Ragnaros kills. Who knows. Who really cares, because that would only serve to underscore my point.


  5. Another trick you could use for “hard” linebreaks is to copy over the Clear template‘s code – that’d be “”. That’s a template used on a number of wikis; I just linked to the one I’m an admin on. Yeah, I know, but ad hits are ad hits. 😛

    From what I can tell, what it does is create a 0-pixel-wide, transparent “wall” stretching horizontally at the point on the page where the code takes place. Everything beyond that, coding-wise, gets shoved underneath.

    Course, all this assumes that neither Myze nor Phaelia know what they’re talking about. Ignore me.


  6. “If you seriously get a legendary Bow to drop, or hell, a hunka nice super-sweet ranged epic weapon like the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix or the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle or something… For the love of the WoW gods of loot fairness, if you have a Hunter in the group, let the Hunter have first chance! No other class is as DEFINED as the Hunter by a single piece of loot.”

    I agree 100%. This point should have been absolutely crystalline in its clarity as a FACT.

    Note that I said “should have been.”

    Yeah, I got told to “STFU” and I was called a lot of things for agreeing with this point – namely, a “flaming moron” and an “asshole,” among them. I actually had a guy in the Comments space stalk me across several different Replies just so he could remind me how stupid I am.

    I swear to God … If I wanted to see the level of idiocy that prevails in that Comments section, I could watch Congressional video coverage on C-SPAN. As it is I get demeaned enough IRL; I hardly need a bunch of illogical spoil-sports spouting the same crap. 😛


  7. I thought I would chip in with my comments on the bow going to a rogue.

    First of all, I can see arguments for both sides, as probably 90% of guilds in the world will have seen somebody join, get geared up, and leave for a more progressed guild. That’s why there are probationary periods.

    On the other hand, giving the rogue that bow is kinda like giving all your cloth drops to a resto druid – sure they can use it, but somebody else can use it much better. Whether or not you have the guy on farm, you are still gimping your raid, at least short term, by not giving the bow to the class that will use it 100% more of the time than the rogue will.

    The only other point I have to mention is that if somebody has been raiding with a guild for a few months, sharing the pain of the wipes on progression nights, cracking jokes over vent in the quiet times, putting in the research time and farming the consumables… how have they not earned the trust of the guild leader or loot council? What would it take to get accepted into that guild?


  8. I feel your HTML pain, BBB. After you’ve taken Myze’s advice and edited your stylesheet, try this when you post images. After you’ve finished composing your post and have inserted whatever image(s) you want in there, switch over to “Code” view, which should give you your post with all of its HTMLy ugliness. Look for the image code, which should look something like this:

    img alt=”FILENAME.jpg” src=”URL-OF-IMAGE/FILENAME.jpg” width=”720″ height=”445″ /

    Change the width=”720″ height=”445″ (or whatever the dimensions of your image are) to:


    and delete the height altogether. Presto! You’ve made your image now exactly 75% of the available width of the main post column. The height will auto-adjust, keeping the original proportions of your image. Or you can use 90%, 50%, whatever you want. As long as it’s less than 101%, you’re fine.

    Hope that helps!


  9. The deal about the Rogue getting the Bow can be made more clear by saying this:

    The rogue was a long-time guildie, very solid attendance, solid raid-performance.

    The 2 hunters were new, as in they joined the guild AFTER Mu’ru had been beaten.

    Yes, in general, hunters should get priority for ranged weapons, but that doesn’t mean that no-one else should ever have one. The bow does have very good stats for rogues as well.


  10. It’s true, when you look at a hunter the first thing you see is their ranged weapon. Whether or not they have been in the guild for a long time, i think that they should have the right to roll on the one thing that people look at first.

    Sure, if a bow drops and the hunters don’t need it, give it to the rogue. But other than that i think that hunters should have full priority.


  11. I may be the only one but I like blogs without too many pictures and stuff that are blinking and just give me a headache. Keep it simple and let the content speak for itself.

    I love your long ranting posts and adding too many pictures to it just for the sake of tit wouldn’t improve anything at all.

    Of course you should have a lot of new paragraphs to avoid walls of texts. But pictures? It depends on the style of your blog. I adore Blessing of King’s simplistic style. Tobold’s a pretty succesful blogger, isn’t he? You wont find tons of pictures there.

    Trust your talent as a storyteller. That will overrule everything else. A crappy blogwriter with every so nice pics won’t get any visits from me.


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