Fuzzy bear fails fight

Just a short one this morning, too sick, tired and cranky to be worth much.

Instead of a grueling “all in one night” clear this week, we thought we’d try to break it up over two nights.

Last night, our goal was to start at 7:00 PM, and take down Attumen, Moroes and Opera on a straight shot, and pick up Maiden on the return. Kinda shake the order up a teeny bit.

Then, and this proved to be a poor decision, I figured we could go into the back door, clear two trash mobs and down Nightbane as the capper of the evening.

That would let us start fresh with Curator on Saturday.

Why Nightbane instead of Curator?

Well, traditionally, Curator marks the end of a first night, since then all the trash before him fades away, leaving the group a nice leisurely walk in to that point and the icky trash prior to Illhoof for a night two.

My thinking had been that, since some folks over the course of the week would undoubtedly be unable to make both nights, this let each group have one ‘neat’ dragon encounter.

See, I keep thinking in terms of fun in the fights, not loot. I keep forgetting that, when Kara was still new and shiny, Curator was achievement #1 people hoped for, to get their Tier 4 Glove token, and Prince was achievement #2, to get that Tier 4 Helm token. So if Curator was in night 1, each night would have Tier loot. Duh.

Anyway, I figured that, with our mix and our ‘family friendly’ rules about being able to go AFK when your children or RL needs you (for short durations, of course), that a 2.5 hour run was reasonable. So doing night one in midweek was reasonable.

It turns out that, yes, we were able to clear everything in lower Kara in less than two hours. In fact, if we had no AFKs, I think it would have been about 1 hour 30 minutes… or less. So, very nice, very happy.

But then we got to Nightbane, and we ran into problems.

See, I’m sick. My head is all clouded and I’m just not thinking straight.

When it came my turn to tank Nightbane last night, I’m fairly certain that there aren’t too many mistakes I didn’t make.

At least it feels that way.

Let me put it this way… when Nightbane took to the skies, one of our two main healers, Nasirah, was dead. And as I prepared to bear/swipe the Skeletons from the Rain of Bones (instead of Barkskin/Hurricane, which is what I should have been ready to do with an assigned Paladin Tank to hold aggro), I had to have Cassieann whisper me in the middle of the rain, asking if I intended to Battle Rez Nas.

Oh wait, I’m a Druid? I can do that? Oh, yeah.

And then of course while I’m doing that, there is one less healer and one less DPS on the Skellies, so when Nightbane is getting ready to land, there are still Skellies up….

Not that it matters much, since Nightbane came in to land, flew right over me, and one-shot Nas (but I just rezzed her, damnit!) and cleaved our back up healer, Gaddrick.

Because, you know… I was trying to flip back into Bear to pick Nightbane up on the fly… instead of Starfire and then Moonfire spamming the bastard to start building up some threat while he was still airborne, and then getting ready to Feral Charge and Growl the bastard to keep him from… what class? Hitting the healers?

Yeah, something like that.

Yeah, just tired. Too many silly mistakes. I know better, just couldn’t DO better.

I’m just glad I’m not in a raiding guild. You know, at work, if I’m sick I can take a day or two off of work.

In a raiding guild in WoW, or even in a guild with as relaxed a schedule as ours, the pressure to not let your friends down is so much more intense than work, because they are your friends, and you don’t want to ruin your friends’ fun. 

I can still easily remember the crazed excitement of going into Karazhan with Legatum those first few weeks, that nervous energy, wondering if something is going to drop, if we are going to succeed, if I’m going to do well or screw up and look like a moron.

It’s a special feeling, and it doesn’t last forever. I don’t want to deprive any of my friends from having their chance to feel that way, and build up some good times.

But damn, I wish I’d have just stayed in bed.

I think a clue would have been the third (or fourth) time Squirrelz had to remind me we’d already killed both wandering Skeleton adds near the Grand Ballroom, so it was safe to go inside.

Yeah, that might have been a good time to go to bed.


12 thoughts on “Fuzzy bear fails fight

  1. BBB,

    Unfortunately whilst we are sickly impaired, we are overcome by the ol’ “judgement impaired” ailment as well. If you weren’t thinking clearly on Nightbane it’s no wonder you didn’t think “Hey, I should go to bed!”…there have been a million times where I’ve been sick and actually gone to work. By the end of the day I’m thinking, why the heck didn’t I just stay in bed? But…we never get those thoughts until after the fact.

    Get some hibernation time in and feel better!


  2. I know the feeling. It was really late last night and I was tanking the dragonhawk boss in ZA. I was dodging bombs like a pro, but for whatever reason, every time he would teleport me to the center, I would get so disoriented and several times ended up pulling him back to the wrong bridge, killing healers with his fire breath along the way. Oops. Sometimes the brain just doesn’t cooperate.

    You’re so right about not wanting to let guild friends down, and if you’re a tank everyone is counting on, the pressure is even worse.


  3. Nightbane brings out the worst in me. The amount of mistakes I still make on him is really awful. I get this queasy feeling whenever we do that fight. I forget to bind the stance-dance macro to berserker stance, and get crushed to heck and back. My fingers get all klutzy and I am slow in building threat. Every landing is full of fail as I scramble for him not to one-shot a healer.

    Last time I thought ‘Hooray, not tanking, rogue DPS FTW!’. Of course I still managed to fail by accidentally using Blade Flurry in skellie phase. I got eaten alive in the first skeleton phase and got to watch from the ground.

    So, rest assured, Nightbane brings out the worst in most people. Get well. 🙂


  4. First off, don’t feel bad about Nightbane. As long as everyone’s close to topped off, I always try to ease up on heals as he comes down to land again so he doesn’t charge right for me, but my HoTs kinda keep ticking. You doing some spell spamming, coupled with a MD from Wulfa, and hopefully I can stop being dragon food. But last night was only the third time I’ve ever seen Nightbane, so it’s not exactly like he’s on my roster of, “Geez, this guy’s easy, we shoulda been able to one-shot him!” I’m still in that “learning the fight” stage. Yeah, we downed him once (well you guys did again last week while I was gone) but I’m not expecting it to be smooth sailing from here on out.

    As for last night in general . . . I know you’re the GL and all, but you are allowed to say, “Hey, I feel like crap, you guys are on your own tonight.” We find someone to fill the 10th spot and go kill stuff, or we see how much stuff we can kill with 9 of us, or worst case scenario, we call it quits on Kara and go play on alts or run a 5-man or something. That’s the great thing about our guild. I won’t lie and say there might not be a little disappointment, but if you’re not feeling well, that’s the much more important part and we all understand that.


  5. Yeah, I would never encourage someone to come to a raid if they didn’t feel up to it. But it’s so hard for the guild’s tank. As the raid leader and “main” tank, I have to wonder how a run would fare if I took ill. Especially since Savant has exactly 10 people in it (by design.) But that’s what officers are for.


  6. Nasirah – I have heard rumors that controlled tests showed that, right now, lifebloom has zero threat, on either the tick (for you) or the bloom (for whoever it’s on). It might be worth a try, limiting any healing you do on the skelly phase to lifebloom… I’m sure if you threw it out first thing, there’d be aggro from “awareness” of the cast, but after they get some things hitting them it should be ok.

    And my priest got face-planted during the first skelly phase last time she was in there, too.


  7. I know how ya feel. Twice with my new guild I’ve caused a wipe because of a stupid mistake. People were very forgiving, but it frustrated me. See, both mistakes happened on our last attempt, which means I’d performed admirably on each previous attempt.

    Get some rest man, don’t be too hard on yourself, fuzzy brains can do funny things to your judgement.


  8. Raiding while not feeling up to snuff is no fun. And the drive to be there to support your friends is a very strong one; I can think of times that I raided with a bucket next to me or even doped up on doctor-prescribed pain killers because I knew that as a healer my spot would be hell to replace.


  9. *hugs* Sometimes I think running with friends is the most pressure you can get in WoW. It also brings the greatest joy. Its hard enough running it for me, I can’t imagine doing that (even with Cassie’s help) AND tanking. Hope you feel better though!


  10. Ok, I didn’t see this till this morning….
    But…. I’m pretty sure, some place there’s this thing that says something like.. “Real life ALWAYS Takes precedence over WoW”. O, yea, I think that’s one of the major rules that someone who got to make the rules decided along time ago for Sidhe Devils…um, maybe 🙂
    Also, You are being totally too hard on yourself. Poopoo happens…how many times have you shrugged off something silly that I did? (or anyone, for that matter) I can’t speak for anyone else (but I this case, I think I might be able to) We love ya, Man!

    FEEL BETTER! Take care of yourself! plz 🙂


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