So, I guess we do get to look different after all

Thanks be to the fine folks at World of Raids, we get a look at this Glyph that has come out of the latest Beta build;

Glyph of the Red Lynx (Druid) – You appear as a red lynx in your Cat Form.

I think that about says all that needs to be said, right?

Couple that with the Polar Bear Glyph, and we have some fun stuff already coming our way… with the possibility of new Glyphs on a seasonal basis.

I mean, come on… if all it takes is popping a Glyph in or out…

Well…. hows about seasonal quests to give festive skin Glyphs?

I could see a Glyph that made your Travel Form switch from the traditional Cheetah to… a festive Reindeer?

This could be the Druids’ new Idol.. quest chains for Glyphs, new Glyphs for fun… playing with our forms, new skins…

It could be very nice. It could be very fun.

I have hope that, with the expansion still so far away, we will see even more neatness.

Good job, imo.

18 thoughts on “So, I guess we do get to look different after all

  1. …thus my DoA-pack is going to last for a veeeery long time -_-
    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they’re doing that… I mean having to wait for three years before getting rid of the placeholder models is not enough for a new design with a new model and sharper textures, right? *angry if they’re not going to revamp the forms despite their pretty clear promises about an overhaul*


  2. From BBB Dire Cat article:
    “I think what Kalgan meant was that we intend to do different texture variances for Druid forms, including Cat form. Which is true, though not sure how soon we’re going to get that. They may come from a repeatable quest, >>> or through inscription. <<<”

    In other words, what they promised is most likely what we’re seeing in these glyphs.


  3. I think they should stop releasing these glyphs before we see how the new model and texture will look. For as it is right now, ‘Glyph of the Red Lynx’ and ‘Glyph of the White Bear’ can easily just be the default ones we have in the game right now, when I’m actually more interested (provided that the new model they’re supposedly working on is actually going to happen, I’m getting more and more doubtful as they release these glyphs) if we’ll be getting any new models at all! If so I rather see these glyphs change the colouring/patterns of those new models.
    I mean there’s no guarantee that Taurens who gets the Glyph of the Red Lynx will be having any horns at all for example if it’s the ones you find in Quel’thalas, also the texture/model is pre-WotLK and so far WotLK content is MUCH more polished in comparison. Just my 2 cents.


  4. luke, they couldn’t do that because you know some druids will not want to change how they look (for some reason) and will complain. the way i imagined it is that each class has a certain number of glyph sockets for only the cosmetic ones so basically nothing other then these could go in there. that way everyone can have their game play glyphs and still be cool looking (waiting for my warlock to get a green fire glyph)


  5. thunderpaw, the simple solution for bliz is to roll the two into one. let the red lynx one have some small buff to mangle (cat), and let the polar bear have the rage cost decrease, or some other minor buff.

    likewise, the mage polymorph ones should have a bonus to polymorph, and if the warlocks get the green felfire ones they want, let them get an extra tick on their immolate or something.

    as to rarity, it will probably be like most low-level JC designs. not too bad drop rates, many availible from old-world vendors, and such.

    or course, non-lookchanging ones would be nice too, in case, like practice, you don’t want to look like everyone else.


  6. I’ll have the final laugh when I’m the only Druid on my server that isn’t a lynx / polar bear. Bwahahahaha *cough*.


  7. Major = spell changing
    Minor = spell altering
    Cosmetic = fun

    We are apparently getting 2 of each, so we all get 2xfun, 2xslight variations and 2xmajor changes, just we haven;t seen them all yet so give it time.


  8. So depending on what sort of slots these vanity glyphs occupy, we may have to give up ability boosting effects for….cosmetic changes? While this may be exciting news, folks who are going to be min/maxing their tanking/DPS may not have the opportunity to pick this up.

    Additionally, I think this glyph was really a freebie for the horde cats out there; the red lynx looks identical to our night elf cat form–except it’s…red. I wish I could get more amped about this, but I find myself looking forward to things like the Magnificent Flying Carpet instead.


  9. More /emo durid whining.

    More importantly, how accessible are these glyphs? Will the glyph be a world drop seen five times a year? Will it be from some boss no one otherwise cares about and we better pray someone with inscription sees it drop the one time they run the instance? Will it be common and/or even trained?

    In which case _every_ druid will have one and we’ll all look alike. Although… hopefully a lot better.

    Let’s not forget to consider the possible materials. :/

    I find myself opposed… I’m gonna write my Congressman!


  10. Yep, we’re being porked. :/

    The problem is that currently all glyphs are either in either the Greater (3) category, or Lessor/Minor category. Which means our cosmetic changes to shape _are_ taking up the spot that another class will use for actual function. Rather like the old old argument that Flight Form took up a “slot” for something new in Burning Crusade.

    Would you rather look like a red lynx, or reduce the rage cost of your demoralizing roar by 20? That’s the only comparison available at this time.

    If they glyph’s can be swapped in and out, then it’s yet more stuff to cart around in your bags, so that you can look spiffy and nice _on occassion_. But when there is serious work to be done, you better go back to the default.

    /le sigh


  11. So .. now you can buy (or .org maybe) and conflict with Daniel from *snicker*

    Thunderpaw makes a point though – hopefully all minor glyphs are cosmetic.
    Because I’ve been running around in the same skin for so long, I have accepted that stats > looks, so if there’s some good game mechanic changing minor glyphs out there, I’ll still pick them over Red Lynx glyph.

    That being said .. why not snow leopard skin? It would fit Bear -> Polar Bear, which was more in line with the Northrend theme.


  12. “There’s months to go until the expansion…”

    I can’t help but think that the way that things “break” in the community is pretty tightly managed by the Blizzard marketting machine – it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that they’re actually excluding a lot of “fun-ness” from the builds…

    Stuff like glyphs are likely to be pretty self-contained, so can be out until they deem it desirable to have it break… Changes like “if [condition] then use different near/cat skin” are harder to leave out…

    So… I’d say that this heralds the potential for all kinds of Feral love, if they so desire, with all kinds of conditions for different “looks” being possible.

    Feral quests where an item disguises us as a different animal?

    Those items from a specific boss? Giving a swift-flight form type objective…

    Lots of fun if one cares to speculate…

    Have fun,



  13. Yeah, unless the minor glyph (I hope this is minor) are all fairly cosmetic items, I don’t see it as much… beyond desperately needed. I’m tired of looking like a drooling monkey thing. 😦

    This _is_ the one like those in the keebler lands, right?


  14. *cough*Andrige-already-made-the-Red-Lynx-skin-ages-ago-why-did-it-take-this-long-for-Blizz-to-catch-on*cough*

    Oh, sorry. I’ve been a bit congested today.


  15. Yes, because having an option to look like two things is totally the same as having an entire outfit…

    …When that option replaces the options other people get to choose from.

    Why can’t we just /have/ different fur colors without giving things up?


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