Bust a move! Healing > Damage?

I’d been thinking, I have a Druid tank, I have a Shadow Priest ranged DPS… if I get a new Shaman alt to 70, then I’d have a dedicated healer as well.

It’s funny how the mind works. I have this Hunter, you see… but since in my old guild we had tons of Hunters, I never got the chance to enter Kara with her, and figured I never really would. It was why I started a Priest in the first place, back in the day. Someone besides my Druid I could actually play on raids.

So mental blind spot, and I was hanging out a week or so ago, and Wulfa asked me when I was going to bring my Hunter to Kara with her.


Well, why not? I mean, she’s a Hunter. Why can’t she go into Kara?

Maybe because I’m used to thinking of her as a gathering mule? Poor Windstar…

And anyway, why would I need two ranged DPS? I have my Shadow… Priest….

Oh yeah, right.

So it suddenly occurs to me, hey, you know… maybe I could, like… and let’s not rush into things, but… maybe I could go heals on, like… my Priest?

The very thought sends a shiver of fear through my body.

“But John!”, I says to myself, “You don’t know shit about healing as a Priest! You don’t have any gear! You’re worthless! Stick to what you know… mana mana!”

Well…. but see, the thing of it is… we could use another actual HEALER Priest.

We’ve been doing these weekly Kara shindigs for a while, and every time, we make Nasirah heal on her boomkin, because she has awesome healing gear PLUS awesome healing skills.

And Elystia loves her mage, but since she has a healing Priest and awesome healing skills, we end up asking her to heal more often than not.

It’s what I wanted to avoid, asking people to play classes because we need them, rather than because it’s what they want to play.

Our guild, much like every other guild I know of, may have plenty of folks, but we are short of healers that play on the same time zone as everyone else.

I considered it a major victory that Ely got to play her mage in Zul’Aman last night. We ended up short a scheduled healer for the run… and I sat for 20 minutes trying to find another healer, rather than ask her to bring her priest for the umpteenth time. After a while, it just HAS to get old never getting to play the class you started to have FUN.

Fortunately, one of my best friends in game was able to come along, and since I’ve been all wrapped up in Sidhe Devils for months and he’s been raiding, it was sweet to be able to play together again.

Back on track though, the guild could really use another healer that is on the same time zone as the majority of players. And since we have two very, very strong Druids that can heal, one a dedicated Tree (Hi Doodle!) and the other a Tree that prefers feathers to leaves (Hi Nas!), well… a Shaman, Paladin or Priest healer would be very nice.

We do have several players in the guild with healers, but they play at uncertain hours… so it has worked best if we plan around Doodle, Nasirah and Shadewynn (Ely’s Priest) as being the main heals, and try to get someone else the opportunity to run, if they are able to be on at the time. 

We could really use a dedicated, full time main healer to help Doodle, so Nas and Ely can have much more of a chance to play their favorite class/specs.

Cassie has been playing her Paladin, she’s up to level 54 I believe. I know the last time I peeked, she was at 53 and 75%, so she might be 54 by now. And she has stated her interest in going heals at 70. So we have that coming, which will be awesome, but doesn’t help right this second.

So I could respec my Priest to full on healing, and when Cassie hits 70 maybe I could go back to Shadow… and the guild has no Paladin healers at all at 70, so it’d be very cool.

So… respeccing to heals. What the hell do I do? For that matter, what does Cassie do?

I leveled and played 100% Shadow… she is playing 100% Retribution.

We both want to switch to heals (in her case, eventually).

There are two issues here to look at…

  • The best gear to get to have sitting waiting for 70
  • How the hell to play your class as a healer

So we are both looking for resources to help with these two goals.

I obviously looked at my Priest, first.

I checked out some of the blogs I read, looking for advice.

There are a ton of great Priest blogs, many of them on my sidebar over there ===>

But I have been spoiled on my Shadow spec by Shadowpriest.com.

Shadowpriest.com has a section in their forums where all Shadow Priest raiding gear for PvE is listed, by gear slot, in descending order of awesomeness… and shows the rank, and where it comes from.

I love it. It is, to my mind, the ideal long term shopping list. As long as the math from which the ranking system is understood (for Shadow Priests, for example, how desirable a piece of gear is depends on whether you need Spell Hit or not, and whether you have enough +Damage to make Haste fully effective) then a ranking system detailing where each piece is obtained lets me set a short-term goal and a long-term goal for each slot.

Cassie does the exact same thing with her Rogue on the Shadowpanther website.

I love being able to look at a list, study where the items are ranked, figure out what weighting the items were given, set a goal for a piece of gear that is the absolute best I can get as soon as I ding 70, and then set another goal for that slot of the best I can get from what content I’m going to be playing.

I would imagine the same method is what most players do on their alts, whether you intend to run SSC or Black temple or heroic 5 mans. You can look at what you can get to start, and then look at what the best you can end up will be.

For me, the best healing Priest gear list I have found like this is on A Dwarf Priest, and so you can rest assured I am studying it with glee. Of course, I have read such arcane terms as ‘CoH specced priest’ and ‘IDS’ specced priest, and such… so I have to figure out a good spec for healing in Kara, before I know what gear I need, but hey… thems the breaks, right?

The ‘How to heals as a priest’ part will be my next research topic. Of course, I have not as yet visited the new home of all things healing, the Plus Heal forums, but you can bet that’s where I’m headed.

Unfortunately, I have NOT as of yet found a similar style of gear list, ranked and pretty like that, for Paladins. You can bet your butt I’m looking, though. There is a post on the Plus Heals forums where the Paladin is saying he has “1300 +healing, 9k mana, about 15% crit, and around 200 mp5” prior to Kara… and is asking for recommendations for where he should be at for Heroics. Good lord, I’d love to see the list of his gear… and if that’s not good enough for Paladin healing in heroics, I have a poor understanding of Pally healing.

As sad as it is that I have hundreds of Badges of Justice worth of Shadow Priest gear, and now I’m switching to healing, I have to admit it feels very good to have a new serious goal in the game.

I’d been feeling very adrift, unsure of what to do next.

Having a long shopping list is awesome… even if I don’t know how the hell to even start trying to heal yet. 

Somehow, I think there is more to it than tossing Prayer of Mending, casting Renew, and then spamming Flash or a downranked Greater Heal until OOM. Maybe? You think?

It’s sad, I read so many Priest blogs daily, and yet I still don’t have a clue how to REALLY heal with a Priest. I should be shot.


34 thoughts on “Bust a move! Healing > Damage?

  1. One suggestion might be to hit battlegrounds and heal? It works well for getting used to chaotic situations and prioritizing who gets what heal. And it can be a quicker way to practice, vs an instance, as although you will die a lot, you will also have very low repair bills/don’t need specific 4 others to practice with.

    Also, Grid + Clique are good choices of addons to start out with, along with VisualHeal.

    Prayer of Mending when you can, Renew if it’s a small heal/smooth out damage, Greater Heal when you can (in PVP, not so often, but this is practice for out in PVE), Flash Heal/Binding Heal/Prayer of Healing when necessary. If your gear is going to be a little weak to begin with, stick with Improved Divine Spirit spec until you get enough +heal to pump up a Circle of Healing spec.


  2. BethE mentioned BGs, which brought to mind pvp gear.

    I know it’s not pve gear, but the stuff you can by from the faction vendors in Outlands wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Grab the healing set from those vendors and some of the other random tidbits from other faction guys (off hand from CE comes to mind right away) and you should be all set for kara.

    A friend of mine level her shaman elemental and then at 70 switched to resto…she got the pvp gear and started in on kara and it worked great.


  3. For gear, I find http://www.wow-heroes.com/ a good site to check for my next peices. Although, it doesn’t prioritize the overall gear it helps choose upgrades by slot. Also, enchants etc.

    For healing mods …I like heal bot + decursive + smart buff. My reason for smart buff over other paly buff addons is, I play druids, priests and paladins (soon to add a shammy) all healers, so it works well with all classes.

    For practice, BethE has it right on the nose. I find when I wanted to practice healing on a new class BG’s were the best for me. Starts out rather demoralizing but when you get yoru groove it’s a great feeling …and I never feel like I let people down because it’s..well…a PUG BG 🙂



  4. Playing a pvp-specced healing druid I will second what BethE says and recommend you get the combo Clique + Grid. If you haven’t used Grid before, I think WoWInsider has a good beginners Guide. It becomes more of a “wack-a-mole” style experience but for anything more than a 5 man it’s a must and if you run AV you’ll never know how you ever did without it. The range finding aspects along makes prioritizing targets so much easier. It makes rolling 3 life bloom stacks a breeze!


  5. Somehow, I think there is more to it than tossing Prayer of Mending, casting Renew, and then spamming Flash or a downranked Greater Heal until OOM. Maybe? You think?”

    No. No, no, no, no, no. A healing priest does not spam Flash Heal! Flash Heal is the least effective, efficient heal that we have in our arsenal. It has the lowest Bonus Healing benefit (43%) and lowest Health Per Mana (HPM). It’s the spell you spam when you have only a second or two to make sure that your target stays alive.

    In reading that, I think that my heart stopped. And I shed a tear. Or two.

    In general, unless you’re a Circle of Healing spamming priest using the spell in the appropriate time and place, you’ll be relying on a number of spells. Prayer of Mending is great to keep up when there is judicious splash damage and is a great boost to tank healing since it gives you a little bit of fudge factor. Renew is the sole priestly Heal Over Time and you’ll want to use that one tanks and to heal people to full when they don’t require your immediate attention. Binding Heal is used to heal both you and your target and is great when you take damage and don’t want to split your attention between healing him and healing yourself. Prayer of Healing is your untalented group and benefits mostly from situational use; if you’ve got your group taking damage simultaneously (I think of Malacrass in Zul’Aman), that spell can be easily used to give everyone some decent amount of life.

    And, of course, the staple healing spell is Greater Heal. It benefits from 87% of our Bonus Healing stat and is pretty darn mana efficient. a full Rank 7 Greater Heal is capable of doing around 3,000 without the benefit of Bonus Healing; it should be used to bring people to full — or near full — health. Rank 1 Greater Heal (some people use 2, 3, or even 4) is great for topping people off when they need to be topped off without wasting that extra 350 mana from Greater Heal’s highest rank.

    Regarding Circle of Healing, there’s no set percentage of Bonus Healing applied to the spell. However, in patch 2.3 Blizzard changed it so that you benefit from Circle of Healing if you have over 1,337 Bonus Healing. If you are under, you actually are healing less than the amount on the tooltip. Furthermore, you’ll want 5/5 of Mental Agility to help reduce the cost of the spell. I think most people recommend that you wait until splash damage is more common before speccing for Circle of Healing since that’s around the point at which your gear matches the generally accepted stats for the spec.

    “Of course, I have read such arcane terms as ‘CoH specced priest’ and ‘IDS’ specced priest, and such… so I have to figure out a good spec for healing in Kara, before I know what gear I need, but hey… thems the breaks, right?”

    The difference between an Improved Divine Spirit build and one that focuses on Circle of Healing is utility and role. Improved Divine Spirit healers tend to focus mainly on single target healing using the full extent of spells while Circle of Healing priests tend to use that spell. A lot. Which isn’t to say that Circle of Healing priests aren’t good priests; my experience is that they rely heavily on it and are typically not properly geared to benefit from the spell.

    However, that’s my bias and you might find that Circle of Healing appeals to you more as a healer!

    KhyBearStare: I really wouldn’t recommend a Holy priest to pick up PvP gear. It might work for a Restoration shaman, but the gear is horribly itemized for healing priests. For one, there’s not a lick of Spirit to be found on the gear and that’s become the number one stat for many raiding priests. The benefit of Spirit to a priest is multifold, in allowing us to regenerate mana quicker (especially with Meditation in the Discipline tree, an understanding of the Five Second Rule, and judicious/appropriate use of Inner Focus). As a human Holy priest (10% Spirit increase from The Human Spirit and 5% increase from Spirit of Redemption), I’m a veritable mana battery and it’s glorious!

    Instead, I’d completely recommend picking up the 2.4 badge gear if possible. I’m still using the robes in Hyjal Summit and The Black Temple, the boots I didn’t replace until I picked up the trash boots in Hyjal, and each piece of priestly gear is stacked with more Spirit than anything you’d have encountered in the game prior to 2.4 (other than Solarian’s Staff, yays!). It’s definitely gear designed around the changes made to a Spirit-based mana regeneration system.

    I’m not sure how many badges you may have on the possibly-former Shadow priest, but it’s the option to go if you have them. If not, hitting heroics is usually a good first step. Some of the crafted gear is pretty good, though I’m very not fond of the Primal Moonlcloth set. It’s itemized mainly for pure unadulterated healing focus, which fails to provide any Stamina. I’ve seen people cling to the set stepping into Black Temple because they valued Bonus Healing over every other stat, resulting in health that was far below 8,000 buffed. Drove me bonkers. However, it would probably help you out in Karazhan until you can get the badge things.


  6. Cool! So you’re going to bring your hunter to Kara! Epic bow time!

    Erm, I know nothing about healers, so no words of wisdom, except, “Keep the Tank alive!”


  7. Wow. You can’t top Cynra’s comment. I was going to say something like that, only less well organized, intelligent and factual!

    My way of healing on my healer is Heal Rank 4 when I need to heal single target splash damage if they need an actual heal, or Renew.

    (No idea if Heal gets bonuses to it, maybe it’s time to go to Greater Heal for that).

    I downrank my Greater Heals on the tank to what they need. If they aren’t taking a ton of damage, I don’t spam GH7 on them. I’ll use GH4 or 5 + renew. If they ARE taking a ton of damage, I do use GH7 and renew.

    Binding Heal is great if you’re getting aggro, the tank pulls it off, and you want to heal yourself without building threat again. It’s our lowest threat spell, iirc?

    The other nice place to use it is again with splash damage, but splash damage that hits you and someone else (tank or non-tank). Again, this is what Cynra said, so I’m just repeating him.

    So, Cynra… omg, great post. I actually stole the entire comment and posted it to my guild’s priest-forums.

    Spirit is your best friend. A high MP5 and correct use of spells and you shouldn’t be running out of mana before your Holy Paladin healer. (I don’t, and Holy Paladins are like the energizer bunny of healing, they keep going and going and going…)

    If you’re dual-healing in Karazhan and other 10-mans, Grid, like others mentioned, is absolutely fabulous, because you can see where another healer needs a hand AND you can see where other heals are going so you don’t piss off another healer by healing a target that they already have a big heal incoming on. 🙂


  8. Practice practice practice! I’d say “Cynra’s School of Priest Heals” above is pretty right on, but there’s nothing like getting in there to learn what to use when (I assume it’s much the same as tanking). On Nas there’s my main arsenal of HoT’s, but I also know when is the right time to use a Swiftmend, Nature’s Swiftness, and/or Healing Touch. And when Doodle joined up with us and was asking for tips, I tried to tell him what I could, but really the best I could say is to practice.

    And yes, I would rather blow things up, but since it’s all the same character it’s less of an issue than Ely/Shade not getting to go on the toon she wants for drops or badges. I think the other important question to ask is would YOU rather blow things up/melt faces/provide MQoSRDPS? ‘Cause if you’re only making a healer ’cause you think we need one, well, guess we’re back into the “do as I say, not as I do” thing again, hmm? 😉


  9. OK… I’m hip on a shammy or priest to bring up to par. I LOVE healing.
    We have 2 druid healers, so that isn’t my first choice now. And frankly, I love my feral druid, especially for farming.

    SO… Shammy or Priest is the question… I know shammy’s often top the healing charts, but is it when needed, or after the fact?
    When it all goes to XXYY, is it better to have a shammy or priest healing the MT?

    I’ve done priest, and loved it.. Shammy will be a new experience, but that’s all good… So which one does the guild need more????


  10. B3,

    I’ve been doing a lot of digging lately with the plan of converting my Pally to Holy for SD runs (technically, shockadin spec to make levelling a little easier, but still…) in a level or two (he is 66 now).

    So far, the best resources I can find (i.e. pre-Karazhan gear lists) are:

    – Mystic Chicanery (bit dated, but validates against other stuff I have found)

    – Tooling around the sample Holy build at Kaliban

    As you said, not much great out there, and not nearly as well documented as druid, shadowpriest, of rogue stuff. But, as in all things, if you have the time…!

    The good news is that with a few quest rewards (HFP, Mana Tombs, Ring of Blood) and a few crafted items (Khorium), you can get decently geared and not suck in Kara. Even better is that there are a lot of very nice Healadin drops in Lower Karazhan, so you can further gear up quickly. And lest we not forget, a few key PvP pieces (shoulders) can be gotten fairly quickly.


  11. http://www.wow-loot.com

    Is a great site if you go to the forums you will find templates, I noticed a Holy priest one loaded to day by “Dwarf priest”

    allows you to set what content you are doing to see what the best gear is and what WILL be..


  12. Cynra summed it up pretty well on the various technicalities of healing as a priest, so I’ll give a few extra bits and bobs without going over stuff that’s already been covered.

    I’ve had the dubious pleasure of healing on three of the four healing classes (all but paladin) and the major difference of the priest is simply flexibility. We’ve got a HoT, we’ve got reactive healing, we’ve got big slow mana efficient heals, we’ve got fast inefficient heals, we’ve got group heals. The problem lies mainly in that learning what to do when takes experience.

    As for specs – for Kara, there’s really little need for a CoH priest to be honest. It’s nice and all, but a Imp DS / Holy cross spec works just fine.

    What I’d recomend, instead of Heroics, is hitting lowbie instances like Ramparts or Slave Pens as Holy and seeing how you go. You’ll be 70 and almost certainly outgear the instance, but it’ll still give you a feel for how things go. Play around with the specs a bit, see what appeals to you most.


  13. A further note on what Cyrus just said. Not only will you be able to gain valuable experience through running five mans you will get gear.

    Plan which things you want gear from and put your runs together accordingly. I know that if nothing else you could farm up gear that way. Hell, for the longest time I was using the lifegiver britches out of ramparts (normal).

    looking at what drops where and running accordingly could serve you well on both fronts.


  14. Like Cyrus said, start small. Don’t try to learn to heal as a holy-priest in Kara.

    Put the Heroics on hold for right now, same thing with Steamyvaults or whatever.

    Find a lvl 70 epic’d-out prot/feral tank willing to help you out for a couple minutes, and go find Durn the Hungerer. Have the tank tank durn while you heal the tank. Don’t worry too much about bringing in DPS-ers, you want the healing practice. You don’t even really need to be holy-spec’d, and a set of quest-greens or AH Greens will work just fine for Durn. Healing when only the tank is taking damage is a basic healer skill, master that first before you start doing instances. If Durn is too easy, have your tank put on more DPS gear, or even not wear a shield.

    If you find you like healing, (its a rush, much like tanking is sometimes) go try-out a holy-spec, and get a group together for a low-level instance.

    That said, Prayer of Mending, Renew, and cancel-casting G.Heal is more-or-less the Tank-Healing 101 spell-rotation of choice. (Flash-heal is Only-for-emergencies)


  15. I am going to toss in my $.02 however I think it’s been stated already. When Benedykt was a little less geared I tried the CoH build and hated it. It honestly felt useless as I wasn’t healing a large enough number to satisfy me so I have been 28/33/0 for quite sometime. (standard IDS Build). The spirit buff was nice, and for single target and 5 man healing, honestly it couldn’t be beat.

    Fast forward several moons later to 2 piece T5, +heal 2069 unbuffed …

    However the other night we made some Vashj wipes, and the only two priests there were the guilds two IDS priest. We /roll to see who was going to respec and it was me. I am in love! I think the difference is I didn’t have the gear to support the CoH build before and that is why it felt weak to me.

    My best suggestion is to to IDS until you have the gear to support the CoH build. My suggestion from my experience is 2 piece T5 lol. I would not worry about the downranking at first, don’t worry about the overheal. I would suggest first learning your limitations based upon your mana pool and your abilities. Once you understand how to maintain the mana pool you have open to you, begin to work on the overheal. This is where downranking comes into play.

    Many people will use flash heal for the smaller heals, as stated this is much more mana intensive than a greater heal, therefore by down ranking, (and learning how much healing your downranked spell will do), over time you will begin to fit the proper spell in the proper spot. This takes some practice but in time it will come naturally.

    When healing I mainly use:

    Greater Heal (Rank 4)
    Greater Heal (Max Rank)
    Renew (Max Rank)
    POM (frisbee)
    Power Word: Shield
    Fade (button 5 on mouse; I also use this button for FD on my hunter hehe)
    Binding Heal

    I use Grid/Clique, I really enjoy the interface and the healing freedom it gives me. I have all the spells above tied to my mouse, then the following spells are tied to the keyboard:

    1 – Power Word: Shield (I used this for me by hitting F1 and then 1 in sequence)
    2 – Stopcasting Macro
    3 – Prayer of Healing
    4 – Flash Heal (Max Rank) – **This forces me to select someone and then hit a key, although this may not be ideal for most as if you are using flash heal it’s probably an emergency :o)
    5 – Macro – equip my sprit staff / activate Earring (priest trinket see Lurker)
    6 – Inner Focus
    7 – Mana Sucker (mine is named Bob)

    The rest of the keys are various depending on situation

    Healing itself is something that you just learn over time … you will do great it, we know that because you have done the hardest part already, asked for help :o)

    There is no right way or wrong way, there is my way, their way, and the most efficient way … and all three of those should be pretty close. Also, considering the reading you have already done … Your priority when healing should be:

    You –> Tank –> DPS (Usually when healing yourself you are going to use Binding Heal)

    Good luck and keep us updated!!


  16. So what’s your druid healing gear look like? You know you can teleport to moonglade, respec, and then get summoned to an instance… Easiest for any class in the game..


  17. Now that I think about it you could actually put together a resonable set of gear with a mix of faction bought pieces, crafted pieces, and “of the prophet” and/or “of the physician” greens.

    Perhaps not enough to main heal Kara, but certainly enough to get you through the learning curve doing 5 mans.

    Of course you could always run heroics and such while still shadow and farm holy gear that way.


  18. I consider myself to still be learning to heal effectively as a priest but the hardest part for me that will just have to take practice and learning not only the fight but the fight with x particulr tank, is knowing when I have time to cast a greater heal, and when I need to throw a PoM + shield + spam flash heal to keep em alive long enough for someone else to hit em with a greater heal. I know for awhile I rarely used flash heal as I always tried to use greater heal and time it for when it would not overheal. this usually leads to a great heal, or a dead tank cause you were a split second too late. I think the last run I swung into the opposite extreme of being a little too willing to do the PoM+shield+FH and ended up low on mana more often than I liked. Like everyone has said, it just takes practice and getting familiar with the fight and the tank and knowing how much time you have to cast whatever spell you need to.


  19. I am planning on respeccing my tailoring to Primal Mooncloth when I’ve got the mats for the pieces, but right now I AM planning on continuing Shadow so I can remain useful… while I farm gear.

    Is it a good start that I have the Masquerade Gown from Opera and the bands of Indwelling? And the Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration? And the Witch Doctor Wand? And can get the Exalted Violet Eye Kara rep ring? And make the Crown of the Sea Witch, and the Seaspray Albatross? And that I have the Serpentcrest Life-Staff for a two hander?

    I’m not doing so very badly, taking a look at the Dwarf Priest gear lists… no, not so very badly at all.

    And yes, it is amazing some of the drops from instances are so good.

    Looks like that Avian Cloak of Feathers from regular Sethekk halls is my enxt instance drop to look for. 🙂


  20. Oh BBB, don’t waste your money on PMC tailoring. It’s a huge money and time investment for a comparable reward to most of the epics you’ve won already. Just get AH Prophet greens to supplement your gaps and maybe for kicks round up a few guildies and kill dragons in BEM til you get a BOE Prophet back. 2 LC Prayerbooks, and you’re fine. If you haven’t exhausted your Netherstorm quests, I’d look into winning the Pants of the Naaru, and put a silver thread on it. The Naga staff is great.

    As for practice, I’d suggest getting Cassie to tank BRD (easy to do with consecrate and judging righteousness) and healing her and a party wearing nothing but your staff and jewelry. It’ll be good practice to learn the variety of spells at your disposal, help her level, and be a great way for you two to spend some time together. BRD is a huge instance with lots of different mechanics to explore and respond to. Bring along some alts or Nasirah in cat form for added hilarity. The challenge is the fun!


  21. As far as paladin gear going into Kara I can tell you that our guild went in with 2 healers (my pally and a resto druid) to start and we were both in our Arena 0 reputation gear. Granted we had all cleared Kara before on our Alliance characters. With the rest of the guild being Kara/Badge geared your upcoming pally shouldn’t have any trouble dropping in there with the rep gear and the various healing quest greens. If your tank is well geared and doesn’t need Kings she can drop Light on them for a little healing boost as well.

    As far as pally healing information the EJ forums are a good resource. Check out the Healadin thread in the Class Mechanics forums. Although I have to say that healing at Kara/ZA level in a 10 man is a different mentality than the 25 man raids. Clique and Grid are a must IMO especially if you want to effectively down rank your healing spells. Its nice to have the emergency spells on there too like BoP and DI.


  22. BBB, look in the Holy Priest section of shadowpriest.com for a gear list. 🙂

    As far as switching, DON’T DO IT! 😀


  23. Regarding Circle of Healing, there’s no set percentage of Bonus Healing applied to the spell.

    From all I’ve studied the bonus healing % is 21% per target. So you get a total of 105% bonus healing overall.

    As to gear – I made a list for my wife of gear. It was somewhat tailored to her, but it might suffice. I can forward it along; it’s basically in the same function as the shadowpriest.com lists.

    As to CoH vs IDS – go with IDS. Seriously, you’re going to hate being CoH in Kara. You’ll never get to use it. There’s just not enough raidwide damage going on early on. When you get to T5 and really in T6, you’ll want it. But for now, go IDS – your mana regen will be happier, your spellcasters will be happier, and you’ll feel a bit more potent.


  24. @ Spleenie – The holy priest gear list on shadowpriest.com is using outdated conversions (pre-patch 2.3) for mana regen. I would recommend the priest gear lists on lootrank.com or dwarfpriest.com instead.


  25. Healing is just so much different than tanking or DPSing…respec and try it, see if you like it. It’s only gold! (I agree, you’d likely be happier with Imp DS instead of CoH at that level.)


  26. Priest Healing Strategy:
    Use Prayer of Mending on every cooldown on the tank.
    Renew everyone who gets a little damage.
    Greater Heal > Flash Heal > Death


  27. Kal: I don’t think that’s quite correct. It does some weird scaling that is dependent on how much Bonus Healing you have. It’s got to be logarithmic with base 1,337 or something in it (or it subtracts 1,337?) because otherwise I can’t figure out how having below 1,338 would result in a negative benefit to Bonus Healing. However, I don’t believe that it’s consistent irregardless of what your Bonus Healing is.

    Aerth: Agreed. At this point in the game, the Primal Mooncloth set is bunk. In fact, I never even snagged any of it myself when I was leveling my perky priestess. Focus instead on grabbing the Dungeon 3a set for priest (Hallowed), which served me incredibly well until we were doing full clears through Karazhan and Gruul’s. I still keep that set around for PvP with the 2-piece bonus; 30% chance to avoid interruption due to damage while using Binding Heal? Beautiful! I’d never use it in the Arena when gear becomes more important, but it helps a lot on the Battlegrounds.

    And that dress, Masquerade Gown? You’ll love it as a Holy priest. The chance proc on cast (and it’s any cast!) increases you Spirit by almost 150. That’s 37 Bonus Healing from Spiritual Guidance alone and it becomes even more if you’ve got Improved Divine Spirit. Plus you’re looking at an OO5SR mana regen of around 150 MP5 (it really depends on your Intellect and Spirit numbers, so we’ll just guess) and 50 MP5 while casting with Meditation.

    I think that I would have liked it more if it had been an on-use proc instead of randomly on-cast, but it’s still a very good Holy healing chest piece and will suit you wonderfully until you snag the Gown of Spiritual Wonder from the 2.4 badge gear.


  28. Dear 3B,

    I have a 70 holy/disc priest, and I’m more than willing to xfer servers if you need another healbot. ^.^; send me a shout, cause Coriander’s just sitting in IF with no one to play with.


  29. You know, I shudder to think what would happen if I actually admitted we take anyone into our guild that says they have read our charter, and agree with what we are all about.

    Kami… while you would be welcome to come over to Sidhe Devils, with an alt or another character, the thing is we do not put any focus on raiding.

    We really don’t.

    We try and have stuff going on, but we’re not about raiding, we are about friends that enjoy playing together and chatting together and being social and having fun in a light-hearted, cheerful environment.

    So you would be welcome to visit the website, fill out an application, and make an alt on the server to join us and hang out and see whether we are what you are looking for to have fun.

    But no one should ever join us expecting to raid stuff, because that is just not what we’re about.

    Yes, I know, we are doing Karazhan most every week… and we’ve gone into ZA twice to beat up a poor old bear. But that’s about it. 🙂

    I think more of us are looking forward to next Saturdays’ scheduled Onyxia raid then we do Karazhan.


  30. I have several points to make,

    1) I sign up with both Ely and Shade because then this way if you need heals or dps then i could do either or depending on which is needed more. [biggrin] For me it is the fun of being with ppl who are having fun and enjoying themselves I don’t mind the loot but I have to lay off of the stress aspect of full time raiding.

    2) the addons I use for healing are healbot and decursive. I haven’t tried grid so i don’t know how it compares to healbot but with healbot it chooses automatically what lvl of spell for right and left clicks ( and I keep it off of auto-self cast)


  31. What the hell…Let me throw my 2p in here as well. If your Priest is 70, spec 23/38 (Imp DS), go into Kara as the 3rd healer, and try to get as many cloth Healing drops as you can. (Wed/Thur one of our priests picked up at least 5 upgrades in a full clear, less Nightbane.) Two, maybe three runs should get you in very, very good shape.

    I still have 2/3 Primal Mooncloth pieces because I wasn’t raiding or running Heroics when I was leveling up Osprey. I’m working on badges for chest and legs, unless I get lucky with a raid drop before then. But you aren’t worried (yet) about SSC, TK, etc. So 1800 +healing and Kara/heroic gear will be just fine. I agree 100% with Cynra: There is NO need for PvP gear (well, except the 2 minute trinket, sometimes).

    THEN you can start running heroics and working to improve a piece here and there (and you’re right: DwarfPriest’s list is the shiznit, foshizzle!). OH…and…

    People.will.die. It isn’t always your fault.


  32. Wow. .in one day I’ve been called “old” (on 35 yards out) and “dated” (here). You guys sure know how to boost a gal’s ego.

    WRT Pally healing. My healing gear list has been updated to include everything pre-kara up to path 2.4.3. So even though the post was originally written a year ago.. the content is as up-to-date as I could make it.

    I -highly- recommend Grid+Clique for all my healers (and Grid for everyone else) it makes your UI -so- much cleaner.

    See entry here:
    http://chicanery.fibergeek.com/2007/09/25/how-i-heal-gridclique/ (Another “dated” entry that I’ve kept up to date.)

    The barrier to Grid is that it can be fairly complex to setup. This is because it’s -very- flexible. Most people can use it as is out of the box.. but the longer you use it, the more uses you’ll find for it.



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