Guild ninja loot drama omigod wait wut!?!

Hold on to your hats, folks.


I am just… I can hardly contain myself.

Where to start, where to start.



Last night, I’m on my wee level 22 Shaman alt, cruising through Exodar. My intention? A little romp towards 23.

I see a name from the past in the Trade channel. Lavabird (who I’ve never heard of before), is spamming Trade recruiting for Green Dragonflight. Great guild, they claim, no worries, no cares, no website or vent, just fun and no officer drama.

And someone mentions that they are also ninjas. Didn’t recognize the name, but I lol’ed. I remember the history all too well.

And Lavabird vehemently denies it, and then starts making fun of the ‘lamer’ that claimed they were ninjas.

So I asked, in Trade (which was really not a nice thing, I realized that after I sent it. I should have whispered. I was a drama llama. I should have whispered. Bad bear.) if Thesphinx was still the Guild Leader of Green Dragonflight.

Lavabird said, “Yes”.

So I replied, still in Trade, “Then yes, they ninja. Thesphinx at least is a ninja.”

That statement started a very long 45 minutes. Because I then got whispered, constantly, by Lavabird demanding I provide screenshots, links, proof, a complete rundown of all events, the timeline, witnesses, and every time I brought anything up, it was immediately cast aside or twisted as they moved on to something else to demand.

Now, you can all be forgiven for having NO EARTHLY IDEA what I’m talking about.

But that’s okay, because thanks to the miracle of the internet, you can either read my recap which follows immediately after these three links, or you can read the original posts themselves starting with the following post… made on November 27th of 2007.

Once you’ve gone back and read that, you could read the follow up post from two days later, the 29th, called “Wait, he said WHAT now?” and finally the grand reveal, where we find out that it was Wewillfearyou, Haruki and Ikurah who were the ninjas in the post titled “Guild Drama: Endgame.”

Are you back? Ready for the quick recap?

Recap! Last Thanksgiving, a Kara run was made over two nights. On night one, Group 2 cleared through Curator. On night two, they logged in to find that someone using the Raid ID had gone in, wiped repeatedly on Illhoof, and then gone on to clear to and complete Chess, looting the box.

In our asking around, Kaziral from Green Dragonflight contacted Joppers, taunting him with being the one who had shared the Raid ID, and laughed saying there was no way that we would learn who in Legatum his main was. Later, Thesphinx from Green Dragonflight contacted Joppers several times to laugh at him, and ask him if he’d figured out who our ‘traitor’ had been.  thesphinx admitetd to Joppers that he went on the run, and then was wierd enough to expect to be welcomed into a Legatum Kara run after that, displaying very strange, out-there thinking. 

About a week later, Wewillfearyou, Ikurah and Haruki, all characters that were either multiboxed by one person, or, as had been told to us by them on thier apps, toons of a husband and wife team, left Legatum to join Green Dragonflight. They had been on the Kara raid that had ended up being looted. The officers of Legatum decided that, as far as we were concerned, this was proof enough that they were the ‘traitors’, and we considered the case closed.

Later that same day, I was invited into a PUG to tank by Haruki… and when I told them I don’t raid with ninjas, Haruki admitted to sharing the Raid ID with Green Dragonflight and going in there, but claimed to have had no intention of ninjaing anything.  

I thanked Haruki for verifying for us that they WERE the guild members that shared the Raid ID, and put them on /ignore.

Fast forward to a week ago, 9 months after all this drama was flushed, and I get an in-game whisper in the middle of Kara from Ikurah… demanding to know how I knew them. Seriously. Whispering ME out of the blue demanding to know how I knew THEM.

And hey, it’s been… what, 9 months? The name Ikurah rang no bells.

So I ask what they’re talking about, and they said that they saw in a forum post, I had told Thesphinx to “say hi to Ikurah for me”. So HOW did I know Ikurah?

LOL! Ding ding ding! Now that is ringing some bells!

Well, that certainly brought back memories. So I responded that I knew them from when we were in Legatum together, and they had stolen a Raid ID for Kara and shared it with Thesphinx, and ninjaed a Chess event from a Legatum raid.

And the denials came so fast, and so adamant, and the claims that I am a lying no good worthless bastard, that they never did that and I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Well… if I only had my memory of events to rely on, I guess you might think you could convince me my memory was faulty. As it is… I guess you could say I checked my online diary… and it said, on the 29th of November, Ikurah = ninja. From his/her own lips. If you can’t remember what lies you have told people over the last year, I guess it gets tough to keep ’em straight, huh? Bye bye. And I put them on /ignore. And they come back online immediately with Wewillfearyou, and continue telling me I’d better shut up, they don’t even like Thesphinx, I’m a liar, so nice try, kid. Yes, he called me kid. That ‘putting you in your place, child’ thing always makes me lol, when it’s done by a moron getting busted like that.

By the way… we’d always wondered if Haruki, Ikurah and Wewillfearyou were all the same person or not. Thanks for that confirmation with the fast character switching… son.

So that explains why the events of last November were suddenly fresh on my mind. I was wondering why Ikurah had only recently seen the WoW Kael’thas Forum post? Did they apply to a guild and get refused for being a ninja? Yep, it brought it all back.

Recap over! Now we return to recent events and my discussion with Lavabird of Green Dragonflight last night.

Early on I apologized to Lavabird for calling Green Dragonflight ninjas in the Trade channel, since the only person we had absolute proof of that was still in the guild was Thesphinx, who had admitted it. Well, and Kaziral too, but it was Thesphinx’s antics afterwards that had impressed all of us. We tended to forget about Kaziral, after Thesphinx spent so much time taunting Joppers. Which, I’m sorry, was wierd.

But, as Thesphinx was, by Lavabird’s admission, still the GL and ‘A great player and a wonderful person’, I still stood by my belief that new players unfamiliar with server history deserved to be warned of the lack of scruples their Guild Leader had. Oh yeah, and Lavabird was adamant about Thesphinxes innocense.. but then tells me they (Lavabird) has only been in the guild for two months.

Having just looked it up on Warcraft Realms just now, well… Lavabird, that would seem to be a lie. A pretty big one, since Warcraft Realms shows you’ve been in Green Dragonflight since July 27th of 2007. Ever since level 10, as a matter of fact. And, hmm… that would mean you were active in the guild during Thanksgiving… makes your adamant digging for me to give you everything I could get by way of facts and proof seem more like a guilty man trying to figure out how strong your case is, doesn’t it?

Well, at the time I took you on face value, and believed your claim to be a relatively new member, unaware of your guilds’ history. It’s why I was so very patient and polite.

Of course, Lavabird was having absolutely none of it… but refused to make any effort to go follow up the sources I told them to. No, it was my responsibility to hand them everything about the history of their guild on a silver platter.

I got sick of it, frankly. I blew enough of my life on Green Dragonflight last year.

So I told Lavabird that it was their responsibility to clear thier own guild’s reputation, if it mattered to them so strongly.

I told Lavabird that, as I am not in Legatum Ignavis anymore, and therefore I am no longer an officer, member, or in any way a person that speaks for the opinions or concerns of the officers of Legatum, that if Lavabird wants more information, they should contact Whirlish the Guild Leader, Joppers the Raid Leader and person who actually HAD the original conversation WITH Thesphinx where Thesphinx had admitted ninja’ing the raid in the first place and had gloated about it, or go to the Official WoW Kael’thas (US) forums to read the old necromantic thread.

And then I put Lavabird on /ignore.

One minute later I get a whisper from Coldwave… Lavabirds alt. Boy, Coldwave goes back with Green Dragonflight to December of 2006. Wow, we’re up to almost two years with Green Dragonflight… “only two months in the guild” my big bear butt.

Coldwave insists on picking right back up for 20 more minutes of argueing and demanding proof. So we continue, me telling them to read the forum thread, talk to Whirlish, talk to Joppers, leave me alone. And no, I won’t retract my statements, because it is the truth… no, it’s not my job to go any further than to tell you to go talk to Whirlish, go talk to Joppers, go read the thread.

And I put Coldwave on /ignore.

And a minute later, I get whispered by alt #3, Truthe. Apparently, a below-10 alt.

And again… this time, I tell them that I am seriously done. They are clearly being a troll, and I do not get intimidated by anyone. I don’t want to hear it, go talk to the officers of Legatum. I tell them if they want to talk to me, they had better follow up with someone else first, and have something new to say other than “you’re wrong”.

And Truthe tells me they are whispering Joppers right now.

I checked my friends list… Joppers was indeed online, in Mount Hyjal at the moment. So Truthe was going to whisper the Raid Leader in the middle of Mount Hyjal to demand facts and proof from last Thanksgiving about Thesphinx.

I love the WoW Community, sometimes. I really do.

And a few minutes later, I get a final set of whispers from Truthe I had to share…

Having read all of this so far, and if you’ve read this blog for awhile you know how much I admire Joppers, and as far as I know, so does everyone else that has ever known him, you’re going to love this. This, after whispering and getting responses from a Raid Leader in Mount Hyjal, after demanding info from him about an event 9 months ago, a conversation that lasted less than two minutes because that is how long it took Truthe to tell me this;

Truthe whispers me this;



So I laugh long and hard at this… I mean, I suppose if you assume I don’t know Joppers, or that I wasn’t actually there, that this might serve to send a wedge in… but again, Blogger. I documented everything. It’s what I do, I blog about every stupid little thing I do.

I had the final chat with Ikurah where she admitted it, remember? I not just thought, I KNEW that Thesphinx had intentionally ninjaed the Kara Chess event. Which, let’s face it… is absolutely meaningsless. God, people clear Kara in 2 hours these days, it’s CHESS. Get over it!

The only point I was making in the first place was, Thesphinx is a ninja. It’s what he did. And if you are recruiting new players unaware of the history of your guild and the moral character of your Guild Leader, they have a right to know what they can expect from him.

He ninjaed it. Intentionally. You can’t undo it. 

You can ask forgiveness, and you can apologize, and you can try to make amends… none of which he has ever done… but you can’t take it back once you’ve done it.

Look, let’s take an analogy about moral character I like to use just to make a point, when younger people like my brother start talking about grey areas of morality. It’s an analogy, and thus should be taken with a grain of salt… but it makes a point.

And what I’ve told my brother is, there is a HUGE difference between a man telling his wife “I’ll never, ever hit you”, and a man telling his wife “I’ll never, ever hit you AGAIN.”

Once that line has been crossed, you can’t take a step back. It’s done. Your credibility is SHOT.  

And of course, if the person doesn’t say “I’ll never hit you again”, if instead they say “Oh, it didn’t hurt you that much, stop whining”… well, you get the idea. Screw them, life is too short for those mind games.

Anyway, so now, after screenshotting that for comedy gold to share with Joppers later, I put Truthe on /ignore.

Green Dragonflight has now stolen another 45 minutes of my life. That’s 45 minutes I am never getting back.

So Occulus comes online. Occulus was in Legatum back in those days, remembers the entire sequence of events VERY well, and on his main Teysa, he still plays in Legatum Ignavis. He kind of hangs out with us sometimes, just to shoot the breeze. But he has very much gotten back into running with Legatum. He’s a hardcore Gnomish King.

And I share all this glorious ‘are you kidding me’ BS with Occulus… and like me, the bit about Joppers lying to us all the time and throwing the poor, misunderstood innocent Thesphinx under the bus had him in stitches.

But it gets better!

OMIGOD, is there a payoff coming!

What, you didn’t think that was all I had for you! Oh HELL no!

See, I just then get whispered by… Thesphinx!

No shit!

And Thesphinx whispers to me, “I understand you’re claiming I’m a ninja” or words to that effect…

And now I’m done. I am NOT going to begin the same damn thing with Thesphinx. I just blew 45 minutes on Lavabird/Coldwave/Truthe, I ain’t going around the horn with a worthless ninja 9 months after the fact! He did it! You can’t go back in time and change events! He bragged about it!

So I tell Occulus in guild chat I just got whispered by Thesphinx demanding to know why I’m claiming he’s a ninja, and could Occulus, please pretty please just go unload on him and get him off my butt?

And Occulus says that he will do just that.

And the following are screenshots of part of the conversation Thesphinx had with Occulus last night… apparently, Thesphinx had a case of the runs, verbal variety. A MASSIVE case of opening up, a torrent of self justifications and whining and bragging.

Occulus says he has no idea why, people just open up to him all the time. And it’s true, I’ve seen people admit the wierdest shit to that gnome dude. 

In the conversation with Occulus, Thesphinx supplied all the facts, unprovoked, of his own free will, that we had already worked out 9 months before.

I think these are two of the most relevant, tasty little bits, Lavabird;



Just hold that thought for a second.

Savor it.

Roll the taste of ‘busted!’ around in your mouth.

Doesn’t that taste mighty fine?

Now… tell me something, gentle readers.

There are lots of justifications given, of course. As you can see, one that Thesphinx was using was, the server was going to reset soon, so he figured it was a dead instance anyway, and Haruki was doing it anyway, and he was just tagging along. 

The fact that it was scheduled for a night two, as Haruki knew damn well, of course had nothing to do with it. Or the fact, excuse me for dragging this out, that by the facts of the case as documented on my blog… Legatum group 2 had killed Curator on Saturday night… and on Sunday night when Legatum Group 2 went in, Chess was already done.

So Haruki and Thesphinx went into a ‘dead’ Kara raid that was about to rollover? Wow, they had a pretty tight time window though, didn’t they? They had to do it either very late on Saturday night or very early on Sunday. Not quite the same as a Monday night ‘just before reset’ run, now is it?

And Haruki isn’t portrayed as a very passive person in all this, are they? can you say ‘thrown under the bus’?

Of course, it would probably have helped Thesphinx if he hadn’t spent a week after the ninja whispering Joppers, and asking him if he’d figured out who the traitor was yet. Kinda defeats the whole ‘I didn’t know I was ninjaing’ thing, doesn’t it?

I want to thank Occulus, who struggled with a brand new keyboard to figure out how to work the F-Lock to get Screen capture working before those whispers from Thesphinx got pushed off the screen, all the while having me growling at him that he’d better bring me a screenie of THAT conversation for my blog, OR ELSE.

I want to also thank Haruki/Ikurah/Wewillfearyou and Thesphinx, ninjas the both of them, for providing me with so much amusement. You are all r-tards. Without you, the server would be a better place.


45 thoughts on “Guild ninja loot drama omigod wait wut!?!

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! I certainly agree with your police work there, Lou. Every server has a guild full of hacks like that, and it’s poetic justice that someone serves them up a nice, steaming bowl of STFU once in a while, and then backs it with such ironclad documentation. Bravo, BBB. I ❤ busted ninjas. 🙂


  2. Actually, I have no idea what ever happened to Jayboi or Slevanna. I don’t have them on my friends lists, and I am no longer in Legatum.

    I had heard a rumor that Slevanna came back, stealth /gquit Legatum, and joined the same guild Jayboi had moved to… but it is just that. A rumor. I have no idea. Sorry, Tim.


  3. Wulfa, if I remember correctly, Occulus was telling us in guild chat about all the torrent of information that Thesphinx was unloading on him in whispers.

    And when Occ told us that Thesphinx was admitting everything in these long, rambling whispers, I demanded screenshots.

    And Occulus told me his screenshot button wasn’t working. And he kept tellnig me that.

    Now, I believe, iirc, it was about at the point that Occ told us that Thesphinx had just admitted to doing Chess with Haruki that I told Occ, if he didn’t get me screenshots for my blog, I was going to hunt him down in real life, skin him, wear him, and name my cat Clarisse.

    Perhaps that may have come across as being a bit… strong.

    It’s okay, it’s Occ. He knows I love him.

    Boy, he’s lucky he got that screenshot function working, though.


  4. Hey, have I ever told anyone how much I love Warcraft Realms for looking up a characters guild and played history?

    “I wouldn’t know about that, I’ve only been in Green Dragonflight two months”… lol, Lava. Just lol.


  5. Not to be a wet blanket or anything… but as this thread shows:

    Thesphinx: Actually, it’s more that after a guild stopped working for me, rather than leaving I would just sit around and try to do things the way I intended and hope things worked out. Pretty stupid idea, I know, but that was two years ago and I was just 13 so not quite the brightest. Either way, it’s a good way to start on how unfair guilds are.

    You’re in an internet fight with a 15 year old. ^_^


  6. Doodle, this wasn’t a fight.

    This was me clubbing a baby seal.

    Well, okay, no, it wasn’t really like that, because baby seals are cute and innocent looking with those big brown eyes… and I think it would be hard for anyone to feel pity for Thesphinx when the club comes swinging down.

    Hey, when he admitted it and gloated to Jopps last year, we all wondered wtf… it’s not the kind of behavior you’re naturally cunning, amoral ninja would do.

    But here ya go. His own words. And whatever else he may have done, he has outted Haruki/Ikurah/Wewillfearyou right along with himself.

    So, yeah… it doesn’t take skill to beat down a 15 year old, but there is so much joy in knowing that some people have NO IDEA that the evil that men do, lives on and on……… (cue the Iron Maiden!)


  7. I need to remember to add Thesphinx and all of Ikurah’s alts to my friends list, with comment fields filled out, so if they do a server transfer/paid name change I’ll know.


  8. You know you can report someone to a GM if they whisper you on an alt after you’ve ignored them, right? They’ll get a temporary ban, too. (I know because it happened to an old guildie once…in the middle of a raid.)


  9. @ kapolani, I don’t think he knew that until reciently .. but even still, he tried to walk to way several times and they kept coming … It doesn’t matter if they are 15 or 30, if someone keeps pushing, they are going to get what they are asking for. He wanted proof …

    If nothing else this “child” hopefully learned a lesson about cheating and lying, esp when there is proof out there somewhere that you did it.


  10. Heather, I didn’t know that…

    But now that I know it, I still don’t think I would’ve done it. I can’t think of the last time I opened a ticket on anything. I just don’t ever think of going to complain, I guess. After all, /ignore does work… eventually. 🙂

    Hey Kapolani… thanks for sharing.

    Personally, I find the idea that you should treat people differently based on anything other than how they express their ideas as being… well, prejudiced.

    In a social setting, which is what WoW is, I don’t really think anything about you should color my opinion of you, or how I treat you, except what you actually say and do in the game. Changing my attitude towards you in the game based on your color, age, sex, sexual preference or religion… these things have no bearing on how valid your ideas are, how you share your ideas, and how you act towards others in the game.

    If I encounter someone in the game, someone who is a guild leader of a fairly large guild that has been around for a while, and they seem to articulate their ideas with well-spelled, complete sentences… well, why would I assume they are 15? And if I find out later that they claim to be 15… why would I think that makes them immune from taking responsiblity for their own actions, or from suffering the consequences of their own activities?

    I’m not sure what you’re previous experiences with 15 year olds may be, but I have met several players in the game that have later revealed they were 15 years of age or younger… and who never acted in any way emotionally immature.

    You may feel that someone deserves special treatment in teh game, and special forgiveness for their attitudes and activities towards others based on age. I do not. I think that if you step up to the table and deal yourself into the game, you should be treated as an equal player, period.

    This is about calling out someone who is a guild leader who has persistently lied about their in-game activites that have been detrimental to the enjoyment of the game by others. And about the repeated statements of his guildies that ‘screenshot or it didn’t happen.’

    lavabird asked me for screenshots. Repeatedly. And I am too damn patient with people I believe to genuinely care, to just dump them, which is why I waited for 45 minutes of whispers before finally saying “enough”.

    So, now they have screenshots. Nice, fresh, steaming screenshots.

    And this whole thing no longer became a waste of my time, once I realized that this is, in some ways, comedy gold. All the little Dawson’s Creek drama, the little intrigues, the Haruki/Ikurah thing from last week, and then them being torpedoed by Thesphinx last night out of the blue… this whole thing is amusing me no end.


  11. Basically, if you ignore someone and they continue to whisper you on alts, it’s considered harassment.

    But I agree. Much fodder for amusement since you didn’t keep just ignoring them. 🙂


  12. Where the heck are my comments going? I just replyed to kapolani and now kap’s comments are gone!

    okay, great. now I have to go figure out whats up…


  13. B^3

    I still don’t understand what the big deal is.


    So someone used your kara ID back in the day.

    So you’re upset.

    That’s the thing. You’re upset over a video game. It’s not real life. It’s not like you can’t go back and have a redo.

    I’ve been on runs where someone ninja’d an item – whatever. Call the person an ass and move on.

    Nothing good comes from harping on bad experiences in the past. Well, I take that back – you can learn from the past and try to prevent the problem from happening again. But, again it’s a game. It wasn’t something that affected you in IRL. Real life is where things matter. RL doesn’t reside on some hard drive in some room,

    Some people get so consumed by this game that they forget – IT’S A GAME.


  14. He says as much (Though much more succinct) in his post, but the thing is, if someone does something once, they may do it again.

    Now, do you want the confirmed ninja running with you, or would you rather have a person you trust with you?

    It’s just good business to be with people you trust, and hopefully won’t stab you in the back. 😛

    Besides, this is freaking hilarious.


  15. Kapolani,

    Yes ninja’ing a chest or loot in a game doesn’t really hurt anybody. Yes its just a game. But I don’t think BBB is upset over the loot.

    How you play in game and how you treat people is a reflection of your personallity. If you are calculating to screw people over in game by ninja’ing loot that people work hard to get at the time. It might mean that you will be more than likely to screw somebody over IRL for your own personal benefit.

    And don’t forget the continuous lies and manipulations to cover up the lies, does that not speak volume? Your action IRL or in game is a reflection of your morality scale, so does screwing a person over in a game make it OK? Or purposely not repaying a loan OK? Same stuff different color.


  16. @Carrin

    I understand the gist of his argument.

    He’s not “running” around with the ninja anymore so your above comment is invalid.

    I wholeheartedly agree. IRL – it’s good business to run with those you trust.

    In a video game you can avert the above type of behavior by running with guildies that you have played with for a while – that’s true.

    But getting upset to the point that you have to write a novel detailing it is a little over the top.

    At the end of the day – you still have your wife/husband/partner – your kids – and your health.

    All the stuff in video games should be left in the video game…

    I remember a post a while ago where b^3 and his wife were struggling with running raids etc. I posted then exactly the same way I am now.

    When the game becomes a chore and it affects your RL – it’s time for you to quit.


  17. Kapo, this is a blog about the game. BBB has a fun tendency to write about things at length. At no point do I detect a critical imbalance that suggests that the game has become a chore to BBB. This is a tale of a ninja stepping in his own erm… spoor… and getting called on it. I’m not sure where you’re coming from, going critical on BBB for something that isn’t there.


  18. About 8 Months ago Itok was without a guild. I found myself running through the streets of Ogr when I get a random Guild Invite. I was tired of playing alone, so I accepted. At first all was well my GM “Mr. White” was pretty cool and very friendly. However, we did have “Mr. Blonde” who while seemed to fit in, but had a bit of an edge to him. And by edge I mean an immature streak.

    I was soon promoted to Officer Status which made Mr. Blonde angry. He was in the guild a lot longer than I was. One day I log on to a bunch of people freaking out. Mr. White had made some comments towards Mr. Blonde. So Mr. Blonde convinced a fairly large amount of the guild to join him in leaving and forming another guild.

    Mr. White then wanted to make Itok the GM of this guild. I was honored and wanted to try and pull things together. However, the lead was passed to Mr. Orange the only 70 in the guild who was supposed to pass the lead to Itok in Mr. White’s absence. I whispered Mr. Orange a couple of times to see if that was the truth or a rumor, no response.

    It was decided amongst the officers that we were going to make our own guild. Once this went down Mr. Blonde wanted us to join his Guild. I politely said no that we were happy with what we had at the moment. Then he wanted to join our Guild and assumed that since I was GM he would get in directly. I told him we had to vote on it, this sent him through the roof. He whispered me till I blocked him, blocked his alts, then blocked his friends.

    Fast forward a year I am in a Raiding guild with a bunch of older guys and gals. Struggling to make sure I am doing my best to OT or DPS if needed. When all of a sudden I see, “Mr. White has joined the Guild”. I speak with him as an old friend and it goes well for a while until he is talking so much trash in Guild Chat that I feel like I am in the Barrens, Shortly after he gets booted from the guild. A week later I see “Mr Blonde has joined the guild”.

    This is when I think to myself, did I somehow find my way into a Delorean that runs on plutonium. Do I speak out and let people know that these toons are only going to waste our time, or do I sit back and enjoy the show. Well looks like its time to make some popcorn.



  19. See it’s funny, because I’ve been reading this blog since around when that happened, and IIRC when you guys filed a ticket about the raid ID ninja the response from Bliz was basically “tough bloody luck.”

    So imagine my surprise when I saw this post in my RSS feed, with the hysterical recap of that amazing and astounding situation, right next to another one:

    That’s right: Raid ID stolen? Blizzard says REPORT IT!

    I think in politics you call that a flip-flop. (Not that it isn’t smart for Blizzard to change their policy on that, but it sure took them a while to figure that one out)


  20. @kapo-

    While everyone (including B^3) will completely agree with you that dwelling on this excessively would be a pointless waste of time, you have forgotten a critical fact.

    The heart of the matter, and the motivation behind this post, is that B^3 is a storyteller. Telling stories is the oldest form of entertainment, and B^3 is a devotee of the craft. But he’s not just a storyteller- he’s a compulsive storyteller. When something so completely hilarious, confounding, or intriguing as this situations happens to the man, I can only imagine the itching in his fingertips, the way the words just form up in his head…maybe he can practically see the way the entire post will be written by the time he actually sits down at his keyboard.

    So it’s not that he’s dwelling excessively or fuming so much that he’s letting some weaselly teenager ruin his emotional balance. He’s simply sharing a completely shit-eating hilarious story with his community, which happens to be a story that many of us BBB readers and Kael’thas-ites followed pretty closely while it was happening. Look at the consequences of that initial post- 9 months later people still think NINJA whenever Green Dragonflight comes up in public chat.

    It’s not that BBB has a problem with letting this go. The problem is that when something like this happens to him, the man can’t help but write about it, and he’s lucky enough that he has a community of people who are genuinely interested in reading what he has to say. So just like a tribal shaman sitting around a campfire thousands of years ago telling tales of the moon eating the sun to his primitive tribe, He of the Butt is regaling us with his craft so that we can be entertained and the writing demon that lives on his shoulder can be put to rest for another few hours.


  21. Karellan… can I hire you as my Public Relations consultant?

    You get one bearbuck for every time you can convince people my writing is somehow hearkening back to a more primal time, and evoking images of a craftsman at work.


  22. BTW Karellan, in case that didn’t get throgh… but damn, that comment, while embarrassingly flattering, was damn cool. You got a serious gift.


  23. You know… I just want to take a minute to point out that he got a Girdle of Treachery from the chest. Most suitable drop. Evar.


  24. Very Juicy!

    B^3 you are to be commended on your masterful handling of this ridiculous drama and your artful telling of it, I am now officially a fan of your blog.

    Also @ Kapo, there was a disclaimer somewhere in there about passing on all this if you don’t like drama etc. if you had read it all you might have seen that.

    My favorite part: “Or the fact, excuse me for dragging this out, that by the facts of the case as documented on my blog… Legatum group 2 had killed Curator on Saturday night… and on Sunday night when Legatum Group 2 went in, Chess was already done.”



  25. @Karellen

    “He of the Butt is regaling us with his craft ”

    So, what are the stats for ‘of the Butt’??

    +250 to Wordcount
    Increase paragraph crit by 20
    Increase storytelling by 42

    Great story B^3!


  26. Lolerpost – Each post has a 40% of being hilarious
    Tank with my FACE – Immunity to flaming ninja noobs
    B^3 – Awesomeness + 90%
    omgnowai – He can write AND tank!

    Another pure win story 🙂


  27. I don’t think it’s fair to use age as your defense. Is he saying that he didn’t learn the basic rules of decent human interaction until he was 15? Sounds more like a plea to be let off the hook to me. A person is fully capable of living independently of their parents at 15.


  28. Sorry for the double post, but I’ve been reading for a few months now, and I have to say, this is my favorite wow blog (even above Wow Insider.) You are a skilled writer John and you always entertain.


  29. Do you remember being a freshmen in High School? Do you remember how certain things took on a silly stupid amount of importance? Sure, you were old enough to act like an adult some of the time, but that doesn’t mean you have the world experience to act that way ALL of the time. Every 15 year-old in the world will say and do stupid things. That’s part of how we gain our life experiences. A 15 year old adolescent is part child, part adult – so it is entirely unfair to hold them to the same standards you would hold someone older. It’s the difference between thinking they should know better and KNOWING that they know better.

    Anonymity makes online worlds a funny place. Many of us would not willingly spend large amounts of leisure time with someone that age if it weren’t for the context of the game. And for that exact reason – I don’t want to play with 15 year olds because, well – sometimes they are going to act like a 15 year old. It doesn’t excuse the behavior, but as the adult in the situation I would like to think that I can exercise common sense and not lower myself to the High School mentality.

    I feel a different emotion when I see young adolescents in this situation, particularly when it backfires. Pity. Not because they are 15, but because I remember what it felt to be an insecure 15 year old who built up false expectations about what is important in life. I pity them because of all the stupid stuff they think is important that really isn’t.

    I thought the story was funny up until the point at which I read that he was 15. At that point I thought – Oh, well that explains it. And I felt pity. It does not excuse it, but it explains it. So while warning people away from playing with a 15 year old is warranted, mocking him on the internet is not.

    It’s not prejudiced to treat a child as a child or an adolescent as an adolescent. It’s very noble to try and treat people based solely on how they express their ideas, but that lacks one very important element: Context. We often forgive the grieving widow her harsh words because we know that she is in pain. We use context to interpret the expressed ideas. At times we may put more weight to the words and at other times we should put less. When nasty things are said, it doesn’t excuse them but sometimes context can explain them.


  30. People can defend him all they want, you’re more than welcome to whatever interpretation you care for.

    I have delighted in posting this.


    Because the very next time someone from his guild, who has been in his guild now for almost two stinking years, has the brass balls to tell me I’m a liar and demand that I come up with proof about an event that Thesphinx has been denying happened since he did it last Thanksgiving, gets in my face to tell me that Thesphinx is the kindest sweetest smartest most awesome GM in history, and proceeds to NOT DROP IT but continue to bother me on whispers non stop for 45 minutes when I am trying to play….

    I can link this one post, and say, “Shut The Fuck Up”.

    THAT is where this came from. It’s been forever since this shit happened, I had forgotten these people even existed. I had to ask Ikurah what the hell he was talking about, and who the hell he was.

    From the way some of you talk, you’d think I walked around dwelling on this shit all day every day, dreaming of ways to get even or tank on these bozos.

    Here is a tip; If ya’ll don’t bring none, there won’t be none.

    If you screwed up or played the ninja card, don’t go trying to convince other people it didn’t happen. Just shut up, and ignore the people that remind others of the truth. Either that, or try to make things right. Lying to hide your own screwups ain’t a sign of integrity or maturity.

    But once you bring it home, and try and redeem your image by telling everyone that it never ever happened? Yeah, don’t go whining to me if you can’t take what happens next.

    It’s been almost a year. So, he’s getting closer to 16 all the time… and still the GM of this guild, which assumes that people still love his ass and trust him.

    Here’s an idea… admit your past mistakes, ask forgiveness (and not from me, damn it, you never screwed me, you screwed Legatum and now tried to tarnish Joppers image, go talk to them), and determine on your own to go forth and do the right thing from now on.

    Try it, it might work. the worst that will happen, is you might start to take a few steps towards growing up.

    Making a mistake is one thing, everybody can have a lapse in judgment. But fighting the consequences tooth and nail for 9 months is bullshit, and getting others in your guild to fight your fights for you is bullshit.

    As Denis Leary once said… “Life sucks. Get a helmet.”


  31. Any thought that “Lavacake” is “Thestinker”s alt? Is there any way to identify toons as being on the same account?


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