I can haz t-shirts?


Yes, you can haz t-shirts!

It has taken me a while, and I apologize, but I wanted it done right the first time, and I am slow….

But the button on the sidebar that says ‘Cafepress’?

That button takes you to my store page on my website, that has each image that is available on a shirt, and clicking the image will take you to the correct store.

If you go look, you will see that both of Kody’s winning contest images, Neo Geens’ awesome ferocious bear, the beautiful image Andrige did for me and the original, proud, 100% Feral image Nightravyn created for me are all represented.

I actually already have the Andrige and 100% Feral t-shirts, in black of course, and wear them all the time.

Cynra‘s image is coming, but it’s not quite ready yet. The image is in .jpg, and I need a version with a transparent background or else dark shirts get a big white square on them when printed. But it’s coming!

I am quite proud of figuring all that stuffs out on my own.

Oh, and did you happen to notice, the images are centered? And side by side? With text where I placed it?

You guys ROCK, your advice helped Cassie fix my theme! I can haz images on the blog now, too!

Oh wait… now I gotta go get images for my posts. Oh, nuts.

10 thoughts on “I can haz t-shirts?

  1. @BBB – I just thought those were his ears, sorry. My eyesight is swollen from tanking for the Kara key quest chain last night!

    @Andrige – I love that picture! I would love to have that on a shirt!


  2. @Ylee: I haz planz on makings a t-ShiRt stoar sum7ime so it mite not b imposibl fur tuaren kidn of bare 2 hapen.

    Just check out my name-linkage on the top of the comment for a lineart I did some time ago. Hopefully it’s decent enough to have on a T-shirt if I get around to colour it.
    But that’s for later :p


  3. Hey … only checked it out on a few colours, but if you “view larger” there are some guys modelling your shirts .. only they appear to have them on backwards! (well, there’s no pic on the front, anyhoo …) *grins*


  4. Whee! It’s good to see those designs up and running.

    *makes note to do some BBB art for future consideration*

    Oh, and I have m’self a blog now. Maybe I can keep my long-windedness a bit more contained. At the very least, I can try to stay on-topic when I post around here…


  5. Oooooh, nice BBB! Can’t wait for Cynra’s image to be ready… my credit card is just about jumping out of my wallet at the thought of it! … Of course, that isn’t to say the others aren’t nice, I just like my shirts a bit girly and fun 😀


  6. Whatcha call the second, darker Kody bear image? The one with, like… horns?

    Hey, that ain’t no kiddy bear, that bad mamma jamma done gots horns!


  7. You can’t? On what? Is it something that’s available on one, but not on another?

    I have every option for clothes, except the embroidered stuff. I don’t think I missed anything.

    And I don’t know if the image should go on the front side, or on the back on things like zip ups. Putting two images on cost a lot more, it’s silly.

    If I can help, let me know.

    Me, I am surprised how neat the bags look. I can’t decide which image I want on the courier bag. I’ll use it as a book bag for the library.


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