Onyxia, we got our eye on you!

That’s right. The Sidhe Devils are planning on starting on our raid progression!

Our first Raid on the progression list?

We are taking on Onyxia!

We are hoping that, by taking on the great black dragon and slaying her, we will show the rest of our server EXACTLY how determined we are to raid!

So, this next week will see us get more folks through the joys of Marshall Windsor and UBRS… and then next Saturday… oh yeah, that big old dragon, she be going DOWN, man!

Ahh… more DoTs! More DoTs!

12 thoughts on “Onyxia, we got our eye on you!

  1. She’s actually a pretty good farm! I think everyone gets 20g from her… well, at least we did when we ran it with 8 people. Fun fight and quick too! Good luck.

    btw, I 2-manned the whole first part of the attunement, myself as my fluffy druid self along with a char-broiled fire mage (mages help for their port, speeds things up lots… you do have to kill world dragons on alliance side right?)

    Anyway, the last part, at least for horde, when we had to go kill Drakkisath we needed 4 people, me, a warrior, a priest, and that mage. The priest, the mage, and I were all able to take UBRS on ourselves, but the last room for the general we really needed that extra hand.


  2. Man, I would love to do some Onyxia. The problem is, that would require forty attuned people… and I completely ignored the attunement quest when I was leveling. Guess I should work on that.


  3. I just made a character on your server this morning… Just something to do for fun when I get bored/annoyed with my current raid group. 😛

    I hope to be able to come with you guys on fun things like this in the future!


  4. BBB

    You are gonna have some fun with Ony. Myself (tanking in dps gear) and a healer actually managed to 2 man her a few weeks ago and boy did it bring back memories of the old days and 40 mans. Took forever to 2 man her (I think I used like 5 or 6 innervates hehe) but she has lots of goodies in her gullet that made it fun. It makes you feel so powerful when you remember how she used to destroy half a raid group 🙂


  5. WoWwiki sez ya needs be season 50 or better to go to Onyxia’s, so I’s afraid Pali and Feral won’t be able ta make the shindig. Is too bad, but you’s gonna haveta figger out how ta manage without thems.


  6. And yes, Rainnajax is dead on… this is not a ‘only our 70s can do it’ raid.

    You’d best have a handful of 70’s, notably healers and tank, but any of your level 60+ can join in the fun too!

    And as far as I know, the attunement chain, quests and instances can be done by people no mroe than level 54+… I’m nto asying a level 54 can survive the various damage Ony will put out, I’m just saying you don’t need to feel as limited as to who gets to go have fun.

    I am hoping to get my Shadow Priest attuned, so maybe we can have Phinnigan the 62 warrior tank have the fun of tanking Onyxia.

    If Phinnigan can’t get attuned in time, well, Windshadow IS attuned with Drakefire Amulet in tow, so no worries.


  7. Lol, Ony is *still* the most involved attunement questline in the game…imo. Yes, there very much is one. So don’t throw out that Drakefire Amulet. Ony is still a great way for 5 of your good friends to make a bit of gold for not much work and a lot of fun!


  8. There is no attunement for for Onyxia anymore is there? I think it would be great to venture back into Ony’s layer! 🙂 Minus 50 Dkp!


  9. My guild started raiding Kara back in January. We have continued every weekend with Kara and have ventured into ZA (but not past the first four bosses and most often not past the first two), so in an attempt to get some of our up and comers trained to raid and how we do things, we started doing Old World raids for fun. One of our blacksmiths has been working on Thunderfury, so we started doing MC every other week and have now put ZG in the weeks we don’t do MC. We are getting everyone attuned to Ony (took me 9 1/2 hours for Ony attunement straight through from start to finish). It has been fun and an excellent way to give players a chance to see what raiding is like and whether or not it is something they want to pursue in game and it allows some of our 60+ folks to join the party. We are hitting MC tonite and will be attempting to take down Domo and Rag for the second time – Woot!

    Break a leg guys! (or should I say Tank with your Face!) the Old World raids are a lot of fun and not quite so much pressure as Kara and ZA.



  10. Ha ha! Great Bears think alike! I am on the same path friend. I had posted this morning on our site for this very same deal. I had noticed it was one of the upcoming achievements and said to myself, you never did kill her you silly bear. So it sounded like a great event to do and break the kara farm. Good Luck on your run BBB!


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