Some can haz a second chance at Blizzcon

As most of you know by now, I’m sure, when Blizzcon tickets went on sale, there were a lot of problems.

My two good friends, Doodlebug and Eustacious, are pretty crushed. They are friends that are doing The Road to Blizzcon comic, and were actually going to meet together in real life and go to Blizzcon together.

Doodlebug got his ticket… Eustacious was online at the same time as Doodle, both were talking to each other, cheering each other on… Eustacious had his tickets too, but once he got to the actual ‘pay and place your order’ screen, they were sold out.

On the official World of Warcraft site, Mike Morhaime has made an announcement about the problems people had with the Blizzcon tickets.

Blizzard Gamers,

On behalf of everyone at Blizzard, I want to apologize for the challenges and frustrations you experienced while trying to purchase BlizzCon tickets on Monday and Tuesday. BlizzCon is about the positive experiences you all have had with Blizzard games. As a result of this week’s events, the excitement that many of you felt about the show has turned into dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Due to these circumstances, we’ve reevaluated our convention hall space and come up with some solutions that will allow us to offer 3,000 more tickets for sale. We know this will not be enough to satisfy the very high level of demand for tickets this year, but we want to ensure that BlizzCon remains a great experience for those of you who are able to attend. To avoid the issues many of you faced this week, we’ll be selling these 3,000 via a lottery. We’ll post further details once our plans are finalized. Please note that the lottery will only be open to those with an active Blizzard Account as of 9:00 PM PDT on August 12, the time that the “Sold Out” notice was posted.

I, and everyone else at Blizzard, share the frustration and disappointment that many of you have expressed as a result of this process. We’ll do what it takes to avoid this type of situation in the future.

Mike Morhaime

May I say, from the depths of my heart, that I hope that everyone that I know, and everyone that visits here, who truly wanted tickets to Blizzcon gets lucky on the lottery.

Sadly, someone has to lose, so let it be all those faceless strangers that aren’t wise enough to read my site.

For myself, there shall be no Blizzcon.

Cassie and I talked about it, and we agreed that if we’d discussed it 9 months ago, and made plans to have it be part of our families’ week long summer vacation, then we might have been able to swing it. Having to buy a $100 ticket for our son Alex would have been stupid, but okay. We could have done it. But we didn’t.

Maybe next year.

For myself, I’ve got a friend with Direct TV.

I’ve already talked to him, and I’m gonna give him the $40 for the Pay Per View of the Blizzcon, and he’s gonna Tivo it for me and give me the code for the polar bear mount with the murloc hat.

Then he’s gonna make me some tapes of the 16 hours of Blizzcon off of Tivo, and I’ll be able to watch it in the comfort of my own home.


Is it the same as being there?

No, but this way I can drink lots of Guinness and shout insults at the screen as they announce lies about my Druid getting Dire Cat form.

Good times, good times….


8 thoughts on “Some can haz a second chance at Blizzcon

  1. No doubt–I too am a DirecTV subscriber–and would love to get my hands on some swag just for getting a Pay-Per-View? Hrmm…will look suspiscious on the bill, but not as bad as Blood Elf Hunteresses XII.


  2. Question for ya 3B? 🙂

    Will us souls who live outside of the USA (Scotland FTW!!!!!) be able to partake of this offer? Is it on States TV only or can you watch it over the internet?

    I’d love to kick back with some Jack Daniels and Coke and watch Blizzcon from the comfort of my Sofa.

    Any info would greatly appreciated (Good Karma points included:))

    Kind Regards,



  3. B^3, when I hear about our Dire Cat form, I’ll share it w/ you here. Yes, I am going to Blizzcon this year, went to last years and got my swag bag. I actually gave the murloc constume to a good friend as a B-day gift. Lookig forward to my mount. A cow riding a bear…interesting.


  4. I’ve been to SIGGraph twice, which pretty much burned me on conventions. Still, I’d enter the lottery if I thought I could give Eust my ticket, in the event of a lucky win. Apparently, tickets are pretty much non-transferable, which is nice to combat scalping, but a kick in the groin for gifting purposes.


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