Fun on vacation!

We had a good time on vacation, but I think we’re all glad to be back.

There was one cute little thing that happened, that I wanted to share real quick.

We had a nice hotel room, it wasn’t a fancy suite or anything, it was one room, but it had a king size bed, a ‘transformer’ couch (that turned into a bed; Alex was very excited at sleeping in a transformer bed that masquerades as a couch), and in the same room, a jacuzzi whirlpool bath.

We don’t have a jacuzzi at home, of course, so this is a new experience for Alex. He was quite excited at taking a bath in the big tub that makes the bubbles.

So our very first night, after going out to the indoor pool so Alex could swim and slide until the place closed, we started the tub filling with water, with Alex cavorting around in the tub, splashing waterย and wanting us to start the jets.

As soon as the water filled over the jet outlets, we told him we were gonna start it, so to be ready for lots of bubbles. And I hit the button.

Alex got nailed from every direction by high force jets of water, and water exploded throughout the single room, spraying every surface.

Cassie and I lunged for the shutoff button, getting drenched in the process.

Fortunately we were still in our suits.

It turns out that the last people using the tub had angled all the jets to point straight up, as far as possible.

And had cranked the power controls to max.

So when we hit the button, the jets sprayed water clear across the room, soaking the bedding on both beds, and hitting the sliding glass door on the far side.

Alex, fortunately, enjoyed the spraying.

We had a bit less fun trying to sleep, as the replacement linen we got from the front desk was for a single, not a king… and the pillow cassie brought to sleep on was also soaked good. Boy, it was cold with Cassie hogging all the covers!

But, it was certainly an exciting moment of surprises and adventure!

I hadn’t seen on the brochure that the hotel was so exciting, they brought the waterpark right into your very room! Woot!

Now that’s entertainment!


9 thoughts on “Fun on vacation!

  1. ROFL … oh my gosh, that’s awesome ….. I can just imagine how cool Alex thought that was ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad you guys had fun, glad you’re back. Sidhe Devils just ain’t the same without the 3B’s.


  2. BBB thats awsome that you went to the dells on vacation, i live rather close to there and have gone many a time, if you dont mind me asking what was the name of the hotel you stayed at.


  3. We stayed at the Wintergreen… and I’ll let Cassie talk about how she liked it…

    since she doesn’t talk here all that much. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. As BBB said, we stayed at the Wintergreen Resort. It’s one of the smaller ones on the newest part of town. It’s really designed mostly for families with small children. Alex was thrilled with the “big” slide inside (and I have to say it was pretty fun too for a no-longer adventurous adult), but your average 8+ year old would probably have been very bored.

    Alex is just starting to get a bit more adventurous now, but definitely isn’t ready for the mega slides at places like Great Wolf or Chula Vista, etc (and our wallet isn’t either!). So after I looked at like every hotel website in the Dells, we decided to try the Wintergreen this time (we’ve done the Polynesian and Atlantis previously).

    Overall, it was a great place. The inside park was small, but big enough to keep Alex busy and the outdoor pools were good (although the main kid one was arctic in temperature even with it being in the high 80s outside and had to be avoided). It was disappointing that the outside main slide was closed the entire weekend (although I have my doubts that Alex would have braved it anyway). But the other pools and multiple hot tubs were great. The room was very nice for the price, the hotel was quiet at night, and the staff was friendly. Plus it was never super crowded – at peak play time, there were maybe 10 other kids and their families around.

    We also played our first mini-golf game with Alex (who got a hole in one on 4 or 5 holes!), bowled a cosmic bowling game at Knuckleheads, ate out at several good buffets (Ponderosa and Pizza Pub), and got a slight tan, and didn’t do ANY work or any WOW all weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    So all in all, a good weekend away!



  5. Ya ive heard of wintergreen never stayed there, but thats awsome. Mini golf in the dells is always a good time, I to would recommend Pirates Cove to any one in the area thats lookin for some miniture fun. If the “Dells” read this they would have to give us some sort of free hotel we sound like a travel guide. (lol)

    Glad you guys had a fun time, and when the little one is a little less little all I have to say are go karts.



  6. We did the two seat go-kart at Knuckleheads, and Alex had a great time… but he wanted to drive by himself immediately afterwards, and they ahve a 10 year old rule. So that was dissapointing for him.

    I would like to take him to a go kart place somewhere that he can try… he has one of those Jeeps that runs off batteries, that he rips around our backyard on. He loves that… I think he’d enjoy racing daddy.

    And yes, he did get a lot of holes-in-one at the mini-golf. It was awesome.


  7. Does that mean the maid that cleaned the tub (after the last visitors) left it that way as a prank or..did the maid not clean it and the previous visitors did it?
    (Things we don’t wanna know, lol)
    Welcome back and am glad you all had a good time! ๐Ÿ™‚


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