I want my Hunter to be a biker chick

I’ve mentioned my plans to mess around with Professions before WotLK comes out.

One thing that makes it easier for me to think about dropping Engineering on my Druid and taking it on my Hunter, is that there are only a handful of recipes that are drops to worry about. I don’t have that many to try and replace.

Plus, the things that Engineering gives a Druid? Not so useful.

But for a Hunter? Pretty awesome.

Engineering gives you the ability to make Jumper Cables that can rez others. With Feign Death, a Hunter can realistically have a chance to drop a Freezing Trap, run like heck, then Feign Death and survive a wipe. With Jumper Cables, the Hunter might be able to then rez a Healer that can bring the rest of the group back up.

I’ve seen it work. Really! Sometimes, anyway.

Hey, even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while. Jumper cables work… sometimes. I think.

With a Druid, if he survives, he can rez anyway. In WotLK, there will be unlimited non-combat ressurection, so even less need for a Druid with Jumper Cables.

There are the teleports. I love having the teleport to Gadgetzan, but realistically, Druids can Teleport directly to Moonglade whenever they like. It’s a long flight to Gadgetzan from Moonglade, sure, but hey. It’s cool.

Having a Teleport to Gadgetzan for my Hunter would be pure fun. 

An Engineer can make a very cool mechanized Gyrocopter.

On my Druid, I use Swift Flight Form ONLY. So, I made my Gyrocopter, but it’s in the bank. Kind of sad. And for a land mount, I have my awesome Birdie from Sethekk Halls.

But in WotLK, not only will my Hunter be able to make the Gyrocopter, but it has been confirmed that there is a new Engineering spell called ‘The Hog’, where you will be able to craft and have a motorcycle with passenger-carrying sidecar.

Okay, are you serious? Really?

C’mon… a motorcycle?

I have a vision, my friends. I have a vision of a group of bad ass biker chicks, wearing cool outfits, roaring across the land.

My hunter has the eyepatch already, and I NEED, not want but need a leather jacket craftable by Leatherworkers that displays your Tabard insignia on the back.

Black. With silver chains and spikes.

I’d make sure our guild logo was a bunny faster than you could imagine.


I know that Warhammer 40k, the tabletop miniature version anyway, had the Orc race have those options, because I had biker Orcs with the full leather jacket/spiky helmet. So I doubt WoW will go that direction, and we probably won’t get Leatherworker leather jackets, biker boots, or any of the other fun stuff.

And it wouldn’t really fit with the WoW theme anyway, no matter how much I’d like it.

But I can haz motorcycles… and big guns.. and teleports, and scopes and jumper cables and the chicken gun. And repair bots. And ammo.

Yep, my only thought now is, I need to switch to Engineering fast so I can level it up and get into Karazhan so I can get that Scope recipe off Attumen before I drop it from Windshadow.

How do you folks feel about the motorcycle?

Do you feel like I do, and want to make a biker gang, or do you think that this is just another thing you wish they didn’t do to ruin the fantasy feel of the game?

I have to admit, I have seen folks say they hope to see Northrend bring a return to the fantasy roots of Warcraft, because the Outlands to some extent brought us too much sci-fi.

I can appreciate that point of view. I just want my biker gang!

I just wonder, where in Azeroth will I decide to place the setting for the first Sturgis Biker Rally.

My first thought would be to hold the First Annual Sturgis Bike Rally at Gadgetzan. It’s good for both factions, you can get drunk on Nogginfogger and brawl in the PvP arena no matter what your faction, and then head north across the hills (the Black Hills?) to race at the gnome’s speedway.

Oh, I am so there.

Melpo, it may not go live, but for now it is posted in the Wotlkwiki.info site and on Wowheads’ WotLK info database… so I’m going to accept it as real. For now. Subject to revisionistic meanies.


19 thoughts on “I want my Hunter to be a biker chick

  1. I agree….hopefully this goes live. I’m just hoping it’s not confined to the Wintergrasp zone as a piece of the PvP zone. It would be neat if this was an engineering mount, though I think that piece is speculation.

    I think it’s in the game, but we just haven’t seen it yet.


  2. I like the idea of the “hog” but I love the idea of leather jackets with guild insignia on the back!

    BTW, my guild on Khaz’goroth is called “Bunnies From Hell” and our insignia is the bunny head (red on black).


  3. Man, starting to feel like when FF went all lasers and sci-fi, which I love, but not in my fantasy games. Sorry, but a deep sigh from me.


  4. I’m fairly sure that the idea that Warcraft is a fantasy universe was chucked out the window when dwarves were flying around on steam powered helicopters shooting missiles.

    This here WoW is steampunk.

    I, for one, will happily rev my hog for the ladies.


  5. I thought that I heard that the bikes were datamined, and will only be available for use in Wintergrasp PvP….did someone hear otherwise?

    If so, I have a rogue that finally hit max engineering that would love to ride on one.


  6. I used the guide at tentonhammer to power-level Engineering a couple weeks ago, almost as soon as this hunter hit 70. I went from 1 to 359 in two days and it cost me about 1300g which I thought was quite reasonable – that’s less than the price of one good BoP epic. I’m still missing a lot of the useful recipes, but I have my goggles, copter, and mote extractor (which has more than paid for itself already).

    Lan is far too stylish an elf ever to ride an ugly smelly wyvern so it was almost a must 😉

    Definitely looking forward to the bikes. Not your kind of fantasy? meh, it’s been part of the world’s style right from the beginning. More so on the Alliance side of course, with the dwarves building all manner of siege engines and even aircraft, and the gnomes doing the same thing but in a weirder and more dangerous fashion.

    Oh, also second the idea of a LW or tailoring craftable tent!


  7. My Rogue will definitely make the Hog. She will definitely be a hawt Biker Chick.

    My Druid will be jealous. But he’s stuck with skinning and leatherworking. Ooh… maybe we can make a Teepee for portable resting! That’d be great!


  8. I can’t wait for the “Hog!!” My dwarf looks so much like a biker now it will fit him perfectly.

    Although my engineer is a Paladin, but I would so change my hunter over to an engineer if I could have Sapphire in the side car with goggles!! It will never happen but one can dream!


  9. The whole biker image doesn’t really appeal to me, but I’ll sure get a kick out of seeing people put together biker gangs. There’s just something surreal about that, and I find it funny.

    And I’ve gotta admit, if my pet could have goggles, I’d be totally on board.


  10. I’m “meh” about the motorcycle. It doesn’t really fit in with my personal idea of a fantasy universe but then again either does anything the goblins and gnomes do. Besides it’s not really my personal view that counts in any case.

    If roflcopters exist, motorcycles might as well exist too.


  11. Bah…I would craft the epic goggle with no stats just to be able to see them on a hunter’s pet…sitting in a side car. (on a side note I want to see hunter pets running around wearing armor).

    But yea…that would rock…can you just see…all the gnomes with engineering getting together and doing a “ride” from Gnomer to all the Major cities…to the outlands then to Northrend. that would be so cool.

    Yes…Minnieu will not spend the money to raise my engineering from 374 to 390 just to be ready for WOLK so I can get the Bike.


  12. Epic Win!

    You can count on Barrhona to join your Sturgis on his hog… even though he is not a hawt nelf chick… just the opposite actually…

    But still!


  13. Ohmigod… Blizz, get on that, STAT!!!

    I too want my pet to ride in the sidecar wearing goggles…

    And I would cry a river of tears of joy if my combat pet could ride in teh sidecar wearing goggles.

    I’ll be perfectly fine if yuo make me craft epic goggles that only my pet can wear…

    Omigod… what an idea. Craftable Engineering goggles for your pet to wear, that give your pet stats. Your pet wears the goggles, and can see invisible mobs near them. You could take over your pet kitty, go stealth and scout out an area in advance…

    Me want!


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