The other side of Star Wars

Since I was so mean to Star Wars earlier today, I thought I would show you the flip side, and reveal what I am excited about taht’s coming out soon.

When this game comes out, I assure you, my WoW playing will take a severe downswing for a while.

Oh yeah, come to papa. Me LIKE!


7 thoughts on “The other side of Star Wars

  1. I can’t follow the link because of work filters, but I’m going to assume you’re referring to SW: Force Unleashed.

    I want that game. I’ve been waiting for this game for months. Its original release date was April, I was disappointed when it got moved.

    I might buy one of the next gen consoles *just* to get to play that game.

    Yes, I’d spend hundreds of dollars so I can force grip stormtroopers and throw them off ledges. It never gets old.


  2. Heh, I thought that was the game you were referring to. If a PS3 wasn’t so blasted expensive, I’d be looking forward to it, too. As it is, I hear the PS2 version will be nerfed for the hardware, and my PC may be pretty underpowered, too.

    Still… it looks reallllly good. 😀


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