Dang it, I want adventure!

I feel like I’m totally in the blahs in the game right now.

I have lots of piddly little stuff I can do, but nothing that sounds exciting. Nothing thrilling.

Nothing to get that ‘oh my God the brakes are out’ feel of adrenaline flowing.

I think it’s a consequence of playing in brief periods of time.

If you have lots of time to play in one sitting, there is a feel that you can get involved in an instance run, or helping folks do a chain of quests, or something else big.

If I log in late, and only have a little while to play, then I know that I can’t do much that involves a lot of time… so like last night, I dropped out of the conversation and ran back and forth from the Great Anvil to the Engineering Trainer to the Auction House for an hour or so.

I swear it’s how I remember the game when I first started playing. If all you can do is sneak in an hour of play time here or there, do you start to feel overwhelmed by the depth of the game, since there is so much you know you can’t get to do in the time you have to play?

I hadn’t realized how much I’ve come to count on the few times we do Karazhan, or dart into Zul’Aman, to help me feel like I’m being active.

When I know that I’ll be playing a lot later in the week, I tend to play less the rest of the week to kind of balance it.

Take that day of Kara away, and suddenly I feel like I’m not playing much at all, and I feel out of the loop.

I log in and sit there, looking at the character select screen, wondering, “What the heck was I going to do, anyway?”

I don’t know how much of it is summertime, how much is a sense that with the expansion coming out soon, everything we know and do now is worthless or about to become totally obsolete, and how much is just crankiness.

I do know that I am NOT looking forward to all aspects of the expansion.

You study, work hard, learn everything you can about your class… and the encounters are designed to force you to do it to have a chance.

And then, once most people are well on top of things… it’s expansion time!

Yahoo! Time for every piece of gear you know about to be obsolete, every profession to now have different values and mysterious unknowns, new consumables to study, new talents to try and figure out to balance, new skills and spells to have to learn, new factions and quest chains to worry about not choosing the right reward for, and above all else, new prejudices to deal with as to whether your class will be desired in groups after the great expansion shakeup.

Are people going to want my Shadow Priest after the expansion if they nerf the utility of mana regen like it’s looking? Are Druids going to be welcome in parties at all anymore after Paladins and Warriors get Death Knights added to the mix?

After a while… I’m just starting to not really care. I was having fun the way things were… I didn’t really need to have 10 new levels come along to change everything I knew about the game.

Am I the only one that thinks that having ten more levels, and all the new gear and specs and talents and gear and profession levels and gear and reputation factions and gear will make things just that much more complicated? I might be cranky, but complicated isn’t sounding like a lot of fun right now.

I do want adventure. The new quests, zones and storylines will be very awesome, I can’t wait to get started and have fun.

But I’m serious when I say I am NOT looking forward to having to analyze all the damn gear, available from every damn instance drop, crafted profession, BoE auction house world drop, Badge reward, quest reward or faction reputation level that we can get at level 80 to figure out what the best tanking or DPS gear for Druids will be, all over again, in light of new talents and abilities.

Plus of course the best enchants, the best Inscriptions, the best gems, the best consumables, the best Idols, the best choices for gathering professions for our chosen role… oh lord, just trying to determine if the Herbalism HoT would be better for tanking than the flat Stamina buff from Mining? Or should you go for the Crit bonus from skinning if you want to DPS as well as tank? But wait, what about an extra Inscription slot? Or BoP Enchants, or BoP weapons or leatherworking armors? Or Engineered goggles?

No. No, I don’t look forward to doing it all over again. I’m tired of analyzing a game, I just want to have fun, and not have to think about the inevitable ‘you noob, didn’t you know to pick x reward or faction’ that will come three days after the expansion is out.

I wonder if Hello Kitty Island Adventure is starting soon. I might switch games. It sounds more my speed.


39 thoughts on “Dang it, I want adventure!

  1. I dunno. I enjoy theorycrafting and I love the numbers side of World of Warcraft; I’m one of those people who sit down with spreadsheets and plan ahead the gear and talents that will help me maximize my performance in game. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m an engineer, but I find the whole thing very interesting and fun.

    I haven’t had a lot of spare time lately between health, family, and moving, so I’ve been in much of the same boat in terms of not having time to do a lot of things in game. I tend to hit the Battlegrounds a lot because I find the competition fun, enjoy healing, and it’s something that I can commit to in small blocks of time without feeling like I’m letting people down if I leave. The same occurs for my Zul’Aman runs, which typically last an hour while we snag another bear mount.

    Another way I spend the time is roleplaying. Yes, it’s a bit trite and I get flak for it, but being able to bump into other roleplayers and then have a discussion in-character is loads of fun. I may not be doing something productive, but how productive would I be if I were to do something like run around Ironforge? With fifteen characters across three servers, I like being able to log onto one character or another, wander around town, and see who I encounter. Fun times!

    I think you’re feeling pre-expansion blues, Triple-B. It’ll get better. And for people who don’t enjoy the numbers aspect of the game, the theorycrafters will outline everything for you. Oh, and the nerf to mana regen looks bad, but it’s actually a blessing in disguise. A lot of classes are obtaining talents that will make mana efficiency and mana regeneration more common (especially needed with the single potion during combat restriction floating around), so Shadow priests won’t corner that niche anymore. Instead, you’re losing utility in order to gain damage, which will benefit people in encounters that are DPS races. This will make Shadow priests that much more appealing when sometimes their current lower DPS makes people hesitant to bring them along despite the awesome utility.


  2. I understand your feelings and I feel much the same way. Mostly I’ve been using this time to level alts and to catch up on my sleep. Hopefully the expansion makes things interesting and not just a reset to the number crunching.


  3. I’ve spent many days the past couple weeks logging in and flying in circles around shatt before deciding to just log out. I’m really starting to see raiding dwindle down to nothing as people just don’t have the motivation to spend all that time for something that’s going to be meaningless in a few months.

    I agree that’s overwhelming to imagine all that new stuff we’ll have to figure out all over again.


  4. I totally understand your vibe. A lot of mine comes from the thought of not enjoying my bear as much, and I am not sure I want to keep playing my mage as my main when I have really loved feral drewd. But I don’t want it to be a watered down crappy love either. Right now I am just drifting and maintaining on my big toons.

    But… I made a lvl 19 WSG twink. It was fun to plan, and it’s fun to do, (and I *HATE* WSG with a passion and was worried I wouldn’t enjoy this but.. IT’S FUN!) and I have tried to get the best gear I could for her and it’s not going to change, because she’s not going to get any bigger. That’s kinda nice. Sure, the same BG over and over again has the potential to be really tedious, but the people you play with and against keep it fresh. At least, it’s fresh for now, and I think it will last until Lich comes out.


  5. Sorry, have to say this: Then stop.

    Play something else, play an alt, play for fun. I’ve had a friend pushing me to level up so I can raid, but you know what, I like the game I’m playing, and I will eventually raid, but I play the game so I can have fun first.

    And I like theorycrafting a lot, but I don’t let it interfere with choosing the weapon that just looks stupid huge in my Gnome’s hands 🙂


  6. Ah, the joys of the MMO treadmill. Just when you’ve mastered your spec and gear and know your way around the world blindfolded, they go mix everything up again. New talents, new gear, new content.

    My general advice would have been to relax and not try and master everything. Just level and enjoy the ride. When you hit 80, you’ll have plenty of time to obsess over which inscription is .005% better. If changes to your mains are making you crazy, I’d have suggested trying another class for a change.

    But I know you don’t necessarily have that luxury. You have the mixed blessing of mixxing avocation with vocation and probably feel the pressure of needing to be on top of at least all the druid stuff for your columns, the podcast, etc. You’ve done a great job on those in the past and I know all sorts of people, myself included, are looking forward to hearing your thoughts as everyone troops into Northrend.

    So, maybe the best advice is to make time for some more mini-vacations away from the game. I find a bit of time away is a nice de-stresser and makes me look forward to coming back rather than dreading it.

    Good luck!!

    – Pidge

    I haven’t been happy since I found Luke wasn’t going to get the Princess


  7. Heya B(BB),

    If I may make a suggestion?

    If that planning and researching and stuff looks like going to be unfun when the expansion hits?

    Don’t do it.

    Seriously, let someone else do all the research for awhile.

    Someone will, I guarantee it. You just sit back and enjoy the game.


  8. Yes I can relate to that feeling of malaise when you dont get a lot of time to play. The game starts to feel pretty pointless. Log in and do dailies on another alt??? Do a heroic you’ve done many times for badges you dont really need? I dont enjoy that any more … not if I’m looking for game thrills.

    The only way I’ve been able to sustain my enjoyment is to join a bigger guild and keep doing harder content. In this new context, I’m enjoying the game alot, even tho I have most of the gear a feral could ever want, barring t6 & sunwell right now… We cleared ZA last night – first full clear for some of us. We’ve killed Vashj a couple of times too. That’s been exciting…

    The thrill is in working together as a team to accommplish some (I admit pretty arbitrary) goal. Its not in gear, or knowing my stats, or deciding which gems to buy – tho I still do all that, for sure, in great measure thanks to all your advice BBB 🙂

    The thought of doing it all over again in Wrath is really exciting – but only because I’m excited with the game right now.


  9. There will always be theorycrafters who are just chomping at the bit to do the analyzing for you. There will also always be Min/Maxers who will spend hours finding the right faction and reward because it’s their bag.

    No one ever said it had to be yours. Same with theorycrafting. No one is forcing you to listen or take heart or even play with the people who take those tacks either.

    I think a lot of people are having the same sort of anxiety about the expansion, but it might just be worth it to only focus on what is exciting you about it. There will be something for everyone, in your case it’s questing and new storylines. Worry about UBER BUTT-AGE encounters when you get there. 😉


  10. Your thoughts as to whether your Priest and Druid will be outdated are what concern me most when I read this from a game designer point of view (which, yes, I do hope to be after college).

    This is why I favor the theory of a game with a relatively attainable level cap that doesn’t increase as the expansions roll. Instead, you’d get better gear available.

    “But wait, Armond,” I hear you say, “have you learned nothing from what happened when Vengeful stuff became available with honor? Do you not see T5/T6 guilds rolling right through heroics and Kara because they’re so overgeared?” Well, yes, actually, I do. But… I suppose this isn’t really the place to discuss it.

    Chuck me an email if you’re interested. (That’s “you” as in the reader, not the Bear.) I’d be happy to discuss, and I’d really appreciate your opinions and ideas – I’m trying to make a big think-tank before I start working on the thing itself.

    On topic: Expansions shouldn’t make old things outdated. Agree/disagree/both/neither?


  11. BBB,

    I think the thing to remember here is that right now the expansion is in beta. That means that things do and will change. Part of the adventure is not knowing. Getting involved in what is “the best” can take away the sense of adventure. I know that my experience was starting to play WoW and having no clue what I was doing until I hit about level 40 on the replacement to my main at that time, who is now my main. It took a while to get the whole idea of what worked and what didn’t. The live expansion will be different than what even we beta testers are experiencing now. Most of the info on blogs is not guaranteed to make it into the xpac.

    There will be new worlds to discover, new intracacies in the game, and as usual, patches will nerf this or that and even more changes will come. Sit back, relax and enjoy the time you have. Don’t obsess about being the “best” as that will come in time when you have a chance to experience the new mechanics and see how it all plays out for you.

    By the way, your guild sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately I don’t have any high level alliance toons. I might have to change that.



  12. I feel the same way! The game is SOOO much fun for me already, and there is still so much I want to do that I’m just not that excited for the expansion!

    The Death Knight is what I’m most looking forward to in the expansion. Not another 10 levels to get to end game. Engineering in the expansion FTW though!


  13. I know it’s condescending to say it, but…

    Chill, Bear!

    Just enjoy it when it arrives – then all the other stuff will work itself out… Some things will be done by others with analytical spreadsheets and the like… Other things will need you to do them – nice lists for the readers of WoW Insider, for instance…

    The problem is the time between expansions hasn’t been enough time for some people to “finish” all the things they wanted to – but then other people have finished it. I mean to take me for instance, I’ve never cleared Kara. I’ve got no T4 gear, never mind T5 or T6. So therefore I’d like BC to be the end-game for some time yet. However other people have, so WotLK is needed for them – and it moves the end-game experience up to the next level – so I’m even further behind…

    But then it also means new stuff to do… And new information to gather from informed sources (like yourself!)…

    Have fun,



  14. You know what this calls for.

    You on your shammy, me, pali, and anyone else of lower level. We’re gonna run through Orgrimmar again and go do RFC.


    That’s what this calls for.


  15. It’s so refreshing to read about someone actually looking at the expansion without almost wetting themselves with excitement. I’ll definately get my characters to 80 eventually, but I won’t be racing to 80 from day one.

    Having only reached 70 for the first time a few months ago it was almost demoralising to think any effort put in from that point on would have a very limited lifespan, hence he’s still wearing some greens. In fact he’s pretty much just turned into a farmer for my alts only doing the odd heroic.


  16. I was feeling the same way about all this up until Blizzard blessed us with the Recruit-a-Friend promotion. I recruited myself and have been happily dual-boxing a hunter/shaman combo.

    Gear becomes obsolete and dungeons become places that people only go to for nostalgia or to complete a quest while leveling. Your characters, however, never go out of style.

    That’s why instead of doing laps around Shattrath wondering why I’m even logged in, I’m leveling some new classes I haven’t played before. And doing it FAST thanks to the triple experience.

    Bored of playing the same old class you’ve been grinding away on forever? Try playing two at once. It brought challenge and fun back into WoW for me.


  17. The idea that requiring multiboxing to make a game fun shows something fundamentally out of whack with the core game design, methinketh. Whether or not one thinks that multiboxing is cheating or not (it doesn’t bother me), one, that it’s even possible is weird to me, and two, it seems that multiboxing is the true target audience for the Refer-a-Friend promotion. The game needs new blood, and new midlevel content. So-called “horizontal” expansions, like BBB’s alternate storyline idea from a couple of weeks ago, would go a lot farther to revitalize the game than 10 more levels, a “hero” class, and new loot.


  18. Sorry, double post… Meg, I’m not trying to say you’re doing anything wrong. I don’t think you are. I just think something is sorely lacking in the core game design, and that is what should be addressed. Northrend will only go so far; they have to address the disconnect with the “old world”.


  19. Well, how about this. You are finally 70, or have a few 70s. Now you can actually advance like everyone else. I joined the game well after TBC launched, I missed the old world raids, I missed the TBC dungeons. Now nobody does TBC dungeons (well, not true, but very few), and its all got a ‘been there done that’ feeling. I want to start fresh with everyone else, learning as I go, not looking at a leveling guide. I feel that it’s so easy now, I don’t even read quest text, just click accept, look for the map indicator, go there and kill stuff. Run back. Repeat. So, yeah i look forward to a fresh start. The gear and class balance will work itself out. Either your class is or isn’t wanted, nothing you can do. I play a hunter, the most despised class. We’re still needed in raids.

    Don’t sweat the small stuff. If it’s not fun, find something that is fun.


  20. I haven’t logged into the game in about a month. I’ve been under pressure to finish some reports and what little free time I’ve had has been taken up by CoH. I need to log in and mail my friends and guildies just to let them know I’m not dead….but I’m still unsure what to say.

    Am I taking a break until WotLK? Am I quitting the game altogether? Will I be doing ZA and Kara again next weekend?

    I don’t know…


  21. I sympathize with you but I’m in a different boat altogether. My Guild & I have just gotten the numbers and strenght to successfully run Kara and most Heroics. It’s all exciting and new for us.
    I wanted to thank you for the excellent information/advice posts that have helped me and my guildies along to get to this point.
    Keep your chin up! I hope you find your groove again soon. 🙂


  22. @ Tesh

    You make a valid point. Sort of.

    In most situations, if the average person no longer finds a game fun, they simply stop playing it and do something else or play another game. It’s that way with pretty much every console game and even the majority of PC games.

    However, with MMO’s, when people stop finding them fun it’s harder to just ‘move on’. You’ve got a lot of time invested and you (hopefully) have made lots of friends along the way.

    So is “requiring multiboxing to make a game fun shows something fundamentally out of whack with the core game design” really the problem as you said? I don’t think so. Not every game will be fun all of the time to everyone. When it’s not fun to _you_ anymore, how is that a problem with the game design? If its not fun, don’t try and force it. You’ll only be disappointed by your inevitable failure and bring others down with you as you try to find where to place the blame for your own personal issue.

    I didn’t start multiboxing because it was the only way I was going to continue to play WoW with my friends and still have fun. I had wanted to try it for a long time, but I never felt that putting up the extra cash for a second copy of the game and a second monthly subscription was going to be worth it for me. I had plenty of other stuff to keep me occupied in the World of Warcraft with only one monthly fee. Why pay two?

    But now I see a new level cap and obsolete gear looming over us all and I feel that my 4 night a week raiding schedule is kind of pointless. I’m still having fun raiding and my guild is still making active progress, but why put all that effort into stuff that won’t mean anything very soon. Why not try something new. When the expansion comes I’ll have that many more options of who I want to level to 80.

    I’m not trying to say you’re wrong, but I don’t think what you said really applies to my specific situation.


  23. Its been addressed already in some responses, but WoW has run a while and you’ve been running alongside it…with a certain intensity. You *may* find its time to move on, but mostly I suspect you may be dwelling on the uglier side of things. New levels, new zones, new content to explore, new quests to fit in with the lore, new challenges. Yeah, the theorycraft and grind come along with them, but mistakes will be made….sit back, enjoy the ride and think a bit on the things you DO enjoy. If they simply aren’t there, maybe its time to move on?


  24. I started to get a little bored not being able to find a Kara group or trying to level my professions, so I took some of your advice. Currently I’m working on getting attuned for Onyxia. And I’ve been able to get as far as I possibly can by myself and now I actually need to get a group to progress further into UBRS. Apparently I need at least 3 people to activate the 1st boss in there. So tonight I’ll be trying to get some guildies over there to play around to get to the final boss for my necklace or whatever it is.

    Now I never ran any of the BRS’s as I was growing up, I just somehow skipped most of the BRM content. But solo’ing LBRS as a Druid was very fun, as was solo’ing up to the first boss in UBRS. I really can’t wait until I can get the guild (or whoever) to join me in there, some of them have probably done it since they’ve been around pre-BC, but I joined post-BC so it’s all new to me.

    At this point, it’s the storyline and the new content that is keeping me interested. I loved escorting whats-his-name through Stormwind. As soon as the NPC’s started yelling at each other near the front gates, there were players kind of hovering around to see what was going on, and by the time I got to the keep I had an entrourage of players …some in their teen lvl’s, some at lvl 70. But all of them wondering what was going on because they’ve never seen that part of the storyline before.

    When I’m done with Onyxia, maybe I’ll look into Naxx. I know absolutely nothing about Naxx, so who know what lies ahead of me to get there, but hopefully it’ll keep me interested for another couple days/weeks. I enjoy seeing new content…so this is all new for me. It may be years old, but damn I love new stuff to do.

    As far as the Theory-crafting and number crunching, I leave that crap for the hard-core players and the people who have the time they can dedicate to doing that kind of stuff. Me?…I’ll just read up on their findings and make my own decision on how best to proceed. All while (hopefully) still enjoying old-world / BC content until Northrend calms down a bit after launch.

    I visit your site every day, it’s in my top 3 places to lose myself in the internetz.


  25. You’re right, Meg, I’m generalizing too much. I’ve just seen a lot of multibox comments lately, tied to the Refer-a-Friend promotion. It struck me as an unhealthy trend. Yes, Blizzard gets another paid account, but it’s not really new players. The number monkeys can look at it and say that all is well, the numbers are going up, but really, the fundamentals of who is using the promotion and why they are doing so might not be good for the long-term health of the game.

    Good call on the sense of “investment” and being attached to the game. I really think that Blizzard banks on that, which is what I’ve called “WoW inertia” here and there. It’s just… I can’t help but think that making the existing content more fun is Blizzard’s job, not the job of the players. They are, after all, still happily taking the money of subscribers who don’t own or play the Burning Crusade or who are looking forward to WotLK. I’m hoping for a more holistic approach, in other words, rather than effectively episodic content. That’s the Guild Wars content release model, more or less, but the business model isn’t modified accordingly.

    In other words, if I’m paying a subscription, I want the whole game to be upgraded, not just the endgame. Adventures all over the place, quests interweaving with the existing world, storylines to really start changing the world… that sort of thing.


  26. Maybe this comes with the territory of having a small blog and no responsibilities in-game, but I’m taking a break when my account runs out on Saturday and I move shortly after that and I’m not even slightly worried about it.

    I don’t want to be rude but I’m going to echo some of the other comments: just don’t do it. Relax. Etc. Personally if I just don’t feel like playing WoW for a day or a week I just don’t log in. Again that might have something to do with not being responsible for anyone/anything in the game.

    So relax Bear! No one important is going to get mad if you decide that analyzing every little thing isn’t that fun and you just aren’t going to do it anymore.


  27. Take a break, check out some other stuff, maybe indie games, or not even games at all. I do this every now and then, and often come back raring to get back in.

    Moonbase Commander was the last distraction, and play Fantastic Contraption if you get the time – its great.


  28. will druids be desired for instances? i don’t know, but i know you will be. your guildies know you, know you can tank, and few would probably run with other tanks. it is hard to beat experience, in a lot of ways.

    worried about what bosses drop the best loot? which instances you should grind for the new great staff? don’t. run every instance as many times as you can. you will have friends behind you who will want to grind them. the most annoying one will have the best item drop for a class you don’t have, but a friend of yours plays… and they will need a tank.

    just continue to level whatever professions make you happy (the engineering/inscription/hunter/druid swap seems good). don’t worry, just play out wrath as it comes. fail. do crappy stupid things like get the wrong talents. this isn’t endgame, where you tweak to no end. this is leveling. remember when you equiped the totally wrong gear (dagger warriors?) and your bracers were enchanted with whatever your highest level bracer enchant was from skilling up? do that. pretend you were still pre-BC just turning 50. WotLK is a whole new ball game, and play it that way. when you are 80, then start thinking about what is best… and even then, you probably will want to grind rep first before that.


  29. I am somewhat bemused that Blizzard keep on rewriting the game with each expansion, instead of just adding content. But I guess they aim for the “new” WoW to be an improvement so I have to have faith that they will get it right.

    It is sometimes a hard pill to swallow when they change how your beloved stats work, sometimes entirely… having been the victim of this when they changed the hunter stats from favouring agility to favouring attack power, I dreaded that my gear would suddenly suck. It didn’t because they seemed to re-itemize well enough that my existing stuff still worked. Now I am facing this again as they tinker with Shaman attack power itemization.

    At the end of the day, after all the dust has settled, (*thinks of a third cliche) the community of bloggers and websites will rake over all the new stats, skills and talents and come out with some good recommendations. So by the time I hit 80 I’m sure I’ll be able to find the answers somewhere, and that’s good enough for me.


  30. I couldn’t agree more, B3.
    The game’s fine the way it is, and the way I see it, WotLK is just another way to milk customers for money.

    Got Milk?


  31. I’m kind of squeezed between those two situations. I only started playing last December, and have just reached 70 last month. I have trouble getting interruption-free time enough to PUG instances, so I’ve not even managed to do a heroic yet let alone Karazhan… I’d like to see the “beginning of the endgame” before it gets obsoloeted, while it’s still a real challenge with people of the target level. I have some alts but not much drive to play them.


  32. Just as a last note, it’s not that the game ain’t fun, or whatever… not at all.

    I have been fighting depression in general from world news and events, and it’s gotten into all my activities and sapped my enthusiasm a lot.

    I think I’ve got the prescription… I have ceased all talk radio listening. Done. Won’t listen to it anymore. Instead, I am once again giong to listen to enjoyable music and rock out.

    I started this program of “to hell with talk radio” today, and already I feel a lot better.


  33. Sorry you’re depressed about RL stuff. 😦 I recommend watching the Olympics. It’s a damn joy this time.

    I’m totally chomping at the bit to do theorycrafting. I hate that we can’t yet. Bah.

    We’re going through similar things in our guild, and one way we’re fighting it is to go do old-world content most people have never seen. I’d never done BWL, and it’s a damn fun instance. Killing Ragnaros with 20 people and getting him before he submerges is fun.

    We’re working on Naxx now, for a server-hordeside first.


  34. Heh, I’m totally with you on the talk radio blackout, BBB. I started listening in earnest about a year ago, got myself educated on what they were talking about, and now I just wind up arguing with them, since they are pretty much all blasted idiots. So yeah, I argue with the radio. …that’s less than productive. News isn’t any better, since it’s all about the shock value of the latest murder/scandal/panty raid, er, stock ticker wiggle.

    My reading now goes to bloggers (this is one of my first stops), my listening to the local classical station. If I want to know something about the world, I poke around on the web to get both (or more) sides of the story.


  35. I have and have always been a PnP roleplayer by choice. Unable (at the time) to find a suitable game I started playing WoW. One of the things that eventually made me decide to quit is (in PnP vernacular) the necessity of min-maxing. I love roleplaying, and I do my best to not make my gaming decisions on which particular rule or piece of equipment will give me the absolute best percentage chance of hitting, dodging or whatever. BBB I have roleplayed with you (both as a player and a GM) and know that you are the same. It may be that you have just finally hit the wall. lt may mean that you are gonna have to take a break from MMOs and maybe find a PnP group where having the exact right piece of equipment for the exact situation to maximize success isn’t as important as enjoying the game. JMHO


  36. As much as I want to look forward to the expansion – I simply can’t. I’m spent a lot of time building towards gearing up my Pally, finally getting to Kara as a casual, able to tank heroics now /clap.

    Expansion new content aside – which is always good – I find myself at a loss to understand why Blizzard would rework entirely plate tanking mechanics , simply to have ‘all tanks be desired for all roles/uses’. Having every tank wear the exact same piece of STR/STA/BV gear – and differentiate by talent tweaking seems weak to me at best. Why now ? DK’s ? Smaller loot tables ?

    I’m at an impass personally – a lot of friends can’t wait to quest again..I personally have a huge headache , not about throwing away current gear, but re-learning completely , from the ground up – how to gear a Paladin tank. Not fun IMO. Throwing away all our spell dmg gear to wear warrior plate may make me go the way of the Dodo.

    We’ll see – I’m sure I’m over reacting – but I played another MMO for 5-6 years – and never saw such an underlying mechanic change like this. I still wonder why ….

    Take heart BBB – you are not the only one frustrated about looming changes.


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