Marshall Windsor can kiss my big furry butt!

The day of the Big Dragon Beatdown fast approaches, when the Sidhe Devils will smack Onyxia around a little, and many, many quotings of our favorite Youtube flash video WILL be heard.

Hell, we heard a ton of quotes from it last night in BRD. Anticipation is rising fast.

We have a bunch of folks attuned with their Drakefire Amulets already, but many more aren’t. And the guild has several tanks besides my Druid that will be going, so I figured I’d see if I could get my Shadow Priest through the attunement process before Saturday.

Cue last nights events.

I went flying out to Burning Steppes to talk to the quest giver that gives the first step of the chain, killing lots of Dragons and Whelps.


Anyway, hey, guess what? He didn’t have a quest for me. Uh oh.

So, now I’m lost. I know I’ve done part of the quest chain now, but how much?

Well, Cassieann helped me to figure out that I needed to talk to Marshall Maxwell, and he would send me to Ragged John. After that, I was ready for BRD.

We put together a 5 person team, most of us needing some stage of the Windsor BRD chain, and in we went!

Cassie was going to go on her 53 Paladin, but she wasn’t done with the Dragon and Whelp (Whelps!) preliminaries yet. So, now that she IS, and has 8 quests to do in BRD, I’ll be looking forward to heading in with her later. It just didn’t happen last night. Instead, we had all 70s except for a poor, lowly 66 Hunter. For BRD. Lolz.

We had a lot of fun, but I feel Doozie the Warlock did most of the work of clearing the trash out of our way. We romped around, blasted everything everywhere that we might need to go, talked to Windsor, and then I had to Hearth out, port to Ironforge, fly back to Maxwell at Burning Steppes, turn in the quest and get summoned back into BRD so I could find the Crumpled Up Note. 

Always nice to leave a party sitting around, right?

So, off to kill the General and the Mech-dude for their info. It almost took less time to DO it than to type that.

Back we go to talk to Marshall Windsor… and time to begin the long, slow escort.

That boy is in no hurry, that’s for certain. A nice, calm, leisurely stroll through BRD. What, rush? nahhhh.

We follow him along, killing the occasional spawn, and finally, FINALLY, he is sprinting for the exit.


Hijinks ensue.

Wait, what? Yes, yes they did. Le’me ‘splain.

When I am online on a main toon, I get whispered. A LOT. And not just from strangers, from guildies too!

Why guildies whisper me with things that are perfectly appropriate for guild chat, I have no idea. Ishvi, I’m looking at you, bub.

But it does mean that I generally have at a minimum two conversations going on in whispers all the time. Plus, of course, random comments whispered in from guildies every now and then, plus guild chat.

I feel loved, I must say. 🙂

The Bear has a secret to share; I do not multitask well.

I can either be paying attention to, and responding to, all those whispers and guild chat, OR I can be paying full attention to playing my character.

When farming, it does get annoying sometimes to have to stop while in my mad rush across the zone gathering to respond to whispers, but hey, it’s a social game.

What’s more important, responding to friends, or herbs and ore?

Don’t make me answer that.

In raid mode? Let’s just say that either I ignore the whispers and most of guild chat entirely, or I pause in the middle of the damn raid to ask everyone to hold on while I answer someone’s whisper.

Don’t get me wrong, I like being whispered by folks that just want to say hi or by friends or whatever. 

It just means that I get distracted while in the middle of what seems to be easy stuff sometimes, because once the intense parts are over I take a quick chance to answer people that got ignored for the last 5 minutes whilst fighting.

So to return to last night, where there was more than the normal amount of whispering going on.

Marshall Windsor is in the clear, running for the exit, and I follow along happily, looking forward to marching through Stormwind. I hop along while scrolling back through messages to see who needs a return shout.

I hop through the instance exit just in time to hear “Don’t leave before you get the quest complete message” over vent.


I instantly hop back through the instance entrance. Elapsed time zoning out and back in? About 5 seconds.

Nope, missed it. I literally jumped out of the instance and back in, and during that 5 seconds, everyone else got quest complete and I missed it.

Son of a….. what a zapthrottle I am.

Okay, so everyone else says they’re okay with resetting and running the jailbreak escort. Again. Just for me.

Sigh. Thanks guys. Sorry!

So we go back in, and right off the bat I encourage Doozie to aggroing the entire room to Seed them all up… and then I get healing aggro off of him and die and he goes down moments later. Wow, 30 of those dwarves plus doggies packs a punch, don’t they? 

Yay, run backs! I get to practise my patented ‘ghost jump into the wall and slide down onto the landing in front of the entrance to Molten Core missing the lava entirely’ technique.

Not to brag, but; I was successful. Doozie? Not so much. Can you say lava bath?

We clear everything on Marshall Windsors path. Again. And we do Jailbreak. Again.

We get all the way towards the end of the second pass, things are hopping along, Doozie is kind of leapfrogging ahead to clear the path and coming back and I’m getting whispered and I pause to respond to the whisper and then make a comment in guild chat, and I look at my chat box and see “Jailbreak: Failed” at the same time someone says in vent “hey, Windsor just faded out!”

WTH? Are you serious?

Yep, I paused to do a /reply at theexact same time as Windsor started his final home run sprint, and when he got too far away from me he despawned.

I failed Jailbreak AFTER the full completion. Twice in one night. Back to back.

My poor guildies. My poor, poor guildies.

You know what?

I’m thinking I might be seeing Onyxia on my Druid, after all.

WTB the ability to function when more than one thing is happening at a time. PST.

19 thoughts on “Marshall Windsor can kiss my big furry butt!

  1. I totally feel your pain, BBB. As a co-GL, I get spammed with tells from the minute I log on til when I log out. Not only from my guild, but from our brother guild as well where I have lots of friends. I try not to bother people when they are in raid or instance and I think people need to pay attention to where people are and what they are doing before they send a tell. I usually will say (if and only if I have to send a tell to someone while they are busy) “Do you have a second” or “Is this a good time”. I know that there are downtimes in instances in raids where it’s ok to answer tells, like breaks or when you are waiting for people during corpse runs.



  2. Yea seen both fails in my 10-15 times of escorting windsor. At least you are high enough to avoid the classic mob runs off, windsor folllows, pulls more, mob runs off, etc, I remember sitting at almost 0 hp/mana while a warlock kept the boss banished with windor beating on it before running off to res the rest of our party who had died over last 3 packs of mobs,

    But I normally do a warning. stay with windor, dont go out the portal, dont hearth, and dont panic if you dont instantly get quest complete as it takes a while.


  3. I’ve been meaning to do that quest line, just so much to do.
    I’ll give it a go Friday night, and into saturday. 🙂


  4. All the more important to do a quick /who on the person you want to whisper, if they are in a raid-zone/instance think twice about trying to chat with them.

    In-game mail and guild-forums are there for a reason, sometimes its simply more effective to use non-synchronous text-based communications.


  5. My own fault for not paying attention to what is going on in game, instead of checking the damn chat.

    I just lose so much when it gets pushed off the top.

    I KNOW I’m going to try Elephant, since I use Fubar so I love adding some functionality to an existing addon I love.

    I don’t know about WIM though… it sounded good, but then Sephrenia said the number of windows bugged her.

    But Elephant will get installed tonight.

    Bell, don’t worry about whispering me… it’s on me to answer at a time appropriate to what is going on in game.


  6. That’s exactly why I HATE HATE HATE escort quests. The worst one is the initial escort when you first walk into shattrath and you get a tour and history before choosing scryer/aldor. By my 4th level 70, I was extremely bored with it and would get distracted in guild chat or whatever while halfway paying attention to follow him. I must have failed it 3 times. ugh.


  7. Gotta agree with Solidstate…..OUCH! Double Ouch!

    I’m glad I wasn’t online and therefore there is NO CHANCE that I was the one that whispered you to make ya fail 🙂


  8. My boyfriend and I “duo’d” that the other day… he wound up dying (more than once) so he didn’t complete the quest the first time and had to do it again. (The other result was a lot of “I hate hunters, you guys never die” mumbles =P)


  9. Another super messaging add-on that I use is called Elephant. It keeps a record (even when you go offline) of all conversations – whispers, guild, officer, raid, etc. Each one is recorded separately so you can go back and read them, or catch up with stuff you missed. I found using WIM that I had too many windows open to keep track of (yes, I too chat A LOT), but I guess it’s what you get used to.

    This is the blurb from Curse… Elephant logs the chat for you in the background. It saves the WHISPERS, BATTLEGROUND, RAID, PARTY, SAY, YELL, OFFICER and GUILD chats separately, but also all general chats (General, Trade, LocalDefense, …), custom chats you are currently on, loots and system messages (auctions, rolls, server going down, …) and combat. When you want to read the logs, simply click on the Elephant icon in the FuBar (or type /elephant), then choose one of the chat icon on the right.

    This is THE AddOn that you should install if you want to manage hell tells or simply go AFK for a few minutes. It is also perfectly designed for Guild Leaders, Officers and Raid Leaders particularly because it restores the chats when you get disconnected.


  10. This has definitely happend to me on more than one toon. But hey…your guildies love you so I’m sure you’ll get it done. 😀

    During my GL/RL days, I would get all sorts of wispers while running Kara and Gruuls…and I’m also terrible at multi-tasking…so I definitely feel your pain on that one. A few months ago I came across a chat addon that I just love.

    WIM – WoW Instant Messenger

    You can set it up to have all of your conversations in one chat window, but with tabs for the different people you are chatting with. It keeps a history of your converstations that is very easy to navigate and has all sorts of other nifty customizable features, including the ability to route other chat channels to the program.

    I run a mid-range PC and have seen no substantial negative impact on my pc’s performance.


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