Holy screenshots, bearman!

You don’t even want to know what titles I rejected before I went with that one.

Hey, a recap of the weekend post! I feel so original!

What the heck, a lot happened that was fun, so let’s go for it.

Wow, what a weekend. I’ve been playing so minimally lately, just really logging on long enough to do some Kara and then gone again, that I forgot what it was like to have the time to go do stuffs.

Cassie and I have been doing all sorts of stuff, so I’ll start there. Her Paladin, whom she fully intends to play as a healer at level 70, has been leveling Retribution, and dinged 54 last Thursday. She has been working at Mining, and recently switched from Blacksmithing to Engineering.

Likewise, my Hunter Windstar has taken Engineering (again).

So I spent a GREAT deal of time farming Ore in Badlands to get us to the point we needed Thorium, and then many hours circling Silithis and delving deep into Hives in search of the precious Ooze Encrusted Thorium nodes.

I’m proud to say that both Cassie and I hit 300 Engineering yesterday, with not a dime spent on insane AH Thorium prices. I dno’t know what the prices are like on your server, but the AH seems to have Thorium at 50 gold a stack. Um, heck no.

So it’s to Fel Iron we both go now, thankfully. Farming while flying for the win!

I HATE farming in Azeroth, and seeing an Ore node in someplace like Azshara where it turns out to be 2 feet away… up a 50′ tall inaccessible cliff. Crap! 

I can now use Goblin Jumper Cables XL, and I spent some time farming the mats for the Gadgetzan Teleporter (still need 4 Core of Earth… plus 4 more Core of Earth for Cassie’s Teleporter)… and then I thought, “But wait… Windshadow has Jumper Cables XL, and  I don’t think they’re BoP… I can mail them to Windstar.”

Yes, I did have Jumper Cables XL on Windshadow… that said “Made by Windstar”.

Oh yeah… this is the second time I’ll be leveling Engineering to 375 on Windstar… and last time I was Goblin. And when I wanted to go Gnome, I ended up having to go read the book in Tanaris to change my spec.

So now I have Goblin Jumper cables XL that I made, but I’m a Gnomish Engineer.

I swear, it’s embarassing how many times I change professions. I guess it keeps the Auction House in fees, though. I’m doing my part to support the economy!

Now everyone on Kael’thas, mail Windstar your Core of Earth, and no one will get hurt. Or at least put them on the AH! (Waiting to take a screenshot of 50 Core of Earth on AH with Buyout prices of 1000g each…)

On the topic of the Auction House… does anyone else ever get the urge to take a common item, and keep putting it up on the AH at like 1300g Buyout, or 1274g, or some other ridiculous amount, day after day, every day, just to drive those people with Auctioneer that do frequent scans INSANE?

Just pick an item, like Giant Eggs or Heart of Fire, something that is a white quality Trade Good that newer players might not know what they’re for, and just jack that price over a long time to skew the scans?

Or is that just me?

Anyway, sorry… moving on *whistles*

On Saturday, we had a planned event – The Big Dragon Beatdown, where we were going to go in and take down Onyxia as a guild.

I mentioned early in the week how I kind of… blew the Jailbreak escort quest on Windburn. Twice.

Well, I still had Windshadow attuned, but heck, we have plenty of folks that can kick butt as a tank. I really wanted to take Windburn in to throw down the DoTs.

So starting at about 2:30 on Saturday, we went into BRD with a team to get more folks attuned. We had Padrad and Elysse, the alts of Graimerin and Shrinnpoof, Cassie’s Paladin, and my Priestie Windburn all needing various stages of the Windsor quest.

However, Elysse the 61 feral Druid was still at work when we went in… but we figured she ought to be online by 3:00. So while we waited, we cleared trash. Then, since Cassie had every bloody quest in the place, we killed Bael’gar and Incendious and the Bar dudes. And then we got drunk in the bar and killed Plugger Spazzring, and that pissed off the bar patrons so we killed them too.

Then we went and cleared even more trash.

When Elysse came online, we had an easy stroll to kill both the General and the Mech-dude… but we had taken so long that the trash started to respawn on Windsor’s path.

Okay, no problem. We started clearing it again… and then Elysse started the Jailbreak quest before the others had completed their turn ins. Oops!

Now, let this be a lesson to you folks. Someone else might have been mean. But when you’ve ruined the Jailbreak not just once but twice less than a week before… you feel a lot more understanding. You HAVE to, God only knows what I’m going to screw up next that I’M going to need understanding for.

But the point is, we ran out, reset the instance, went in and cleared trash again and completed Jailbreak. But now we were running really late. Onyxia was set for 7:00 server, and we were cutting it mighty close, and still had to escort Windsor around Stormwind, get the turn in done in Winterspring, and then do an UBRS clear.


While we were running around, I asked Nasirah to organize the UBRS run… and it turned out 8 people needed Drakkisath’s blood to finish Onyxia attunement. And Windshadow was the only one on with an UBRS key. It wasn’t looking very good for Windburn’s attunement, since I do not know if it’s possible for a group to open the door to UBRS, and then have the only person with the key log out and bring in someone else.

We postponed the Onyxia start until 8 “ish”, and went running around to finish our attunement, we got our teaser peek at Onyxia when we escorted Windsor to confront her in Stormwind, and generally had fun, but the time pressure was brutal. Here we have a bunch of people all waiting to go, some for Onyxia, some needing UBRS, and we’re already late for the start. All waiting on us. Eeek!


We ended up having ten people in the UBRS group, and lo and behold, Doodlebug had his Forged Seal of Ascension, he just needed to turn it in within LBRS, and he’d have the key.

Once we all got to the Blackrock Spire entrance, we had a bit of confusion. Did you know that, first, you need to be in a normal group and not a raid to turn in that quest? And did you know the bug is STILL in place where you need to have an unforged seal of ascension in your inventory to get the quest giver to talk to you, so you can turn in your Forged Seal?

There went another half hour, just figuring out why the damn guy wouldn’t talk to Doodle after he stealthed in… and Nasirah ended up going with him since she had an unforged seal.

But heck with it, we’re in! Time to clear UBRS in record time!

Which was a shame, since that instance is a lot of fun, and folks were seeing it for the first time, and we took no time to enjoy it. Bleagh.

Cassie’s Paladin went with us, just for drops. At level 54 she might not have been the most help to the run, but somehow, a LOT of drops made their way into her hands that would have been tossed otherwise. And it’s not like she slowed down the horde of 70s that stormed UBRS. Poor Drak.

We took down Drakkisath, got his blood like the thirsty little vampires we are, and ran like hell for Winterspring to get the attunement finished.

By the time all was said and done, and summons to Onyxia began, it was 9:30, two and a half hours past the scheduled start time. DAMN IT!!!

There were twelve of us that went in, and Nasirah has posted about the actual fight very nicely, so I won’t go into it much. All I think that needs to be said here is, we went into Onyxia’s Lair twelve strong, and about 15 minutes later we were victorious!


Yay for hours and hours and hours of attunement for a 15 minute fight.

On the one hand, I resent the heck out of spending so bloody much time on ancient attunements to run content that does not scale to the levels of the challengers. On the other hand, the very effort required to get in makes the fight feel so much more fun, it gave me a nice sense of satisfaction to have completed the chain, and the quest chain has so many fun steps, like the Stormwind march, and mounting the dragon head on the city arch, that it truly has an epic feel to the whole thing.

So while I am glad it is still present in it’s complete, unaltered version, ugh! It is still a pain. Although now that it’s done, I can help other guildies on Windshadow to clear the BRD parts and UBRS. Trying to do it with a Shadow Priest is just not fun. I want AoE!

Amusingly enough, one of the few items that can drop from Onyxia that people at level 70 would like, the Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire, dropped. I love the armored skeleton, to my eyes he looks JUST like Mor’ladim from Duskwood… and after having been ganked by that fast-respawning undead bastard, who WOULDN’T like to have him as your servant?

Ah, if only you could make the little bastard /dance to your tune.

Still! Tons of fun was had, screenshots were taken, and I have to say it was awesome watching the frantic scurrying around.

You’ll be happy to know that there was only one death during the Onyxia fight… me. Yep!

Boy, that deep breath still hurts, especially when it nails everyone. No worries, we had some awesome healing. And Elystia got her Tier 2 helm! Woots for phat lewt!

Is that enough fun for one night? Oh, heck no!

Nope, after that Cassie and Windshadow went into BRD again, and cleared that sucker!

My Druid and Cassie’s Paladin went into BRD and killed everything she hadn’t already done. We killed the bar people again, we completed the Vault in it’s entirety (even the small vault that has the Tome items in it), we killed Ambassador Flamelash, we killed Fineous and got Cassie the Shadowforge Key, we did the seven dwarfs and Cassie had the mats to turn in first to learn to smelt Dark Iron Ore, and then we did something that I have never, ever done before… we actually cleared to and killed the Emperor, and freed the Princess.

And I got an awesome screenshot of Windshadow seated on the Emperor’s throne. I think it’s very cool. It has a strong ‘Emperor Conan’ feel to it, from the first movie.


All in all, over the course of the day, we had done every single thing there is to do in BRD, except be in there to watch Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain play.

Cassie ended up level 56 and then some, just from doing BRD.

So, is that enough for a weekend?

Not quite. We had just one more fun thing to do… but I’ll talk about that another time. This sucker is long enough as it is!

Take care, and have fun… time for me to go rest… I mean work. Yes, that’s what I mean. Work.



11 thoughts on “Holy screenshots, bearman!

  1. I went to Tanaris and the guy in the little hut told me to read the book if I wanted to switch profession specialisations, but the book was all blank to me 😦

    I am at 375 Engineering and have been Gnomish since the trainer offered the quest for it, but I would really want that Goblin Rocket Gun!

    Ah, well, I’ll settle for being gnomish 🙂


  2. “There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men: time.”

    Name that quote, and no Kirk, you don’t get to answer. I know you know it. Sorry, Grandorr, someone bitching about not enough time to do what needs doing always makes me think of that line.

    Tessy, there is a book in a hut northwest of Steamwheedle Port, just a tiny way (within sight of the port, actually). If you read the book on the table, it will ask you what specialty of Engineering you want.

    I had done Goblin on Windstar back in the day. I then dropped Engineering.

    When I took Engineering again, I had to level up from 1 as normal. I then tried at the appropriate level to learn Gnome, and the Gnomish Trainer in Ironforge refused to talk to me.

    I went to Tanaris, went to the hut, read the book (with my Engineering skill at I think 260) and I was given a choice of Goblin or Gnomish. I did not have to lose Engineering to level 1 at that point. I chose Gnomish, I did not have to go on a quest, and I did not get a membership card or any membership rewards. But I was then Gnomish, and was able to go to the trainer in Booty Bay (and Ironforge) and learn what they had to teach.

    My only concern at this time, is that I did not get a Gnomish Membership Card, I did not get a reward in the mail, and I cannot get the option of renewing my membership from the trainer in IF so I CAN get a reward. It’s no big deal, but it just seems like I don’t need a card to buy Gnomish recipes, which is cool, but I also can’t get special patterns.

    If I were Goblin now, I’d be upset at missing my Bombling pet.


  3. Wait, a glimmer of hope …”And when I wanted to go Gnome, I ended up having to go read the book in Tanaris to change my spec.”

    What book is that? I took gnomish enginering on my gnome warrior a long time ago, only to realise at lvl 70 that there is really nothing useful for a tank in that spec, and have been trying to find a way to switch spec without having to drop engineering it an relearn it all over, but no luck so far 😦


  4. “On the topic of the Auction House… does anyone else ever get the urge to take a common item, and keep putting it up on the AH at like 1300g Buyout, or 1274g, or some other ridiculous amount, day after day, every day, just to drive those people with Auctioneer that do frequent scans INSANE?

    Just pick an item, like Giant Eggs or Heart of Fire, something that is a white quality Trade Good that newer players might not know what they’re for, and just jack that price over a long time to skew the scans?

    Or is that just me?”

    No, people do that all the time.

    I hate it when they do that, though. I don’t have tons of time to pore over the AH making sure I’m not over- or underpricing things. I like to do a scan when I log in, play, then scan again, post everything in one big batch, and log out.

    All totaled, this takes about 25 minutes out of my playtime, which isn’t bad considering that WITHOUT using Auctioneer, it takes much, much longer.

    Please be kind, and don’t mess up the AH anymore than it already is. =/


  5. I remember Ony was a fight and a half, and a wipe half the time.
    (Especially if someone aggro’d the little dragonette’s.. )

    It was always a Really big warm fuzzy to kill Ony, AND the announcement back at the City. Party On Garth.

    Given time, I’ll also key up. Time… Time… Where is it?


  6. Onyxia key is still required.

    A little over a year ago I solo’d all of the Onyxia attunement on my 70 Paladin, and even managed to get a UBRS nostalgia run with my guildies. Heck, I got attuned for BWL!

    Only thing is, I forgot to go to Winterspring between Jailbreak and UBRS. Which meant I wasn’t on the quest to actually pick up the Blood of the Black Dragonflight. 15 months later and that quest is still in my log. 😐


  7. Thank you, Thank YOU! So very Much Nas for doing all the behind the scenes stuff. Thank you to BBB, Cassie, Minnieu & Padrad for their patience over my stupidity in BRD. Thank you to Squirrelz for tanking the hell outa everything!
    & thanks for having me along everyone!
    It was SO much fun & I really enjoyed being able to take my druid on a jaunt with the “big boys” for once!


  8. I may be wrong, but you know longer need the ony key.. I think they made it so all the prebc instances were available without the key chain quests. 🙂 fun times anyways


  9. That was actually a way to make money pre BC. The key for UBRS was hard to get. The gems dropped with about 10% drop chance (100% since BC) and you run LBRS with 10 person back then. Collecting all 3 gems took forever.

    It was not uncommon to see in the general channel something like:

    Looking for someone to unlock UBRS. Port and 5g tip available.

    (5g was some money back then)


  10. I have the Grimoire 😀 I use him when I am bored.

    I also have my helm from Ony, and her head sits in my inventory for kicks.

    I’m thinking I’m gonna go back tonight. You should really try to do it in groups of three; it takes a little while longer, but as long as you’re coordinated, everyone walks away with 60ish gold. Best bi-weekly jackpot ever.

    😀 Grats!


  11. Hate to tell you this BBB but you only need to open the door with the key and all is good. The only thing you miss out on is summoning the dragon for that fight in the pit. Sounds like you had fun anyway!


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