A Raiders thoughts on the pre-WotLK patch

Knurd at Death from a Distance  wrote about the upcoming patch in a post titled “The End of the World or Not“.

In it, he takes a look at the idea of new Talents and game balance changes going live prior to the actual expansion release, from the point of view of raiders like himself.

He breaks down very nicely his thoughts on how changing the game before releasing new content, without making corresponding changes to existing raid content, will in his opinion spell the end of raiding until such time as the rest of the expansion comes out.

I thought it was a very good article, and he’s got a lot of great points there.  

I don’t really raid, obviously, and I play fairly casually. If one type of gameplay isn’t available at the time, whether from a lack of other players online, or a lack of a particular class, or simply because it is a quiet day (or even week), I have no problem shifting to doing daily quests, or doing some small thing related to reputation, or level a Profession, or go try to farm a particular drop or recipe, or play an alt. I can always play an alt.

So for me, the prospect of a couple of weeks, even a month, of no raiding after a massive revamp of the gameplay wouldn’t be the end of my gaming fun.

But Knurd makes a damn good point. For some folks, taking on the raiding challenge IS what is fun for them in the game, and all else that they do in the game goes to support that endeavor. And a week or two or four with no raiding to be done is a very, very long time in that kind of focused commitment.

For other folks, PvP is the lifeblood of fun, and I would think massive changes or unfinished skills for one class while another would be released in the patch more polished, or any other type of real class imbalance, would also be a big pain in the butt. (Intentionally Understated to annoy Megan.)

I’ll offer my sympathy now to folks that really do enjoy raiding or PvP for the challenge, and are worried that when the patch comes they will find the heart of what makes WoW fun put on hold for them until the rest of the expansion is released.

I may not be in your position, but I do know how I would feel if someone told me that PvP content was being released in the expansion, but the leveling and new quests and the entire new area would not be ready for a while. I’d feel glad that they were getting all new stuff… but I was promised my stuff would be ready too, and now I want it. And I don’t really like PvP, so doing their thing while I wait really isn’t all that appealing to me. But thanks for the suggestion.

I know that for some folks, the idea of raiding is silly when an expansion is so close and there will be ten new levels of correspondingly more powerful loot drops available… but it really isn’t about the gear for a lot of people. It’s about the fun and the challenge and conquering the obstacles before you. And if the core gameplay is going to be changed, and the class balance issues in Talent trees might not be quite finished and all polished up like a shiny new apple yet, then sure. I’m gonna be worried.

MAYBE there is no cause whatsoever for concern. Every week it seems brings new, massive changes in the builds. Who knows what awesomeness Hunters will get tomorrow?

Not that I would ever suggest Hunters are getting ALL the brand new awesome toys.

By the way, did you see the SIZE of the new Rhino pet? Didja? If anything in the world could ever bring my buddy Manny back into the game, it would be seenig that freaking huge awesome baddass Rhino pet for Hunters. After all, Manny does have a level 60 Hunter he could come back and play. Sorry, I digress.

Anyway, as I was saying, just because things may turn out all right, that doesn’t stop people from fretting. Are you kidding? Few things drive people nuts with worry quite like fear of the unknown and change.

Historically, and I’m sure I’ll be corrected, but I think I remember that when the new Talent changes went live in the pre-BC patch, similar concerns were raised… except, I think classes at that time found the new Talent tree changes made them MORE powerful than before, not less, so the existing content was a bit easier to handle before the expansion itself came out.

Or maybe I just remember my feral Druid OP-ness with a warm, rosy glow.

Either way, the concern and worry felt is quite real, and I hope that when the patch comes, you are not disappointed by the end result. I really do.


10 thoughts on “A Raiders thoughts on the pre-WotLK patch

  1. It won’t be the end of the world i’m sure.
    It will be a whole new game to play though.

    New profession changes, classes and talents changes, buff stacking different, all new items.
    Yet it’s still the same game in a way.


  2. the changes with 2.0 pre bc were far more significant i think. pvp was a total mess as skills were set for the improved stamina amount on bc items. hunters twoshot clothies in battlegrounds.

    and i dont think the changes will come anytime soon. take druids for example. last time i read blizz still lacked a concept for tanking bears to make up for the loss of armor on leather items im wotlk. will theses changes go life too? will i have maxed armor on a bear in greens because of the changed mechanics?

    other things a definitly a good idea concerning my classes (feral) druid and mage. they are lacking- especially in pvp.

    as i see blizz did a lot for them in wotlk. ❤ dudu changes 🙂


  3. @me: I don’t recall as many game mechanics changing with BC as they are doing with LK. There were quite a few “new” skills/talents and a few mechanic changes, but with LK it seems like there are few new skills/talents and a **huge** number of mechanic changes. Maybe that’s why this may be a bit more painful than the pre-BC patch.

    Frankly, it has to happen, it is not like LK can be released overnight and it would all work perfectly. 3-4 weeks on Live before its released gives Blizzard a bit of data before they go and burn those DVDs.


  4. Oh man, I read a post on matticus a few days ago about this. I think whoever wrote that post is rather crazy. His points made no sense to me. “Prot warriors no longer able to tank Illidan”? I mean come one! Illidan is Blizzard’s flagship boss right now. Thats a crazy statement to make.

    So I think the orginal poster did the WoW community a big dis-service, writing this kind of junk… just look how it spreads. As a hardcore raider who lives & breathes to kill new bosses, I think none of us have anything to worry about – except maybe as you suggest BBB, some content nerfs 🙂 Some raiders really do hate that! You gotta laugh…

    (I’ve even heard speculations that bears will be able to tank Illidan – now thats my kind of rumor!!!)


  5. I am in the camp that believes that the sky is not falling for raiding…at all. It simply means that people will have to adapt and overcome, or they will quit. If they quit, they have no one to blame but themselves for not doing the things they want to do.

    Besides, big patches usually spend a very long time on the PTR before they go live, giving more than adequate time (at least a month, I’m guessing) for players to adjust their gear accordingly.

    And, yes, I remember the same thing BBB. 😉


  6. I’ve played alot on wacrafter with the upcoming changes simply on the Defense’ive side of things. Bottom line – is I need 100badges for a new BP (oh wait – I just spent 75 on my current BP last week) and I need to put on my 32 defense trinket to compensate.

    I’m aggravated – since today I can tank kara, post -patch I will not be able too…without gear changes which for me – are not-insignificant.

    Threat issues will be fine – as spell dmg/AP and STR gear will slowly change over. However – introducing the talent and mechanic changes – without itemization to go with…is dangerous …IMO.


  7. Actually im on the other side of the fence on this issues. As i wrote yesterday im my blog I want the extra spell dmg/spell power so i can can set my spell rotation etc. set pre xpac. I can dig up the lose of 20 def rating with a armor kit change or a trinket change. I remember the pre bc changes nicely as pallys in brd dire maul etc we finally could tank those. Its a change and as any change I/we will have to learn to function in the new enviorment but at least I/we will do it on fights we know not an unknown situation


  8. I guess I should have replied here – but with the loss of +20 defense and all the threat changes to pallies. Without new gear to compensate for the itemization losses – I’ll be on vacation until I read about a solution so that I don’t get crit anymore in Kara 😦


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