The Ghost Pet Posse

Ghost Pet Posse

I’ve been feeling the love for my Hunter lately, and I’ve been playing her quite often.

And yes, all the new Hunter news does excite me. Can I help it? I like playing with my pet! New pet Talents? Nothing but joy!

Of course, I don’t know that I’ll ever actually get a different pet. I’ve had Moonclaw since the first time I tamed him, and aside from the necessary taming of a new pet to learn a new skill, which was just to help make Moonclaw more powerful anyway, we’ve been a team ever since. 

BRK’s assessment of Cats as losers in WotLK saddens me, but I don’t play my Hunter or have my Pet to provide MQoSRDPS, I play my hunter and have my Pet for fun! And I could never be disloyal to Moonclaw. Plus, Stealth for normal pets may not be considered great, but have you ever tried to see a stealthed Ghost Saber in a furious scrum? Yeah, good luck with that.

I do care about Moonclaw’s feelings, though.

For example, it can’t be easy being the only ghost kitty surrounded by all those living beasts the other Hunters have when we are in Ironforge.

But things have changed! Thanks to a few runs (or five) in Heroic Old Hillsbrad,  I have my hat, and thanks to Doodlebug I have the complete Haliscan outfit… and I even hunted down the Dress Shoes pattern for Windburn so I’d have shoes to match!

My sartorial splendor aside, now Moonclaw has a new friend! A friend that won’t look down on him for being breathing-challenged, and more to the point, a friend that won’t need to be taken for walks to the Ironforge Fire Hydrant.

Ghost Pets mean never having to carry a pooper scooper or clean a litter box. Just sayin’. 

I love having my own Ghost Pet Posse to follow me around… a ghost coyote is the perfect companion for a level 70 Ghost Saber.

And last night really was full of Hunter and Pet love. Graimerin was gushing about his new addon that brought life and fun to his pet, and thanks to his talking it up (and answering my questions) in guild chat, I finally downloaded and installed the PetEmote addon.

I had read about PetEmote on BRKs site before, of course… many times. But somehow, from the description, I had the erroneous idea that I had to trigger the emotes manually. I just didn’t reallize that it really does, at random, spontaneously add life to your pet’s personality. And lets you add your own emotes to it’s list, I think. Haven’t had time to try that yet. I know the first time I saw something like “Moonclaw stretches and begins vigorously licking himself”, I fell in love with the addon.

So there you have it folks. Windstar and the Ghost Pet Posse.

We be haunting up Ironforge in style!

Edit/Addition abuot PetEmote and it’s explosion in the blog community:

Okay, now that I wrote my post and sent it out into the world, I took the time over a break to read some blogs, and check out WoW Insider… and I found that over the last few days WoW Insider and Mania both decided that Great Green Hunter’s Pet Emote tips and fun were well worth posting about. And I bet that Graimerin saw one of those posts and that sparked his sudden use of the Addon. Or at least his talking about it. And then that made me go get it. And then since I was already writing about ghost pets and hunter fun and such, I added the PetEmote bit to my post…

So all this PetEmote stuff has run around just like a snake eating it’s own… oh, sorry, still thinking about Great Green Hunter’s blog. But yeah, looks like he started it. It’s Great Green Hunter’s world, we just blog in it.

You know, Ouroboros might be a fun name for a Wind Serpent pet. 

By the way, DO check out Snake in the Grass (Great Green Hunter’s blog) if you haven’t already, it’s just awesome. VERY well written, fun, informative, and did I mention it’s very well written? Yeah, it’s worth saying twice.

Oh, and of course if you love Hunters you already read Mania’s Arcania. Right? I mean, like, isn’t there a law or something? 

Anyway… damn, now I have TONS of PetEmote customizations to imagine and implement… this is gonna be AWESOME.


10 thoughts on “The Ghost Pet Posse

  1. Ok, this is a random question not related to the article, but did you go to the Minnesota State Fair? I think I read somewhere that you live in MN, otherwise this would be a really odd question.


  2. The way to save the tigers (and other cats) as pets is replace Claw with Mangle at level 70. And how about giving them combo points and Rip as finishing move–it would give kitties some much needed dps love in the expansion AND require hunters to pay attention to what their cat was doing… send pet, mangle-mangle-mangle—RIP!


  3. Grats on the hat BBB! My shaman got hers this week and it’s pretty awesome running around in ghost wholf with it out.

    Although, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a coyote look so much like a wolf IRL. Yeay for limited skins! 😛


  4. Well, I don’t PvP Wulf, but I absolutely agree with you. Early in my Hunter career I did play with hitting stealth and shadowmeld and just lurk.

    These days, before I respecced my pet out of stealth (temporarily) I do love being able to pop Stealth and then Eyes of the Beast, and then prowl around where I shouldn’t be all sneaky-like.


  5. It’s my understanding that a lot of hunters don’t like Prowl for the stealth and the little damage it does when used. However Prowl (as I’m sure you experienced) is much different for Night Elf hunters. Prowl + Shadowmeld work great together and is awesome for taking out those unsuspecting Hordies. ^_~


  6. Ahhhhh yes, PetEmote… I regularly run with my guild leader, who happens to be a hunter, and he’s added all sorts of inside jokes to his PetEmote. It cracks me up when we’re in a raid and suddenly I see “SwipeySpoo thinks your mom is hot!” out of no where. Hehehe.

    p.s. My hunter has the ghost saber, too. So far I’ve had no complaints from her about being the only ghost around… I think she finds it pretty sweet, actually. :3


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