Innervation, chat style!

Now, you might not have noticed this yesterday, but I was just a touch cranky after I got in to work.

Hey, it’s work. Lately, I start getting a headache and my neck starts to hurt as I’m driving to work, ailments that mysteriously go away as I walk out to the parking lot at the end of the day.

It’s a mystery to me. I certainly couldn’t possibly be getting stressed out. I love my job!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do, we swim, swim, what do we do, we swim, swim…..


I got a little crankier after my article went live over at WoW Insider.

I didn’t get any hater comments (at least not yet), but instead what I got was a bunch of Paladin lovers posting in the Druid column about how awesome all-Paladin runs are.

And of course, further down, someone notes how Druids are going to be OP because they are getting melee equalized in Wrath, so it’ll be even more unfair and we’ll see even more all-Druid runs in the future because there will be less need for other classes.

Seriously, am I the only person that sees a string of people gloating that all-Pally runs are easysauce in my Druid column as being an asshat move?

And am I the only one that wants to slap the confusion out of the person that, after reading those gloating all-Paladin run comments, still feels the need to complain that Druids will be able to someday do the same thing?

To my friends who play Paladins… seriously. Have you forgotten how much your class sucked to play prior to BC? Shoot, and I thought Druid tanks were unwanted. I am delighted you guys rock now, since I feel that no class should be made to feel useless or unwanted. I want each class to feel, in their own way, that they kick ass. And I love playing with Paladins. Morthog, Graimerin, Ishvi, Gerolan, Paracelsus… no, I don’t enjoy playing with Paladins. Not at all. Never! lol.

But come on guys, could you somehow get your fellow Paladins to tone the gloating down a bit? Do you REALLY want to get nerfed? What the Blizz giveth, the Blizz can taketh away. You’d think everyone would remember that from pre-BC by now.


I can’t even imagine going into a Paladin column post and gloating about an all Druid run. Why would I? I’m not a Paladin. Why would someone do that?

Anyway, got home and had a nice dinner, watched some Junkyard Wars and No Reservations on the TiVo, and then went downstairs to mine Cassie some more ore.

She needed two more Hardened Adamantite Bars and two Living Rubies to craft her new Goggles. 🙂

As I’m mining, flying around, I immediately get cheered up by guild chat.

Everyone seems to be having fun, Graimerin is organizing a BRD run to get another group of folks attuned for our Molten Core run coming this Saturday, Suvon has just come back from his honeymoon (congratulations again, Suvon!), and there is much whooping and hollerin’ going on.

Guild chat. My anti-drug.

And out of the blue, I get a whisper from someone whose name I just don’t recognise.

I do a quick check, and it’s from a 70 Shaman named Zest in Kinsmen.

Okay, I don’t think I know anyone in Kinsmen, but a 70 Shaman in Kinsmen is a far cry from being a gold spammer, so that’s a good thing. Now what the heck does someone from one of the very top raiding guilds on Kael’thas want with me?

Oh, not much. She just had a quick question for me about something totally non-blog related, and then we chatted for a bit while I was mining.

Oh yeah, and while she was in the Sunwell clearing trash. Ho hum. Just another day in teh Sunwell for Kinsmen. Lol.

I just had fun flying around talking to someone new from out of the blue, and chatting with my guildies, and getting ore.

A nice, quiet evening before Alex starts Kindergarten in the morning.

It’s that kind of thing, talking to a total stranger that turns out to be very cool, or having fun chatting with guildies while doing nothing in the game of any real consequence, that totally revitalizes the game for me. 

Anyone else ever get that feeling? 

It’s not raiding or questing or grouping in instances that refreshes my batteries nearly as much as just floating around mining or herbing or fedexing a quest chain and chatting or listening to chat. 

Marketing and Public Relations folks like to say (sometimes) that perception is reality. But it’s not.

If you go by the Trade channel and the vocal 1% that are nasty there 24/7, then the perception is that the average palyer is just like them. It’s what you see in Trade day in and day out in Shattrath or any other major city.

But they are NOT the rule, the average, the norm. They are just the 1% that have nothing better to do than sit in Shatt and spam Trade. All day long.

The majority of players aren’t like that. They are the ones that are actually out there, like you, playing the game.

Remember the bad old days prior to the LFG tool? When it was the LFG channel that they all lived in? And if you weren’t looking for a group, you could just shut them off?

Everybody begged Blizz to get rid of the LFG channel… apparently, the concept was, remove the LFG channel and the worthless spam would all go away. Yes, we saw how they all went meekly into the General chat tab so you could safely ignore them, didn’t we?

No, they just moved to another channel that people want to have available all the time, the channel where you would be hoping to find a good deal on items or gear. The one place you don’t want to shut off if you are at all interested in the economy of your server.

And if you want to be open to a good deal, or to sell your stuff quick… they get to mug your eyes.

If they stayed in General, you could just shut it off. That’s not what they want. They desperately need attention. They NEED you to see them. So of course they moved to another channel that most people do not want to turn off.

What is it that they say? That any attention, even negative attention and hate, is better than being ignored if you have no feeling of self worth? Because if you are hated, at least you’re forcing someone else to recognise you exist?


I wonder what the game would feel like if you never enabled Trade chat on your account, or visited forums.

If the only in-game interaction with people you had was with guild members, and people you met while in a PUG formed from the new Burning Crusade LFG mechanism.

Well, and random whispers in Stormwind near the mailbox from level 30s begging for gold.

What if, for example, your impression of the game community came from friends and random encounters with people who played the game, instead of from morons camping in Shattrath spamming Trade.

Based on my experiences, I’d have to say you might think WoW players were among the nicest and most fun people in the world. In person, most folks tend to be very nice. Okay, there are exceptions… but really, most folks I actually meet in game seem to be very nice.

Of course, that is life on a care bear server. For people who are on PvP servers, who know that it’s only the people on YOUR faction who are cool, it’s gotta be totally different. The other faction needs to get ganked. It’s a moral imperative. Those bastards!

Hey, it was justifiable homicide! What?

Hey, he was asking for it! He’s the one that rolled Horde, not me!

Wait, did he just /taunt me? Oh, that’s it. Now it’s on!

I keep thinking it would be fun to make an alt on a PvP server and try it out, just to see what it’s like to always be in that ‘hunter or prey’ environment while questing… and then I come to my senses.

But to return to my point, I would like to ask Blizzard, just one more time, for a massive, unlimited Ignore list that can be shared across all my characters. Then when I saw an asshat, I could put them on Ignore, and after a while, Trade chat would be delightfully free of anything but the occasional seller of goods and services.

Because I would automatically Ignore anyone that advertised their guild there, too. Just saying.

A Trade channel that was only used for one thing… to look for trades.

What a concept.


18 thoughts on “Innervation, chat style!

  1. Hehe, my druid on a PvP server is now 42 and I have to say, it’s very interesting playing on one.

    Most of the time, people of your same level seem to be in the same spot you are: they want to quest to get some levels so that when they’re big and strong they can pwn your ass without much difficulty.

    The most flack I get from people on the PvP server is if I happen to be unlucky enough to come across that bored asshat lvl 70 hunter with the S2 shoulders (because, you know, EVERYONE has them : /)

    Or that bored lvl 70 druid who happens to catch me right outside the zone of the guards in Moonglade. I thought druids stuck together T.T

    Anywho, rolling pvp def does give you a chance to spice up the WoW experience. I mean hell, it’s kinda fun when after you just killed X amount of mobs, ’round the hill crests that lvl 40 BE pally, who’s targeting you for an easy kill it seems… XD

    Silly pallies. Taste like chicken. ^.^


  2. Instead of an enormous ignore list, what about an option to share friends lists between alts and to ignore chats from anyone who isn’t on the list. If it was something you could turn on and off it would be easy to be left alone when you wanted it and open to communications when you decided to not be a cranky bear. I’d think it would be way easier to implement.


  3. “I wonder what the game would feel like if you never enabled Trade chat on your account, or visited forums.

    If the only in-game interaction with people you had was with guild members, and people you met while in a PUG formed from the new Burning Crusade LFG mechanism.”

    This has been my version of WoW since my main was level 10 or so. Well over a year and a half. Trade is the first thing I click off when I roll a new character.


  4. I think I’ve used Trade for trade in anger maybe twice since rolling. Perhaps just turning it off would be a win (but then I wouldn’t get to be snarky at the idiots. Hmm, maybe that’s actually a good thing).


  5. Wait.. there is a Trade channel? 🙂

    As far as your paladin gloating comments, the paladin community seems to be the most sado-masochistic group of people ever. When patch 2.0 dropped, we were like gods. Ret was 2 shotting everything. BC hit and we have been nerfed patch after patch. They will never learn.


  6. Goes without saying: Druids are great. Paladins are great. People should stop posting stupid stuff in blogs, on the official forums and in the Trade channel. If you ignore the jerks, you’ll find there are a lot of cool people playing the game.

    Now the IMPORTANT stuff: Hope Alex has a great first day at Kindergarten!


  7. Junkyard Wars! Woot!

    Lucks to Cassie and her googgles. Just crafted the Furious Gizmatics meself – need to get the meta gem, then I’s good to go.

    And yeah. Just keep swimming.


  8. Pallies gloating on a druid post reminds me a little of hunters/warlocks asking for a raid spot in LFG after you just typed “LF healer then g2g”. Just ignore them. Of course, so many people use WoW as a way to boost their personal sense of self worth, whether it be the loot that droped, their stats, how OP their class will be in Wrath etc. Its ridiculous… and their comments are often false anyway because their motive is so whacked.

    Also, I couldnt agree more about the idiots in chat. The one thing someone like that really hates is to be ignored. We have a really abusive individual in our trade channel all the time, and I know he only does it so he can get attention. It just fuels his ego to tell him he’s an idiot too. I think we would all welcome an infinite ignore list.

    I love just herbing and chatting in vent with good people – I do it all the time nowadays!


  9. “For people who are on PvP servers, who know that it’s only the people on YOUR faction who are cool, it’s gotta be totally different.”

    I play predominantly on a PVP server and while there are certainly a lot of infants who think that you have to gank the other side, there are also those moments where someone helps the opposing faction with an escort quest, or kills the mob that had them at 5% without then ganking. Those people make playing on a PVP server cool, because they had a choice and they chose to do better. Heck they even sometimes emote to see if you want to fight and then kill you, but at least they did it honorably and gave you the choice, without it being enforced from on high.

    The vocal minority are always a problem, I wish I knew a better solution, and neither faction has a monopoly on immaturity.


  10. Coming around to PvP was an effort for me because my first exposure was exactly what you described . . . the hunter who takes the time to dismount from his epic mount so he can one shot the level 25 druid. Kind of an annoyance when all I want to do is finish my questing, right?

    But eventually there was this time a random hunter I found wandering around Ashenvale and myself in our late 20s level range came across a mid 30s orc. We stopped. I asked my new friend, “You want to jump him?” and he said, “I dunno’, do you?” and before I could type, “not really” he’d typed, “ok then,” marked the orc and taken a shot. Nothin’ to do but join in at that point. And we beat him. First blood. Tasted good.

    A couple more good fights like that and I decided that win or lose, as long as the fight was relatively fair, world PvP is a good thing. And by fair I mean the characters are roughly the same level. There’s a chance that you could either win the fight or at least, maybe, get away if you didn’t want the fight. All in all, knowing that contested areas were dangerous, that I have to watch over my shoulder for enemy players is exciting. It adds an edge to the game that I never saw playing in the safe controlled zones or playing with my brother on his PvE server.

    Then I hit level 39 and while I waited a couple weeks for guildies to return from vacation before we finished off Scarlet Monestary I figured, “hey, maybe I’ll try out these battlegrounds my kids tell me are so much fun.” And oh, man, are they ever. It’s like a video game with really, really good AI. LOL.

    Then I started thinking, you know, the problem with world PvP is getting outclassed by level ?? characters, right? Battlegrounds kind of fix that, but lack the edge that comes along with uncertainty. I mean, you know you’re going to be attacked on the BG, that’s what it’s there for. In world PvP, you may be able to quest peacefully. Or, not. That uncertainty is exciting. What if you could control, as much as possible, the fairness of the fight?

    So when I decided I really wanted to make a world PvP character, I made myself a pledge that I will not pick on the lowbies. I will look for the difficult fights, but in zones where alliance roughly my level is questing. Hell, as early as level 10 with Paco, my Orc Hunter, I will go to Teldrassil . . . or better, there’s a wolf I could train in Dun Morogh with a skin Horde can’t get in their lands. I want that. That would be cool. I mean, a pet wolf is cool enough. Taking Timber makes a statement. I’m in ur zone, taming ur pets. lol.

    So I did. PvP in Dwarfland didn’t go so well. Turns out that letting a warrior hit first when they can charge and you’ve only got 200 health is a bad idea. lol. But as soon as I was level 17 I hit Redridge Mountains. Found a neat little ambush spot around Alther’s Mill. I could send Timber out to attack, while I snuck around behind our target and caught him unawares. It was fun. Even when I got feared into the pack of spiders and vultures. Or otherwise beat.

    I’ve nearly got all the gear I need from the level 19 bracket WSG. Now if only I can find the recipe for Lean Wolf Steak at the Auction Hall before I set out for Duskwood I’ll be set.


  11. I have an add-on that shares friend and ignore lists across all my alts, per server. It’s /wonderful/. Now if Blizz would just extend the number of names one could have on an ignore list things would be peachy. Well, I still wish there was a way to make Trade tolerable without /ignores. :/


  12. That “paladins gloating in druid colums” reminds me of the Warhammer fanboys that have been infecting nearly every WoWInsider WOTLK post.

    I’m sure it’ll be great, but do you really have to bug people on a WoW blog on how much their game sucks according to you ?

    Anyway. The thing about LFG is so true :p
    Nearly all my characters are not monitoring Trade – the only one that is, is my bank alt, and I am on him for max 20 minutes a day. After I scan the AH and list my auctions, I log. Away from Trade chat.


  13. You know what… it has been such a very long time since I joined the Trade channel that I had honestly forgotten it existed. If your idea of an unlimited /ignore list were ever implemented, maybe I would join it again too.


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