PBeM addendum; Lauchlins description

Lauchlin is a wiry, lightning quick youth with short white blond hair hinting at a trace of Imperial Scout in his bloodline. He has pale arctic blue eyes, and darkly tanned skin, weathered from time spent in harsh outdoor weather.


He is dressed all in soft bleached off-white cotton clothing, worn under well-made and custom fitted leather armor of the standard brown style seen amongst most Border Guards. Red leather wrappings serve as bracers to reinforce the wrists and ankles and displaying his clan badge. A tartan sash is worn around his waist, with shi sword belted over the top. The broadsword is hung for a right handed crossdraw, a plain buckler shield of iron studded leather stretched over wood is slung on his left arm and a small sling pack is slung across his back under a Pathfinder rain cloak. A huge two-handed axe is strapped awkwardly across his upper back over the cloak, it’s blade bound in cloth. A pouch of pebbles and a sling are at his belt, and a signet ring with his family’s shield-shaped crest is on the ring finger of his left hand.

Lauchlins’ gaze is always cool, calm and collected. His gaze is steady as a rock, and always measuring everything and everyone around him. He never seems unsettled, startled or fearful, even under heavy stress. He speaks politely at all times, with a heavy borderlander accent that has a hint of a harsher tongue and a mix of Border Guards slang in the word choices. When given offence, he does not succumb to emotional outbursts, but instead gets even more soft- spoken and polite.

The first impression a normal man has when meeting Lauchlin for the first time is a sense of fear, a rapidly increased heartbeat and a sudden surge almost of panic, as an instinctive `fight or flight’ impulse kicks in. Something about his measuring eyes, his panther-like carriage, his soft-spoken even voice, or the liquid quicksilver grace of his every motion inspires a momentary surge of panic in even the hardest warrior. For those with good reason to feel fear, the panic can quickly flare into terror.

Over a short span of time in Lauchlins’ company, however, that first surge of panic is often replaced by a feeling of admiration for the young man’s calm and confidence, his poise and his well reasoned and carefully thought out decisions. Admirable as well is the speed with which he carry out those decisions, once they have been made, and his focus as he acts on them with his whole concentration. It becomes easy after a while to forget his obvious youth, and instead listen to his opinions and decisions with attention and respect.

In battle, Lauchlin shrugs the sling pack and axe from off his back, readying his buckler shield and drawing his broadsword with dizzying speed. His natural agility is amazing to behold, and he is clearly possessed of the full measure of speed and reflexes and natural
grace that his Imperial Scout heritage proclaims. Coupled with his speed are the signs, to a trained observer, that he has been exceedingly well trained in the use of the broadsword, and in combat displays advanced maneuvers and techniques that show a
sophistication and breadth of knowledge that far surpasses all but a dedicated Weapon Master, incorporating surprising acrobatic rolls and twists and leaps with more traditional forms and movements.

Interspersed with these sophisticated techniques are a bevy of dirty tricks and gutter level ruthless maneuvers that clearly show that a rough and experienced survivor of low down vicious campaigns had a firm hand in his training. In a protracted fight, however, a blazing rage and fierce drive to win against any opposition can sometimes seem on the edge of overcoming his self control and drive him to take reckless and even foolhardy risks in battle. He sometimes uses this to his advantage, only seeming to have lost control, in order to fool his opponent into expecting an easy opening or advantage that was never really there.

Lauchlin, with a broadsword in his hand, when witnessed in battle by an impartial and knowledgeable observer, is a deadly and terrifying melee warrior that can inspire fear, admiration and awe. To his foes, he is a terrifying force capable of shattering morale.

When using other weapons, such as the heavy knife, or the sling and stones, or when brawling or wrestling in the Border Guard style, his natural grace and dexterity clearly comes into play, and he shows signs of training, but it is clear that the focus of his training
has been in the exclusive and focused use of his favored weapon. And with that weapon in his hand, no single opponent has a chance at victory.

His skill with the axe is, as of yet, unknown.

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  1. I am willing to go with whatever you feel is right for Terin’s background. I am highly pleased with what we put together. I like the feel that it gives my character.

    p.s. I will send my response this week, i promise /sheepish grin


  2. And I do know that we need to address the backgrounds, but you ahve to admit, Terin’s is pretty intense. As things stand now, I like having it, but not revealing the whole thing as one chunk.

    Your background is, I think, pretty up front in your storyline, so I think posting it would be fair.


  3. Damn it, I think this goes back to my having posted from an old version here, remember? I only in the last couple turns found my ‘real’, reworked versions.

    This description is from the yahoo group that we use for the turns and questions and such. So at one time, that was the mutually agreed on final description.


  4. I thought she had red hair…we need to change it either in the description or the story.

    John, if you’d like (and since Jessie’s “secret” is known to the readers) and if anyone is interested, I would be happy to dig up my original background and send it to you to post.


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