PBeM addendum; Terin’s description

Terin Trendel, Baron of Mosley Vale, is a powerful, vibrant man in the last stages of youth. His strength and speed are well balanced and his movements are precise and measured. His face clearly shows the self assurance and confidence of an intelligent, well educated man secure in his personal abilities, but the lines in the skin around his eyes, and a look of shadowed pain deep within the hazel, hints at the personal demons that drive him.


The Baron’s frame is strong and well proportioned, his hair is a dark brown, going gray at the temples, and his full beard and mustache are already heavily shot through with gray, giving him a prematurely aged appearance. The skin of his face and wrists, where the hair does not obscure it, is darkly tanned and weathered from time spent in the harsh extremes of mountain environments.

When in garrison, Baron Trendel commonly wears a uniform of well-tailored and close fitting jacket, pants and high boots, the clothing done in blue, over which he wears his tabard depicting the symbol of Tyr. He is never seen without both Broadsword and Flail at his side.

When traveling, or needing to be ready for battle, Baron Trendel wears a set of padded undergarments over which he wears Scale Armor laminated in blue, with a laminated blue chain coif for flexibility and chain gauntlets and reinforced boots. His personal weapons
remain the broadsword and flail, prepared for a rapid draw at either hip, although he also dresses his horse with lance and shield for mounted combat. He never removes the signet ring of his lost lands and family, Mosley Vale, and his gauntlet chain has a curious bulge
at the finger joint to make room for it when worn. His finger joints have been broken several times from twisting impacts at the juncture of ring and chain, but he still refuses to remove the ring, even when faced with the prospect of imminent combat.

Baron Trendel is generally solemn in his disposition, but never slow. He thinks fast and makes decisions on the move, trusting to his instincts, his personal experience and his long study to guide his actions. He often seems to act rashly or without giving enough
thought or planning prior to taking action, until those who know him realize that he often sees hidden connections between what he sees and knows with what he has experienced or studied in the past. He has a hearty sense of humor that he only displays when in the company of men that have known the true face of battle, with both its sorrow and its excitement.

He is very reserved around everyone he meets, knowing full well how the stories about him have been spread around. On first meeting, he keeps everyone at arms length, remaining cold and professional, but is always warm to the men under his command, willing to spare them both his time and energy to make sure that any questions are
answered, problems are addressed, or needs are met.

At the tactical level of small unit actions he is quietly considered to be one of the few true masters alive in modern Felwaithe, at least by the upper echelons of the Borderlands nobility, and those that maintain extensive information gathering sources. While Baron
Trendels actions have been widely misreported and openly scorned by the majority of the common citizens in the three duchies closest to Mordant, his reputation amongst the active fighting man is pretty neutral. Stories abound that he used craven tactics and dishonorable methods to get his men and himself across the border to Mordant alive, deserting their posts and their duty to the Duke. Word of much of what actually happened has quietly spread from word of mouth, however, thanks to the refugees and men of his unit that have found homes and lives scattered across the land.

In truth, word of his long campaign in the highlands, and his willingness to do whatever necessary to get the innocent refugees he gathered across the border alive has become common knowledge in certain military circles, both the highest ranking and the lowest,
in the Borderlands. Curiously, it is the bulk of the officer ranks, those below true command levels, that have taken the stories of dishonor and craven cowardice most to heart. As such, Baron Trendel is met with hostility and malice from those that should ostensibly be his peers, behavior he has come to expect, but in contrast his opinions seem to be given extra value by men like the Duke of Doneghal, and he is shown a surprising amount of respect by the average enlisted man.

Baron Trendel is sober in body and outlook, a man that avoids alcohol, and prefers to spend his time in study and in physical training rather than in celebration or idle pursuits. He has a reputation for being obsessive over preparation for upcoming struggle, whether it is to prepare himself or to prepare the men under his command for the imagined trials that await. He often seems to blame himself for not having taken his own studies more seriously prior to going to the Order for advanced training, believing that if he had but applied himself more he would have learned that crucial element of strategy that may have made the difference and prevented the fall of the Highlands to the Orcs.

Ironically, the Baron exudes an animal magnetism, composed of his incredible physical fitness and intensity, that, when coupled with an air of tragic romance and loss, most women seem to find irresistible. Baron Trendel, for his part, remains too focused on
avenging the deaths of his family and preparing for the troubles ahead to pay any notice to the advances of hopeful ladies.

Baron Trendel always speaks with courtesy to others, and is patient in explaining his instructions or plans to others. He does sometimes seem tired or drawn, as if suffering the effects of a night without sleep, but his study habits are well known and accepted, if not understood.

When at his ease, amongst men that he knows and respects, the Baron can be charming, able to spin stories into yarns and bring a smile to a tired soldiers’ face. His speech and writing reflect his education, lacking much of the common slang that most soldiers use. At times, a bit of the scholarly word choice comes out, but he tries to keep it mostly in check for fear of alienating the men he is called upon to lead.

In battle, whether mounted or on foot, Baron Trendel wields the broadsword and flail with amazing skill and finesse. His styles are a classic combination of the forms as studied and taught at the Order of Radiance and by the Schools of Mastery, most recently trained from the School of Weapons run by the Green Adder. While he is a master of his chosen weapons, however, he cross trains extensively so as to never be found lacking for choices in a tight position. Coupled with his training, he is a natural with nearly any weapon, even those he hasn’t seen or worked with before, his instincts at feeling out the natural balance and center of a weapon are almost as good as the training a skilled man may possess.

However, with his own broadsword and flail in hand, that natural talent is refined and honed through long hours of study and practice with some of the finest teachers in the Borderlands. He is neither the fastest nor the strongest, but he is extremely well balanced, versatile and precise. He uses his weapons as an extension of his tactics, entangling an opponent, forcing overbalancing and mistakes, and ultimately bringing an opponent down through maneuver and careful timing.