Update: Best Buy service is still worthless

For those that follow such things, you might remember that we had a lot of trouble getting our TV fixed after spending a lot of money on Best Buy’s service plan.

Okay, the truth is that we didn’t get our TV fixed, or looked at, at all. So yeah, I guess you could call that “A lot of trouble”.

Remember when I reported that? It was July 28th that I posted about it, but for us, why, it seems like only yesterday.

Well, there is an update.

Oh wait, did you think that Best Buy had fixed the TV?

Oh, HELL no! (cue hysterical laughter here)

Nope, count it now, it has been exactly 41 days since July 24th, when we reported our TV to Best Buy as needing service.

No, it is not fixed. No, in fact, we still haven’t had a service person from that lovely $100 service plan for in-home service actually set one foot in our house.

Hey Best Buy, are you hearing this? This is me telling the world (or my tiny little corner of the internet, anyway) how you took $100 from me for an in-home service plan on a $600 TV, and have refused to fix it going on 41 days!

Do you think this is getting you any additional sales? Just checking!

So, what happened back then, when I last left you, was that on Saturday August 2nd, I was supposed to get a call from a service tech, telling me when he was going to be able to stop by.

What I got instead, was a phone call from the service tech, not a visit but a call, telling me that from the description of the problem, it sounded like a bad tuner board. And he didn’t have any tuner boards on hand. But he’d order one, and when it came in, he would call me. So he wasn’t going to bother visiting. He’d just order a part.

Oh, and if I hadn’t heard from him in 3 weeks, to call and check to see what is happening.

And he gave me a phone number, and his first name. Just an FYI, the phone number, on a reverse directory, comes up as an unpublished cell phone.

Anyway, so I waited… and of course I received no phone call.

So I called after 3 weeks, and he didn’t answer but I left a message and he called back. He told me the board had JUST been shipped by Fedex, so call him next week.

And the next week, last week, I call, and he doesn’t answer, nor does he return my call. However, I did get a new call from Best Buy’s service scheduling, telling me they could schedule an appointment to have my tuner board installed… why, today! Between noon and 4 PM!

Of course, you have to be at home, from 7 AM to 9 AM, to receive a call from the service guy, who will tell you WHEN, within a two hour window within that 4 hour window, he really does plan to be there.

Now remember, this is the very first week of kids returning to school. And not only do they want someone at home in the afternoon, but you have to have someone at home in the morning to answer the phone too. Just in case you thought you were covered by having a work-at-home mom.

Well, fortunately Cassie was still at home when they called, before she had to take Alex to his very first day of Kindergarten. And the service guy informed her, snottily, that he would be there between noon and 2 PM today, so make sure to be there.

And Cassie replied that today is a school day, and that she must pick up our son from Kindergarten at precisely noon. Anyone that knows how schools work, know that they ain’t kidding when they mean you show up precisely at noon, either. However, she said she would definitely be back by 12:30. So he could stop by between 12:30 and 2, and she would be there.

And he got very pissy, very angry (seriously!), and informed her that he would see what he could do, but if noon came around and he was open then and she didn’t answer the phone, he would have no choice but to go to the next call on the list and pass us by.

So that is where we are at right now. 41 days of waiting for service on our TV.

Will he come this afternoon, between 12:30 and 2 PM? Or have we lost our chance to have our BEST BUY (just a little station identification there) purchased TV repaired after the brief downtime of 41 days?

Time will tell. Time will tell.

I know one thing. I stand by my statement that you should read this, and be warned exactly how Best Buy treats their customers once you walk out the door with your big ticket purchase.

Because this is bullshit.


21 thoughts on “Update: Best Buy service is still worthless

  1. The parents had the same problem with a Best Buy Service Plan that they bought for their laptop. They brought the thing in because of overheating issues, and at the end of it, they blew 100 bucks to have the laptop still overheat, and now has wires sticking out of the now-squeaky joints. =(


  2. You really, really need to send this in to the Consumerist. (consumerist.com) Other than a bit of heckling (“WTF why does anybody get anything from Best Buy? And why get the “service plan – LOLOLOLOL”) you’ll get some good advice. Probably along the lines of EECB (sending email to as many of the top-level BB execs as you can determine email addresses for) or small-claims court.


  3. I suppose you can take small consolation that you don’t use your TV to play WoW. 😉

    More seriously, I hope that things work out for you, BBB. I’ve always been a bit leery of Best Buy, and this is one more scribble on the wall, as it were.


  4. If he doesn’t show up, I would recommend writing a tip to TheConsumerist.com. They really enjoy talking about the crappy service that people pay for in warranty plans from places like BestBuy. BestBuy, as it turns out, is one if not THE worst. Check out their tags for BestBuy, and you’ll know why I refuse to purchase anything over $50 from them.


  5. Sent link to blog to corporate investor relations. I happen to own stock, a minuscule amount, and find when I get the runaround from any company that I own stock in I b!tch to them.
    Their US headquarters is in Minneapolis, near you?


  6. Oh cool, I got a comment from the writer of Frost is the New Black!

    I told our resident mage, Blusummers, he needs to read your blog. I think it rocks.


  7. Third vote for The Consumerist. They get complaints about Best Buy all the time, and someone always has good advice to offer.


  8. As things stand right now, he is in my house installing the part.

    First, he was, in the words of Cassie, “really creepy”.

    Cassie says he’s also acting very pissy while there so far today.

    So, is it going to work?

    I don’t know, but I can say I feel very nervous having a ‘creepy’ guy in the house with my wife and son. Nervous enough that I really, really wish I’d taken the afternoon off.

    And he is still there, so I keep calling to make sure it’s ok.


  9. Don’t know if anyone here has ever used their respective State Attorney General’s office. I did for a similar issue in Washington state. Worked wonders


  10. Not to scare you too much, but do you remember that Best Buy employee that left his cellphone in the shower so he could videotape a woman showering? Ugh.

    Sorry you’re going through all this. Especially at this time of year. No TV with CFB and the first week of NFL…bleh.


  11. I have a similar story about BEST BUY and my brand spankin’ new quadcore super giggage computer that I bought in December and which, by the end of January was having overheating problems. That was easy enough to fix with a bigger fan.

    Then in May it just stopped working. Big blue screen of death telling us it couldn’t load some boot files. Tried everything I knew to get at boot files, took it in to the service department where they assured me this was not a big deal, they’d put it in line to work on over the weekend and get back to me when the fixed it. Which would be that weekend. Monday they still hadn’t called me, so that night I called them and got, “uh, yeah, we can’t figure it out. We think it’s a bad hard drive. But we need to send it to our center to have it looked at. In Kentucky. Yeah, Kentucky. If they can fix it they will, if they can’t then we’ll just give you a new hard drive under your warranty.”

    “Could I just get a new hard drive and recover this data?”

    “Oh sure, but then it wouldn’t be covered under warranty and we have to send the drive to the same place in Kentucky for data recovery anyway.”

    Gah. Four weeks later (yes, that was a month without WoW), without them ever, EVER, contacting me I found out my computer was back in the store and I could come pick it up. Sure enough, it needed a new HD. Did I want my data recovered? Sure that would be nice if I could get my drive back and take it to someone else. “Sorry, sir, we get to hold your data hostage for somewhere between $250 and $1500. You see, you signed these forms that let us . . .”

    Yeah, whatever. I understand the way they screwed me was all legal. But they still screwed me. Fortunately we didn’t lose too much.


  12. That’s totally what I’d expect from Worst Buy. They suck. They suck and a half. I love their “greeter” who wants to nose into your purchases and assumes you are a thief. Let’s see, I have a receipt for hundreds of dollars. I’m sure I’m stealing some small item hidden in my sack of loot. Obsequious jackholes.

    Those Magnolia Home Theater things in Best Buy are a load of crap. The real Magnolia HiFi stores have the best customer service and repair departments you can imagine. It is a tremendous insult to the name of the stores. I feel sorry for the people who work at Magnolia HiFi and who have to bear the stink of being associated with Magnolia Home Theater.

    And what they sell isn’t real, quality home theater either I’ll bet. I sincerely doubt that Magnolia Home Theater carries anything good like Pioneer Elite Kuro plasmas, B&K amps and pre-amps, or Sonus Faber speakers.


  13. As an added bonus you live in the city where they have their corporate headquarters. You think that would improve their CS….hardly.


  14. Oh, and here is the capper…. he rearranged my wiring, and now I have audio and video cables being used instead of component cables for my comcast HD box input…

    and when Cassie looked out the front window to see if he arrived in a service truck?

    Can you guess what name was on the van he drove?

    Can you?

    Geek Squad.

    Not a cute VW, but a van, and it was emblazoned with the Geek Squad logo.


  15. He’s in a Geek Squad van so call Best Buy and ask for the number for the regional director. Then complain to him about the experience, the repair tech, and the store. Won’t matter, but hey. It’s good to yell at management.


  16. I never thought I’d be saying this, but …

    BBB, let me know if you continue to take flack for this and get further frustrated with the experience. I work in advertising at one of the biggest newspapers in the southeast, and I represent Best Buy’s account, so if you need a name at the corp. office, I can ask the ladies I usually work with if they can get a high-level CS name.


  17. BBB,

    Sounds like a bad all-around experience, and that sucks. I have actually had decent luck with Best Buy. Bought my Xbox 360 there with the 2-yr Best Buy service plan. My xbox crapped out within a year (as I have learned, that is par for the course with the xbox). I took it into Best Buy, they looked at my receipt and saw that I had their warranty, and they handed me a new xbox, while allowing me to keep my old harddrive for the saved data. No hassles, piece of cake, in and out of the store in 15 minutes or so. I am always leery of the big mega stores, but was pleasantly surprised in this case.

    Despite all the headaches, hopefully your story will have a happy ending…


  18. I know you’re going to hate me for saying this… but you’re a fool to buy the service plan. BB makes their money pushing those plans on every single item they can. I’m not at all surprised that the service you get with the plan is that bad. They’re not offering to take care of you, they’re milking you for more money with a false sense of security.

    In the future I can only say “go to Circuit City”… everyone in my immediate family has had nothing but good experience with CC, even when an item broke. Noone has anything good to say about BB, and it’s kinda obvious why 😛


  19. hehe thanks B…I seriously try to comment more your site, but it’s blocked at work, so I only get time to read when I get home, and by the time I’m done through reading all of it (admit it, your posts are long, and I’m convinced that I’m partially illiterate, making it a compounded problem), I simply have to retort with an equivalently lengthed comment that eats up my WoW time and all of a sudden I’m behind on my farming schedule and I can’t make the minimum amount of gold to buy consumables for our next kara run, resulting in me having to dip into the guild bank for repair money, which I deserately need because of those DAMN AOE PULLS THAT PUNISH ME FOR RECENTLY RESPECCING OUT OF IMPROVED BLIZZARD AND PERMAFROST HOT DAMN.



  20. I’m sorry, I just commited grammatical diarrhea all over your post. Let me apologize by simply saying, “Great work on the blog, I hope to read more when I get the time.”


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