I think the new Beta build was a hit

I was browsing the new changes from last night’s Beta build that MMO-Champion posted.

Cassie was standing over my shoulder, watching as I scrolled through the undocumented class changes.

You know… you KNOW you have scored a hit with your latest changes, when I scrolled past the Paladin section, and heard Cassie draw an involuntary breath like she’d just been sucker punched.

I looked up, and saw her eyes shining with a vindictive glow, like she had seen the fires of hell unleashed, and it was her hands that set them free.

I looked back at the screen to see what could have prompted this unholy glee.

There was only one Retribution change listed;

retadin oomph

I looked back up at her, and she said, “That’ll teach them to try to run away from me! Oooh, I hate that!”

10 thoughts on “I think the new Beta build was a hit

  1. Lollerskates!
    I saw it all play out in my head as you told the tale, 3B & the wrap was I could hear Cassie saying that! 🙂


  2. Its also huge for tanking since if you have a bunch of mobs attacking you its dangerous even for .5 seconds to be casting anything.


  3. See, things like this show how much I really don’t know about some classes (ie, ALL classes except mage); I thought all hammers were instant cast. I really need to roll pally then eh? I’ve been itching to try out their prot grinding spec for quite a while, but I’ve never bothered to labor through that meticulously slow grind. Such is life, I suppose.


  4. By the way, and I’m sure I’ll do a bigger post on it later, but can I just say how surprised I am at that looks like every piece of every classes’ set gear drops in Naxxramas ten man?

    I assume it’s the token system, but if it’s true, then this is a big change. As far as I know, this would be the first time you could actually go into one instance or raid and get one solid set for your class. Not just bits and pieces.

    That would be awesome.


  5. OMG! I hate that too. AS a Holy Pally it’s bad enough that it takes forever to kill anything but when they run it is even worse. Seal of Justice helps a little but isn’t foolproof and doesn’t do as much damage as Seal of Righteousness when I have a libram boosting that one!

    I am excited about the HOT aspect for Holy Pallies and also the ret talents.

    In Sisterhood Cassie!


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