Living in the past!

I actually like that blog post title.

For one thing, I’m a fan of Jethro Tull, been to see Ian Anderson many, many times.

The title also refers to the fact that the new season of American television is almost upon us, with new shows and new series and all sorts of stuff.

And just as everyone else is all excited (or not) about getting to watch the shows they have been missing….

I am discovering a show from last season that I dearly wanted to watch, but missed the first episode of.

And once you miss the first episode, you can either try and catch up as you go, potentially ruining the fun, or wait for DVD.

I chose to wait for DVD.

So I requested Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 from Netflix, and last night finally watched the very first pilot episode from the first season.

And there you have the third reason I like the post title… ‘Living in the past’… a show about… oh, never mind.

Yeah, I know. I’m not funny, it ain’t witty, and it’s not original. I still crack me up.

Anyway, I had mixed emotions going into the show.

On the one hand, Summer Glau as a Terminator. I mean, come on.

After watching Firefly and especially Serenity, how can you not buy into Summer Glau as a Terminator?

On the other hand, I had pretty much figured Terminator 3, Rise of the Machines put the nail in the coffin of that franchise. After that ho hum borefest, where would they get life to add to the concept? There were no more mysteries as to what was going to happen. War is here, yadda yadda.

Well, I watched the show anyway. I mean, come on! Summer Glau!

It was pretty damn good.

There were some flaws, but in my opinion they restarted the damn story in a totally kick ass way.

First, they picked up after Terminator 2, and seem to have decided to pretend Terminator 3 never happened. A damn good choice in my opinion.

Sure, it starts with the same old, same old. Sarah and John on the run, being chased by the mean old robot, other nice robot intercedes and saves them. Formulaic, but well done.

You could see they were adding mystery as to what the hell kind of Terminator Summer Glau was, and that added some good ‘what is really going on’ vibe to it.

But then Sarah decides to stop running and take the fight to Cyberdine… and the Summer Terminator provides help.

Help, in the form of a trip to the bank, to visit a bank deposit box placed in trust when the bank was founded in 1963.

And suddenly, you are introduced to a new concept in this franchise. The idea that these people in the future, with time travel, actually have the capability to lay long reaching plans, going back in time to prepare a foundation for things in the present. About damn time. 

Just the idea that someone went back in time to arrange safe deposit boxes of cash or documents or items that might be needed in the future, lays a lot of possibilities open.

And just as you’re saying to yourself, “Oh, that’s a cool idea, I wonder where they’re going from here with it”, the show goes all nutso awesome.

So, I’m hooked. Big time. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Maybe after that one burst of awesome, it’ll get boring and formulaic again, but I’m willing to watch it to find out.

Last night, while I was watching the first episode of the old season, we were recording the first episode of the new season on Tivo.

It’s so nice to have good television to look forward to!

11 thoughts on “Living in the past!

  1. I thought the new series was pretty good and the acting wasn’t that bad. There are some decent plot twists throughout season 1 and it keeps the action going. John Connor also seems to get less emo and more badass in the second season which is a good move on the writer’s part. It looks like that are going to highlight his transformation from troubled teen to leader of the human revolution. So far they are doing a good job and it looks like it will lead right in to the new movie.


  2. The bad thing about pilots is this logic:

    If ( ( episode = season premiere/pilot ) Or ( episode = season finale ) )

    That is how it normally goes. I know there are some shows that are great through out the whole season, but that’s the normal logic. I could never get into that show, but I’m wanting to see the next movie just because after watching the 1st two movies, I’ve been waiting for this movie.


  3. Bale is playing the future John Connor, saw the preview at Comic Con, it looks like it has potential, it’s supposed to be in the future, but before the time of T2 so they’ve planned it to have the machines be in an intermediate level of design and construction which I think actually really helps to bridge the gap between the previous movies’ depiction of the future.


  4. I don’t like the Sarah also – T2 told us that Sarah was ‘shacking’ up with anyone who could teach John how to be the future leader – Shacking up doesn’t seem to be in this sarahs ethos – shes determined, and cautious and a survivor – but shes not machine gun mama Linda hamilton. I think the show on the whole is awesome… Curses australia for being so behind on Tv Series that I will have to wait for s2 to come out on DVD in the Us..


  5. Is Bale playing John Connors or a Terminator? It would be cool if he was playing Connors, not so much (for me) Terminator.

    Also, BBB, I was in the Infantry for 7 years. I know that ragged edge of which you speak. You describe pretty well and, if that’s the way Sarah Connor is in the show; I may have to give it a watch. But yeah, Linda Hamilton was IT for me in T1 and 2.


  6. Shrinn, I can see what you mean about the actor that played Sarah Connor, but I was okay with it for a few reasons.

    First, I’ve been around a lot of people who, for one reason or another, have rode the ragged edge too darn long. Burnouts, adrenaline junkies, and people that have just had to be on point way too long without any down time.

    I loved Linda Hamilton from the first two movies, and I knew going in that it didn’t matter who they picked, I wouldn’t like them more than Linda.

    But, I have to say, I felt that she did a very solid performance of a woman that once cared passionately and with a frenzied energy, but now is just too far gone to be capable of that level of emotion.

    She’s burnt out from worrying all the time, preparing all the time, always trying to think of where the next threat is coming from, and always living the idea that “no one is ever safe”, literally ever, when your enemy can know where you will be at a given time before you will, and can lay in an ambush no matter how spontaneous your actions, if some electronic device recorded and saved the record of your presence there and your electronic enemy in the future found that in a database.

    I’ve done counterterrorism training before, and I can tell you that the very thought of trying to safeguard a target when your enemy might very well have detailed data on your movements and timetable, from historical records, and be able to strike at you at a time and place of their choosing knowing in advance exactly what your actions originally were? So they are veritably guarenteed the advantage of surprise so long as they don’t blow the ambush preparations?

    Omigod, I can think about it in terms of fiction, but couldn’t begin to imagine what trying to deal with that in the real world would be like, especially trying to protect your children against invulnerable cyborg death machines.

    Nah, I’m willing to give the actress a pass on her performance, so long as she really is trying to play an emotionally drained survivalist burnout.

    I am withholding judgment on the actor playing John. I just keep having a problem with seeing this whiny little ‘please take this burden from me’ jerkoff as someday growing a pair of such legendary proportions that the Terminators will stop at nothing to kill him.

    But hey, that’s why I was hesitant about expecting much from the first episode, and why I was so pleasingly surprised. It had a plot! And surprises!


  7. After I saw the commercial for it last year, I knew I was never ever going to like it at all. I mean I watched pretty much all the Fire Fly series, and the movie. And this is my own personal opinion that Summer Glau was not the best actor, I mean she is lovely, but watching her act was trying to watch a Bear eat in sophisticated restaurant and excel at it. It was just that bad to me. I loved the story behind Fire Fly so I just endured it, and this is Terminator. It should of had ended at number 3 even better yet number 2. So this is my take on it.


  8. Summer Glau was THE reason I tuned in for the pilot …. it was good, but after that first episode we missed the rest of the season. I think I will netflix that first season though. Again, all because Summer Glau is in it 😀


  9. Hmmm…I caught 2 MAYBE 3 episodes last year, the first 2 or 3 & then bits & pieces the rest of the time. I was not impressed.
    First of all, because the woman who plays Sarah has NO passion. I don’t believe she’s scared or frenzied or even mildly concerned. Second, similiar feelings about the kid who plays young John Connor, although he does a better job. (& he’s a kid, he gets alittle pass just for that)
    One redeeming quality…the cute little girl who plays the nice terminator, She IS convincingly creepy/scary & just plain weird. I do very much enjoy her performance. But not enough to get me hooked, i guess 🙂


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