It’s the end of the world as we know it…

Or the beginning of the most massive spontaneous exposion of player whining we will ever see in World of Warcraft.

All I have to say are eight little words to tell you everything you need to know;

“Wide open paid PvE to PvP server transfers.”

That’s it. That’s all that needs to be said.

WoW Insider moved fast and has already posted a solid story about it.

It’s been announced on Blizzards’ main page, and as you might imagine, the WoW Forums are erupting. 

The news is only a few minutes old.

My take?

Well, I have always strongly respected Blizzard for standing firm that if you wish to be the ganker, you must first earn the right by enduring 59 levels, or 69 levels, as the gankee.

However, from the perspective of fun with friends, there are folks that I know that would never dream of playing on a PvE server, that would be fun to server transfer a 70 alt to go join just to bum around with. Like, oh, Bellwether?

But there is one issue I want to touch on briefly, just to throw it out there.

I wonder how many people in raiding guilds on PvE servers right now are only there because they started on a PvE server, got to max, and when their real life friends started on a PvP server, they didn’t want to start over with a new character and PvP up?

Or who are in PvE raiding guilds right now, but secretly always wanted world PvP, and would love to go PvP without having to level up the hard way?

In short, I wonder if raiding guilds are about to get a sudden case of “Where did my raiders go?”


Oh, and since it might have seemed ambiguous, my position is simple… “Okay.”

It does not affect me, personally, in any way. I don’t have any emotional involvement in this, one way or another.

I think, in the short term, those people who pride themselves on being having earned their positions as 70s on a PvP server and sneer at those on carebear servers will be very, very unhappy… but I think that, in the end, with the majority of people being at the highest levels anyway, this will simply give those people who leveled up on a PvP server, have played that way forever and have mad skillz a new group of lambs to slaughter.


You should be grateful, Blizzard is opening the gates to send you new victims!

I’m sure some of them will find out that when they try to level when Wrath is released that trying to perform quests when you have to watch your back and compete with folks that can simply gang up and kill you if they run across you is pretty tough. And some of those folks might just up and leave again.

But I think in the long run it’ll be just fine. But what do I know?


26 thoughts on “It’s the end of the world as we know it…

  1. Amen again to Tatko, and that’s exactly what I think about it. I think it was a great idea to not allow PVE toons to transfer to PVP servers. The best thing about it is, all the preteen gankers on PVP servers who had already spent the time and effort to level up on PVP, would be discouraged from transferring to a PVE server, where people actually try to enjoy the game, out of fear they wouldn’t be able to transfer back. This is good for the game, and shouldn’t be changed. If all you want to do is run around ganking people who are lower level, have less gear, or less friends than you, stay on the PVP servers where you belong, and let those of us who want to enjoy the content, enjoy the content. PVP is for preteen pricks, let them stay in their asshat land and be happy there.

    To take it one step further, I think they should delete BG’s and arena on PVE servers. Or make “Full PVE” servers where there is no PVP whatsoever. The fact that asshats who level up on a PVE server and can go into raids in welfare epics without the slightest concept of how to actually run a 5-man disgusts me. And there are more of them every day… probably because they no longer fear not being able to transfer back to their asshat PVP server, so they’re showing up in PVP gear (as good or better than t4 which can take months to acquire), and raiding (or attempting to) with those of us who actually enjoy the “content” of the game – that is, the PVE aspect.


  2. Please don’t call ganking “PvP”. Would you call a level 70 killing level 5 boars in front of Orgrimmar “PvE”?

    Yes, technically it’s person versus person, but true PvP means struggle, learning, and real achievements. It requires you to learn how to play your class, how to use other classes’ weaknesses, work as a team etc..

    Ganking, on the other hand, is what boys with little tiny dicks do to feel better about themselves.


  3. The only issue as I see it is that they changed the rules. People made decisions based on those rules, then Blizzard changed them. What am I talking about?

    I’m talking about anyone who ever leveled up a character to 70 on a PvE server only to end up leveling the SAME CLASS on a PvP server because they wanted to play with friends. It’s incredibly unfair to everyone who basically leveled up TWO characters because of a silly rule.

    Is it a bad rule? Sure. It sucked ass to have to level up another character to 70. But that’s my point – it’s like Blizzard is spitting in the face of everyone that made such a switch the “hard” way.

    I would argue that the rule shouldn’t have existed in the first place. However, because it DID exist, it’s unfair to anyone who made decisions BASED on that rule.


  4. I am a huge fan of this. I levelled originally on a pve server because that’s where real life friends were. Now, all but one of them quit playing. That friend and I rerolled horde on a pvp server with RAF. We’ve had no gold and it’s been pretty tough even though I had 15k gold on my other server where I have 3 70s. Finally, last night, one of those 70s brought over a ton of mats and 10k gold. On top of that, we do the dailies every day on his 70 that’s there already. It’s not too bad on a pvp server and it allows a player to use the full range of his/her abilities and to be a more “aware” player. I now have two characters in the 60s that I started on KJ, and I love it. I most likely won’t go back to pve.

    BBB – I’m putting this comment here even though it goes on your previous post… Don’t forget that when soloing in the world, you don’t actually need the hit cap you listed in your last post. That’s the hit cap for lvl 73 bosses, not lvl 68-71 mobs. So, you can even afford to lose a little more hit for just your farming gear :).


  5. Eh, I personally don’t care. I’ve never done much PvP (I suck at it). I’m hoping that the wanna-be tough guys on my server will move along (they all seem to proclaim themselves gods at PvP). Not that they cause me much trouble directly, but they’re turds socially. Either way, I am 100% certain VG is right, “PvP kids” will be coming out of the woodwork for a great deal of time. I doubt high end raiding guilds will lose too many players. Most of the people taking advantage of this will be the server turds, going somewhere they think their attitude will be more socially acceptable, I suspect.


  6. I just wanted to add my though on this one because I know what it means to lvl in pve and pvp. I lvled a lock to 70 on a PVE server almost 2 years ago. I stopped playing for a while and then I lvled a druid (go druid!!! ) on a PVP server. I didnt see big difference between the 2. You just have to be a little bit more carefull that it. I don’t know why the people on PVP think they are so much better. Sorry nothing against you guys, I am a PVP guy too now. Anyway just to say that I agree with blizzard on this one and I might even bring my lock with my druid 🙂


  7. None of this would matter if Blizzard had a chicken system in the game, in which a player X levels above you couldn’t attack you on a PvP server. While leveling on a PvP server I only had real problems with the ?? players attacking me. Not the rare guy that was within 2-3 levels of me. He’d attack once and leave. It was the level ?? dudes that would camp you all night.


  8. I see the practical side of this. I’m currently playing with some friends on a PvP server, have leveled my mage to 60 there, but my level 70 pallie is on a PvE realm.
    After 4 levels of autoattacking and hoping stuff dies before I die of old age, I realized that I didn’t have the heart to level another pallie no matter how much I love the class at cap.
    This gives me an opportunity to bring a toon I’m still quite fond of to the realm where my friends are playing. That’s pretty nice in my book.


  9. I’m not looking forward to this, and I’ve spent about equal time now on both PVP and PVE servers. My concern for PVP’ers coming to PVE servers… is because if you can’t survive on a PVP server – your likely going to be a foul tempered PVP kiddie. looking for easy-mode and easy targets.

    This brings a whole new round of PVP-kidness that I was trying to get away from; this means a whole new round of PVP-thinking towards Raids… which are like oil and water.

    I’m also happy of this change though, because it means I could possibly go back to my old server if I wanted to. (I came from PVP<PVE) As a Resto Druid, I lvl’d 1-70 in an out-ratio’d environment; and I reluctantly switched to PVE – but I found it for the better as a healer. Less time fighting over herbs – getting ganked left and right fishing for raid consumables. Just overall a more pleasant raiding experience.

    Either way, the kiddies will get bored and eventually just move to where they can create self-attention based drama and try an make their own land-marks. But I doubt they will win any war – on a PVE server.

    To be honest… I think PVP’ers take Raiding more serious then PVE’ers… so if there is going to be a massive re-roll server transfer thing and mass recruitment to build up Expansion guilds… PVE-guilds prepared to get stomped.


  10. I think this is a good move. I started out with RL friends in their established guild on a PvP server, and with my brother-in-law on a PvE server. The guild on the PvP server is still going strong, while the PvE guild has died. Our characters on the PvE server haven’t been played with for a while…it’d be great to transfer them over to the other server.


  11. I’m all for the PVE transfers coming to play on PVP servers. They aren’t used to looking over their shoulders when chasing down mining veins, weeds, and gas clouds. My wife is going to have fun with this one…. If you see a big overgrown wolf, named “Doggy” chasing you down, RUN!!!!! She’s right behind it and she loves world PVP.


  12. I’ve already queued up my 60 hunter to transfer from PvE over to the PvP server. I’m all perky.. I missed playing the hunter but I didn’t have it in me to do 1 to 60 again. Now at night I can do dailies on my 70 then go play around on the hunter. This change rocks.


  13. I leveled a 70 druid on a pvp server and I am struggling to level my other 8 alts on the same pvp server. Leveling a low level character on a pvp server is a royal pain. The constant griefing by packs of higher level Horde is brutal in Astraanar, Southshore, Menethil and the other starting Alliance areas. I understand the Alliance level 70s, who return the favor at the Crossroads. I don’t participate in ganking, but I understand how players want payback. I also know there all equal number of jerks on both sides.
    I have watched and participated in the total war that breaks out on my pvp server outside Kara, Coilfang, and in the Isle.

    My few days in the beta test of Lich King on a so-called “normal” has been complete with ganking, griefing and mass campings. It brought that old familiar feeling.

    That feeling is why I rolled another druid on Kael’thas were leveling is unmolested. It is a relief to just worry about the mobs and not the Horde.
    Also I want to shout out to 3B and my new guildies there. Thanks Sidhe Devils for shelter from the storm.


  14. This change has me rediculously ELATED! I was one of those that slit my masochistic wrists to level on a PvP server, pre-BC. That meant WEEKS spent in STV. It was painful but fun fun FUN! Omg, I LOVE being on a PvP server. I moved my character over to a PvE server last Spring to play with a friend and, while I didn’t necessarily regret it, I miss the PvP server experience (Lake Wintergrasp excites the hell out of me)

    So, now that I can, if I so choose, transfer Tigerfeet to a PvP home, I’m happy. I’m not planning on making any moves, I enjoy my place in way too much to leave them, but it gives me all kinds of warm fuzzies to know that I have the option.


  15. I think it’s stupid. It’s not the end of the world, I’ll see if my friends on PvE servers want to take advantage of it, but honestly, I preferred how it was before.

    And that’s all I have to say.

    (Come transfer and hang out with me, and we’ll go kill Hordes)


  16. I leveled a Paladin to 60 pre-BC on a PvE server, then up to 66. (Along with an alt or two in the 30’s.)

    Then I switched to a PvP server, and leveled a druid to 70.

    I’m not sure where I’m going to end up, but now I can transfer the druid to the PvE server and come back to PvE if I want. Or the Pally to the PvP server if I decide to keep the druid there.

    Or maybe transfer both to Kael’thas eventually. 🙂

    Definitely makes the game more fun for me, and that’s what it’s all about.


  17. From a pve raiding standpoint i like this change,i moved from pvp > pve to raid at a time that suited and ill be staying here,however finding new recruits geared in full T6 or with sunwell experience is so tough that at least with this option open it will allow people on pvp realms to move where they like with the freedom to return if it doesent work out.


  18. Only if they have a permanent title that says “Carebear” before their names after they transer.

    lol, just kidding, I really never saw the big deal in it anyway.


  19. Despite the whining, this is going to turn out to be a non-issue.

    The originial rationale was that it was harder to level on a PVP server, so it wasn’t fair for players to level to max PVE and then switch over.

    But that never made much sense and it’s only more obvious as most of the population is at max level and Blizzard introduces more and more way to speed players through — or skip most of — the levelling grind.

    The only change I forsee is for some PVE server players to jump to PVP servers to be with friends they couldn’t join before because they didn’t want to abandon their level 70 characters. Maybe some guilds bored with the endgame will do the same thing — move en masse to PVP servers for something new.

    But “world PVP” is such a weak part of WoW (as compared to PVE, raiding, BGs, arenas, etc.), that I can’t imagine any huge shifts.

    (My guess — this is just another attempt to draw attention away from the launch of PVP-centric Warhammer. The timing’s just too coincidental.)


  20. I seriously doubt folks will transfer to a PvP server without knowing anyone on the PvP server, so in the end this is a way for folks to play with their friends (RL or virtual). You both leveled to 60 on a pvp server, he quit playing, you hate solo’ing on a PvP server, so you Xfer. A year later he comes back….

    I’m in that exact situation. Though I now a good set of virtual friends on my PvE server, I’m not sure I want to lose that to play with a RL (brother) on a PvP server where everyone is an asshat. But at least they typically have skills, on my PvE server, I’m amazed at how clueless folks are…


  21. It’s actually quite exciting, for me anyway. I was interested in joining a guild, who’s I can’t remember without spending an extensive amount of time going back through my rss reader, but couldn’t because I’m PvE and they’re PvP.

    If I did go to a PvP server, I probably wouldn’t be a dick. I’d probably stop doing dailies just to avoid being murdered relentlessly. But otherwise, I’d only take advantage to apply to guilds on pvp servers.


  22. W00t!!!

    I am one of those who is only on a PvE server because that’s where my toon happened to reach 70. I want to RP-PvP SO BAD I rolled my only alt on Emerald Dream and my biggest pre-Wrath project is deciding whether or not he’ll become my main.

    I don’t want PvP for the ganking, I want it for the insanity of Sunwell dailies. I want it so I can destroy the huntard who keeps training mobs onto me. I want it so I can respect myself again!


  23. In short, I wonder if raiding guilds are about to get a sudden case of “Where did my raiders go?”…

    I thought about this as well.

    I wonder if this will only be allowed before Wrath… can you say PvE DK 55-80 then PvP transfer… 🙂


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