Welcome to burnout

I apologize for the lack of enthusiasm and fun around here, lately.

I am just in this period where I’m having a tiring time with many various aspects of the game and the things I do related to it, and most of it I think comes back to the fact there is very little about the game right now that interests me, and there is almost nothing in the expansion for Druids that interests me.

Druids are going to stay the same, basically. They gutted some stat based stuff, and then replaced it in the talents. And we get a long cooldown oh s#!+ button, and can swipe an extra mob or two.

Will Druids still be able to tank?

I’m certain, when the final number crunching is done, they will still be capable of it. Will it be fun to do so? I think it’ll be the same experience as now, so it’ll be okay.

Do I feel any excitement or enthusiasm for the class at all, after seeing the expansion Talents and Skills and reading live reports of playability in action?

No, not really. No stirring of the blood, no “I can’t wait to see that”, nothing. Nothing really new there to see, after all.

As Ghostcrawler finally admitted, looking at making Druids more exciting wasn’t something they looked at for this expansion.

So, I guess we’ll see in the next expansion.

If my Hunter was my main, I’d be freaking out I’d be so excited. Hunters have just had the fairy godmother wave her magic wand. They are pretty much the opposite extreme of the ‘fun’ meter for the patch/expansion.

Every class has it’s own feelings about how they’ll perform, or how much fun the new stuff will be. I understand Healing Priests are more than a little miffed that the other healing classes get their own versions of things that were formerly the Healing Priests’ strengths.

I understand. But there is a lot more to having fun in the game than “How will my class change?”

All feral Druids have to look forward to, pretty much, is the same ol’ same ol’, plus concerns as to whether or not all the ‘balancing’ will leave us as good tanks anymore.

Ghostcrawler has said nobody will be able to be a ‘good’ tank, just a viable one… boy, when I think of fun, I think of having to gear to the very top just to be viable. Yep, that’s what I’m thinking. “Hey, I can’t wait to tank that instance run, I have had my class designed to be, with the best gear they plan for me to get, okay… oh joy.”

Of course, we were never supposed to be that good in BC. It was a mistake. Warriors were supposed to be the number one tank, period. Paladins and Druids were supposed to be second rank tanks. Not my opinion, that’s direct from Ghostcrawler. 

But don’t worry, feral Druids will still be able to do the job… 

But why should I have to treat playing my class as a job? Are you paying me to tank, now? Am I punching a time clock?

It’s not supposed to be about performing adequately at a job, it’s supposed to be about having fun with friends, and having fun playing the game. Right?

If I’m wrong on that, then my bad. 

I just feel very little enthusiasm for the game at the moment, and that is carrying over into everything else I’m doing. It’s hard to be excited about writing a blog post, when I don’t feel excited about playing.

I have only been logging in and playing for the last few weeks now, because I really enjoy hanging out and chatting with the people in our guild. That’s about it.

I know I haven’t really played much since Friday, in an effort to see if I can just get some distance, relax, and once again find that enthusiasm that is now missing. Get some perspective.

Still working on that one.

So there you have it, my friends. I’m not saying I’m going on break, and I’m not leaving for Warhammer or other silliness (Warhammer… ick. Gimme some Warhammer 40k Space Marines, I’ll try that.)

What I am doing is just saying that I am aware of the fact I ain’t been all that enthusiastic lately, and I apologize.

And that I am trying to take a big step back and relax and re-evaluate all the different things I have going on, and decide what is fun, and figure out what ain’t.

And the things that are not fun, are going to change. That I can promise you.


37 thoughts on “Welcome to burnout

  1. I have a co-worker that is a T5+ MM hunter and he is PO’d about the upcoming Xpac. Claims BM hunters got all the love and he got shafted. So, all is not green for hunters. Just BM hunters.

    Regarding Druid tanking, I really hate this whining about nothing new…

    Tank w/CC — Roots indoors — this is huge for 5-mans (and maybe 10)
    Berserk on 3m cooldown
    Challenging Roar on 3m cooldown
    Barkskin in form
    Potions/items in form
    Weapon Procs

    The way I see it, as a Druid tank I picked up 3-4 new buttons. Not sure what everyone else is looking at….


  2. As compared to hunters, with their insane new fun stuffs in all trees? Or mages, who’ve got massive buffage in all trees? Or maybe paladins, who can now form their own guilds and clear instances without the rest of us?

    Feral druids get…the priviledge of still being a feral druid, but only if we want to off tank and off dps. Oh, where most classes have had talents combined and moved down on a tree, feral druids have theirs split up (protecter of the pack, natural reaction) or moved up the tree (Feral Charge – oo, yey I get FFF instead).

    Luckily my main is a resto shaman & my alt is a fliction warlock cause they got buf…aw, nutz.


  3. “Tank w/CC — Roots indoors — this is huge for 5-mans (and maybe 10)
    Berserk on 3m cooldown
    Challenging Roar on 3m cooldown
    Barkskin in form
    Potions/items in form
    Weapon Procs”

    The only thing really ‘new’ there is the berserk. Otherwise it’s mostly ‘meh.’ Challenging Roar I rarely use anyway, otherwise I would have to l2tank. Barkskin in forms is something that should have been available before. Revive isn’t something we needed or makes our class more fun. Potions/items in form; again, something that should have been available before. Weapon Procs are nice in the fact that we’ll finally be able to choose something other than +35 Agility, but nothing new.

    Most things that are coming for druids are perceived fixes, nothing really new or exciting.


  4. BBB,

    I’m a resto who enjoys reading your blog for the feral POV. Been wondering a bit if you needed a break with the recent posts.

    Lately, I found myself getting a bit stressed with WOW since I only have 2 nights to play, and they’re both raid nights. It seemed that WOW was always more of the same, and I’m a healer, so it was feeling like a job that I had to perform at. Hearing news about some twinkly beta that I wasn’t in, or a new game 2 months away just wasn’t peaking my interest.

    Finally gave myself permission to take a raid night off to . . . ummm. . . play with the game. No raid, no instance, no agenda.

    I ran around BFD doing some quests for Argent Dawn rep so I could jump into Naxx for a peek before it moves, levelled my fishing at a nice quiet lake, did some quests I’d ignored in Blade’s Edge, did some headbanging at the Tauren Cheiftan’s show, caught sunset in Stonetalon Peaks. Etc. Etc.

    I found that stepping back from the raiding, which can become “yet again” in feel, really re-awakened the fun of the game for me. Now I can’t wait to be levelling again when Wrath hits. Maybe you just need some playtime too, furboy.

    And of course, if all else fails, there’s always turning off the computer. . . .


  5. So, the fact that we have new uses of existing (now broken) abilities is what bores folks? The way I see it, CR, Barkskin, procs, Berserk, roots, etc. are all “new” as they were basically useless before. But they now can be used on a regular basis. IOW, they have been broken and now they are fixed and everyone is upset?

    Roots, CR, the new swipe (4-5 mobs) and Berserk (3 mob mangles) mean we can AoE tank significantly easier than we ever could before.


  6. Felkan: You make it sound like the druid community didn’t suggest these changes to barkskin, roots, procs and pots for (literally) years. Besides, warriors get their crappy abilities fixed too AND get loads of new fun stuff.

    I’m SO excited about spamming the same three abilites all over again for another one or two years. Not.


  7. But you now have to add Barkskin, CR, Berserk, roots (on a pull), enrage (after the pull for the KotJ benefit) and who knows what sort of new emergency potions, etc. we might benefit from (besides health).

    For boss fights, I see a few changes (Berserk, Barkskin, procs and potions), but for trash! We got some hella nice buttons to mash now.

    I for one, am a bit overwhelmed at the number of changes we have experienced.


  8. I forgot one, Frenzied Regeneration got a boost as well.

    And regarding new stuff, it is my understanding that proc warriors got very few new buttons with BC, whereas we did. So, maybe its turn about. I think there is a blue post mentioning this a few days ago.

    If we had to press a button to get the IW effect on a mob would you be happy? Warriors have to.

    While not tanking related, Kitty got some nice love as well. KotJ, R&T, new maim, energy regen while out of forms (that is frickin’ huge for leveling), I can’t wait for the Xpac to come. It will be like playing a whole new class.


  9. Yeah, I hear ya bud. I got totally burned out last week. As far as Feral Druids go, this is why I’m mostly considering Blusummers, Legatto, and possibly my Deathknight as my main in Wrath. I got the same impression that you did. Yeah, they added some long overdue fixes, but for the most part, Ferals were going to be the same as they are now.

    I’m not even that impressed with our 51 pt talent. Sure it’s a nice ability with a lot of bells and whistles, but because of the “emergency button” effects on it, it won’t be used nearly as much as it could because you’ll need to save it for those “oh crap” moments.

    Anyway, as far as the burnout goes, take a step back for a week or so. I did some more reading, played some console games and just kinda got my mind off of the grind that WoW had become for me. Did me a world of good.


  10. Tbh m8 id just take it easy for a while, just chill a bit leave the raiding to others and site back and enjoy the game. eg boost some m8s, lvl an alt, explore places u havent been, make a twink…… etcetcetc.

    And lastly if the feral nerfs get you down (im pvp resto *prays abolish poisen gets rebuffed back to 1min DIE STUPID OP ROGUES*) just go have a look at the shammy, rogue and warlock forums, blizzard didnt just hit them with the nerf bat they hit them with a nerf truck then reversed over them and hit them again with it ^^ /comfort /laughs secretly at them

    so cheer up b happy and enjoy the game after all thats y its a game 🙂 and have faith im sure blizz will do what they think is right and even if they do screw up one of the joys of wow is it can just b patched over. After all theres still almost a month before it comes out >.<


  11. BBB, when I get bored in WoW, I wander around to new places (or places I haven’t spent much time), and take screenshots. I’m an artist and Bartle explorer, so that’s definitely a niche hobby, but it’s fun to see some of the things that are off the beaten path. Finding fun views of things helps me see with new eyes, and it refreshes me for a while.


  12. If you really feel that strongly about the lack of fun the druid class will be in the expansion, then perhaps you might want to consider another class to be your ‘main’. The whole point of this game is to have fun. If you aren’t having it, something is wrong…

    Of course, if you are just feeling bummed out about the game in general, I second the suggestions to take a step back, & do other stuff instead. You might find something else you prefer to do, or you might just find that there is nothing else, and come back… But at least you should come back ‘refreshed’… 🙂


  13. Afraid I’m not so much in the burnout boat as I am in the “I just wasted XXX badges” camp for gear that’s sub-optimal post patch. Yep – I know the new content , smithing gear and talents will be wicked cool , and that pallies seemingly got some new fun stuff to try. However, this is hard to stomach for me seeing as I just managed with the help of BBB to get to where I was comfortable doing the content as designed today. To sit back and think about re-grinding more yet more badges for a month or more due to Blizzard induced changes – blech. I still love my pally – as is , faults and all.
    I may take Blu’s advice and work on MGS4 🙂 while I contemplate the effort needed to rework my gear.


  14. The main problem I have with this is that from what I can read everywhere, druids want to be able to main tank, main melee dps, main heal and main range dps. My main was a shadow priest… I’m still hurting from the planned changes and I’ll see it falling down the meters and losing a lot of raid viability, especially if there is more than one.

    Most classes have 2-3 buttons to press. A shadow priest has a great rotation… VT, SW:Pain, SW:Death, Mindblast, Mind flay, mind flay, reapply VT, rinse, repeat. Fire mages have the same. Ret paladins are worse… Seal, judge, seal of command/blood, wait for it to proc… judge once in a while.

    There are different stresses from all roles in the game. As a tank, you have to hold aggro. As a healer, you can’t let the tank die. As a dps, you have to kill the mob before the healer runs out of mana and do it without pulling aggro. Sure, the dps stuff is always the most fun, as you’re just doing damage and boasting about your big numbers. But in the end, no class can do what the druid does. And the druid does it all at once. A feral druid can still pull with a ranged spell, then shift into cat form to dps, switch to bear form if he gets in trouble or gets adds, then can heal himself when all is said and done. I know it’s no comfort for the min/max’ers out there, but most of the discussions center about the one thing you can’t do or don’t do well enough, instead of on all the things that you can actually do.

    Druids don’t have a better reason to be burnt out, I think, than other classes. To each is own, I guess.


  15. Feel for you, BBB.

    A game shouldn’t be a chore. When it is, you’re right to take a step back and see if you need a break or a change.

    I came late to my druid, after years as a hunter and mage. Your blog really got me excited about playing a feral (it also helped me immensely figuring out how to gear him up). I’ve been having a blast learning just how versatile a feral druid can be — whether it’s tanking or dpsing for groups, acting as backup healer, or soloing all sorts of content I never could have considered with another class.

    So thanks for carrying the banner for a great class for so many of your readers.

    I agree, druids are getting a lot of long-standing player requests met, but not anything really amazingly cool or new. I get the sense from the blue posts that they think druids already had an expansion where they were OP’ed and don’t want to repeat that. Too bad, because it wouldn’t take a lot of imagination to come up with some cool new 51 pt talents.

    Lots of people I know are taking a break until the expansion comes out because watching the see saw of talent buffs and nerfs can be draining.

    Personally, I’m doing a little WOW and a little WAR. Warhammer isn’t going to replace WOW for me — for one thing they don’t believe in jack-of-all-trades classes like the druid 😦 — but a break from the same game I’ve played for almost 4 years is nice way to recharge the enthusiasm batteries and WAR is a really fun game. If nothing else, it gives me a chance to do something different and makes me appreciate the things I like best about WOW (which are actually the little things like a wide open explorable world and all the fun fluff everywhere in the game). I’m hoping in a couple months I’ll be totally excited about WoTLK.

    Hope you find something out there that recharges your batteries. You’ve really contributed to the community — in your blog, in WoWINsider, on the podcast — and I hope that continues.


  16. I have the same feeling about my rogue. Everything I have read is that we get a little AoE thingie and a misdirect. All the other changes seem to be tweaks. I guess the AoE thing is okay, but a misdirect? I was perfectly happy having that be the hunter’s job. Hmm. Maybe making rogues MD is actually a hunter buff too. They don’t want to worry about it either!

    I guess I was hoping for a little more creativity.


  17. @Felkan first of all if you are tanking you can use entangling roots once effectively at the beginning at the fight and therefore it has the effectivness of sap.
    Secondly I was allready using barkskin in my tanking aresenal so the only difference now is I don’t have to switch out to use it.
    3rd My druid has the easiest time making room for spells and abilites compared to my 70 pally, priest and hunter. You effectively have 3-4 action bars and as long as you don’t fill it with junk that can be used outside of that form you shouldn’t have any problem with space.
    Feral wise there simply isn’t much to look at. So my recommendation? Try the other trees out now before the expansion. I play all 3 specs on my druid and whenever I get tired of one I can just switch to the other. Also there are lots of exciting things in Resto and Balance coming. Overall I’m much more excited about those changes then I am about feral.


  18. Hey man I feel you…. I’ve been participating in the beta. And while I won’t spoil it, there are a lot of things that are a LOT of fun there. Just the respec at 70 and new abilities do wonders for our dps. Will we have to adjust our tanking? Yes…. but hey… we are going to have a new niche…. avoidance tanks… if you look at the sheer amount of dodge we’ll be stacking the priests and other classes might actually prefer us. If we have armor to match the warriors and pally’s and we also dodge instead of block… hmmm we might take less damage than them… that probably bodes well for us in that regard.

    There are lots of great things there, but lets be honest.. Feral got some SERIOUS loving in the last expansion. So did resto. So this time they aimed their sights at Boomkin. We can’t all get something super cool every expansion. As near as I can tell, mages pretty much got the shaft… which seems odd concidering we are going to spend a lot of time in Dalaran which is a Mage city…. um… shouldn’t mages get super cool something???


  19. Wow, it’s amazing how many different feelings I can have reading the comments. I’m pretty tired right now with a nasty breakdown at work, but I am glad that some of you responded. Nice to see you folks.


  20. Got to agree with you man. I am bored with the game right now and honestly Wrath is not giving me the same “must have” feeling that BC game me. I’m very dissapointed in the stuff for Warrior Tank (I am my guild’s MT) and really dont like what they are doing with a lot of classes in WoTLK.
    I’m logging in to play the AH but that is about it right now.

    When 3.0 comes out I will probably level my 61 hunter (giving me 6 level 70’s) because some of the BM Hunter stuff looks pretty fun…apart from that its all


  21. In WotLK you can sap anything with a brain… and you can only effectively root a melee class w/o using los. Again though all these abilities we have and use they are just more effective.


  22. Respec moonkin! That’s looking like fun with hurricane on no CD, typhoon, and starfall. With the new spellpower changes, moonkins and elemental shammies have the potential to be brought to riads to switch between DPS and heals.

    I’m busy trying to get titles before they go *poof*. Champion of the Naaru looks workable but I don’t know whether I can manage the vials. It’s kind of fun having a deadline.


  23. I’ve been playing the PTR for a few days now. NPC’d a buncha stuff from the bank for money, lol. Tried all 3 druid specs. My thoughts on what they have so far… Resto, flourish is awesome, I practically just spammed that all the way thru a ZA run I did. Feral… Feral charge(cat) was the only thing that caught my eye. I loved watching myself jump 25 yds at my enemy and then pouncing him. Just awesome!! Boomkin, I tried it, not that great.
    They seemed to do pretty good with Resto, plenty of new stuff, Nourish, flourish, etc. Boomkin and Feral seemed like the same. Feral had no noticeable interesting changes. Boomkin, Typhoon was a gimmick. As for Starfall, I couldn’t really see the greatness in it since I’ve only done PvP as boomkin.


  24. Well, I too am very indebted to the contribution you’ve made to the druid community BBB, and I thank you deeply for it. When I tell the story of how I came to tank, its because I discovered your blog, and I got fired up about tanking… and I still love it to this day.

    I experienced burnout a while back too – it only lasted for a week, but I have a good sense of how/why it happens. Sometimes, we all just need to take a break from the game. So I played an alt, and played some fpses too, and it’s all been a ton of fun.

    I’m very excited about ferals in wrath. I think this is a subjective comment, not an objective analysis of the class and all the changes. In the end, that’s all it can ever be. One person’s meat is another’s poison, and that changes over time too.

    To me, the most exciting part of wow is playing with other skilled players to accomplish a common goal. Its not the abilities or buttons I get to press, or the graphics that appear on screen when I do. However, Blizzard cant ensure this will happen for me. That’s up to me to find the right group of like-minded players. All Blizz can do, which I think they are attempting to do, is allow this to be the case, by removing the neccessity to run with a particular specs for a particular fight. I dont expect that to work perfectly from the start, but I dont care. To be a viable tank, along with 3 other viable tank classes, is all I ever dreamed of, and now that is coming true – or at least, that is the design plan.

    I think the way we structure guilds & raids will change too – much more reflective of skill, reliability, ability to learn, likability of the person… and not the damn class or spec that person happened to choose. That’s a HUGE boost to the thing I care most about in wow. It doesnt matter a jot to me whether I have some groovy novel 51 point talent or not.

    I just read through GCs comments that someone linked above, and they all make a ton of sense, and seem very reasonable and responsive to the community. So I’m amazingly happy about wrath, and cant wait to get into it.


  25. I found this blog a few weeks ago and subscribed, b/c I enjoyed reading it. I’m really tired of hearing all the whining though, and we’ll be moving on to some other druid blog. It started with the post griping about having to relearn what gear, stats, etc to get. Why do you want to keep playing the same game? It’s a new expansion with new things to learn and do! That’s why I play; but I can’t speak for you. Tanking will still be tanking. People will always need tanks. On my server at least, players don’t pick and choose very much. They don’t care if it’s pally or druid or warrior or whatever. Sorry to rant, but this post just broke the camel’s back for me. (No I didn’t read all the comments…flame away)


  26. Like a lot of people have said, I think taking a break may not be a bad idea. Switching off the PC and doing something else altogether doing something else in WoW. There is somewhere on that line that will suit you I’m sure.

    If you get fed up with your durid and main another class that gives you satisfaction, I would be just as happy seeing you write about that. BBB to me is your writing and much more than a druid blog, so whatever you are writing about I will be sure to be reading =)


  27. I too started a druid after reading 3B’s blogs. Very very happy with Feral druid. I took 3 weeks off from WOW before I started leveling my druid, and only started playing again because of a friend who pointed me here. I might have stayed off line until the expansion, if even then.

    So I’m working on my Pally now, and my little shammy. There is always something new. It is FUN to login now, and since the guildies are GREAT, it is all a WIN WIN. WOW is fun again after 6 months of thinking of leaving WOW for good.


  28. It’s pre-expansion blues. Like those seasonal depressions. Totally with you, Bear.

    Luckily, I have a little pallymadin to get to 70 before the expansion hits, so I have something to switch it up.

    Roll over to DI and I’ll set you up with some instance runs 🙂 Ask Ratters, it’s all I do for people lately is run them through things! It’ll be fun, I’ll bring a picnic basket and a sexy polearm.


  29. Oh, and since I forgot it earlier… I find the PS2 game “Burnout Revenge” to be excellent therapy, for a couple of reasons, and for several symptoms. 😀


  30. Don’t feel too bad, burnout tends to happen no matter what precautions are taken to avoid it. IMO, the druid’s real time to shine will be whenever the exp for the Emerald Dream pops up. Lorewise anyways. I’d be nice to see what Ysera and Malfurion are doing exactly. <= Is a total geek.

    I have to share some of the same sentiments though regarding druids. However, I do like some of the changes to balance. Boomkin here. Also, here hasn’t been any final passes made yet to any of the classes so there’s room for more improvement in the future. Two months worth at least. At the same time, I am totally ecstatic for my ret pally. Even in its current nerfed form it feels good to play. Better than vanilla by miles.


  31. Tesh, I love Burnout Revenge. When I infrequently sit down to play video games other than WoW, I usually either pop in Burnout, or Guitar Hero 2.

    As far as The Force Unleashed….

    I was super excited RIGHT UP until the second they decided not to release it for PC.

    I have a lot of gaming systems… but I don’t have a PS3 or Xbox 360. And I have yet to read any reviews of it on Wii.

    But that’s okay, I watched Speed Racer last night, and now I feel reinvigorated.

    Hey, if you haven’t seen Speed Racer… let me tell you, I thought the entuier first half was horribly boring, but once you hit this one point, where bad guys try to stop Speed and two other racers (won’t say who) from competing by breaking into their hotel rooms and taking them out… wow, what an explosion of awesome.

    I was seriously ready to stop watching, I actually was only still watching because I had already invested that much time in, so I was determined to finish it… and then there is this one moment, when John Goodman (pops) is holding a bad guy, and you get a close up of the bad guy looking at what is written on John Goodman’s ring… and from then on, I was laughing so hard Cassie was ready to come over and pound me. From that moment on, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the film.

    One of those things where there was just one moment that won me over and made me cut them all the slack they could want.

    Manny, if you haven’t seen it… watch it, and just trust me. It’s finally, eventually, worth it.


  32. Maybe now is a good time to take a break before wotlk, it will seem all the more fresher when you start up again!

    As for not being excited for Wrath…
    I think that being viable and reasonable DPS will be great.
    Lower armor will be pants but i still think that we will make great tanks, beserk cool down has been reduced (for a second time) to the point where i will use it at the start of a pull to get multi mob agro and can still use it a second time for those ohh S**T moments..

    But druids aside, just the new content and opportunity to explore is what im looking forward to most. Sometimes i think that class discussion can take away from the actual joy of gaming!


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