Brewfest begins with a bang!

I, for one, have been highly anticipating Brewfest for a while.

Since the very first news came out about Coren Direbrew as a seasonal boss in the PTRs from long months ago, I was pretty excited.

Amusingly enough, while I talked about it and urged folks to be ready to rock in our guild forums, I didn’t mention it here, because I had no info for you.

I looked at all the usual suspects, but as of Saturday morning, nothing was up about the boss or what he might drop at MMO Champion, or WoW Insider, or anywhere else. The PTR had shown he’d drop Trinkets identical to the 41 Badge of Justice trinkets, but I had no way to verify until it went live.

In fact, all weekend long, the best resource I found for Coren Direbrew was courtesy of A Dwarf Priest, who wrote an excellent post all about it.

Interestingly enough, A Dwarf Priest is yet another excellent blog I read every day on my feedreader that isn’t on my blogroll. Which shows just how useless my blogroll is as a resource. Expect a revamp of my blogroll very, very soon.

So, Coren. Dear, dear Coren.

Coren is a massive improvement over that bastard from the Midsummer Fire Festival, Lord Ahune.

Overall, the implementation was just better. Yes, you had to travel down into Blackrock yourself, since the summoning stone doesn’t work for level 70s. But in the instance itself, you didn’t have to fight trash to get there, you could just take a mole man tunneling machine straight to the bar. Big win in my opinion.

Second, of course, is that if you have a Warlock, these days you can summon folks directly into an instance, so it was awesome for swapping folks in and out of a team.

Hopefully, by now all of you have had a chance to do the fight.

I did it, I believe, 13 or 14 times on Saturday across my three level 70s, and again at least 9 times yesterday. In our guild, we had many teams rotating people through and kicking butt, so it’s been done by our guild at least 30 times.

In that time, I have heard of the Great Brewfest Kodo drop just once (grats Wulfa!). I know I have seen Direbrew’s Remote drop once (grats Doodlebug!).

I have personally won the Direbrew Hops on both Windburn and Windshadow, and the Empty Mug of Direbrew on Windstar.

I have seen the Empty Mug of Direbrew drop 4 out of 6 times… when I was pugging Coren on Saturday night on my hunter. Cassieann, of course, was not on that run.

Every other run, Cassieann has been on, and it has never dropped. Not once. And she really wants it, since she figured she could use it while she waits, oh so patiently, for that stupid Romulo’s Poison Vial drop in Kara.

No, while she was in the runs, we saw the Direbrew Hops drop a gazillion times. At least, it felt that way.

I’m starting to think I’m a jinx… if I’m in the run with her, what she wants doesn’t drop.

She has been very lucky in other ways, since she won the Balebrew Charm. That’s pretty sweet!

So, the fight itself.

It’s pretty simple in terms of the boss. He is a tank and spank, he does a disarm whirlwind, but he really doesn’t hit that hard at all. At one point, we had Graimerin Pally tank it, with Elysse the feral druid off-tank it, and Windshadow the feral druid put on all his healing set (all 960 + Healing!) and healed them through it.

I think that was the first time in over a year and a half I’ve healed something.

So, yeah, the boss doesn’t hit that hard, and he isn’t super taxing in terms of special gear or party makeup.

The challenge is dealing with all the adds.

Throughout the fight, tunneling machines bore up out of the ground (frequently under your feet, knocking you back), and dump more non-elite adds into the mix.

They don’t have a lot of health, but they are a pain, especially if they swarm your healer, which they are prone to do.

There are also Brewmaiden elite adds that will come out, that throw beer mugs that do some good stuns and decent damage, and they will barrel whoever is top of the threat list, removing their threat from all mobs and stunning them for a while. They start tossing barrels after about 16 seconds, so kill them brewmaidens QUICK!

There are tons of ways to handle all this, so it is totally better than Lord Ahune. I’ve seen a lot of different party arrangements. Even better, while your chances of winning are high once you get a handle on how to manage the adds, the sheer number of adds and the frenzied scurrying around of the adds and the burrowing mole machines and the whirlwind spinning of Coren all make it a fun, frantic fight. It rocks.

Most of our groups have been at the Kara gear level, and we have very little trouble reliably getting it done, so if you are past that, it should be some light fun.

I know that having a solid AOE DPS person is considered good advice, to whack down the adds fast, but our best team makeup has consisted of two tanks overlapping each other on Coren, with the healer and DPS all standing nearby (but out of whirlwind range)

It makes it easy to keep grabbing adds as they spawn, keep them off the healer, and when the tank gets barreled, a second tank picks Coren up right away so he doesn’t go running wild and free. Just Mangle on Coren and Swipe forever and a day, and Demoralyzing Roar and FFF, etc. Getting a paw on all teh adds is a challenge, but having two tanks makes it fun.

If you have one tank and lots of solid DPS, taking down the Brewmaidens as fast as possible, the second they spawn, before they barrel the tank, seems to be the best secondary strategy.

Either way, I love it. Neat trinkets, the chance at a Kodo mount for Alliance, that darned Direbrew Remote… a challenge almost any group of 70s can handle.

I love it. I wish there were more of these all the time.


As an update, Cassieann is now finally sporting her Empty Mug of Direbrew, and Windburn added the caster DPS trinket to her repertoir. And I fially saw a Kodo drop myself, and another of the Remotes. Grats on the remote, Ishvi, and grats on the Kodo, Occulus!

Gnome Warlock on a Kodo… that’s a prescription for a nightmare in anyone’s book.


24 thoughts on “Brewfest begins with a bang!

  1. If you have a t6 geared pally like our guild does… all they have to do is put on their AoE tanking gear and everyone stand in the edge of the consecrate or run in when the adds spawn. All DPS on the boss drops him before the adds become overwhelming.


  2. I agree – this fight is a lot more fun and less frustrating than Ahune. We’ve had decent luck with mounts – 2 Kodos and a Ram. Saturday was mostly DPS trinkets and Sunday was mostly healing trinkets. WTB better random number generator!


  3. I forgot to add, the healer trinket can be used at the same time as similar trinkets. One of our healers was enjoying popping it and the badge equivalent ( at the same time last night. Enjoy the fun of massive burst healing boosts for free! The DPS ones don’t stack, as always.


  4. A Pally tank doesn’t even have to be t6 geared — we three-manned it last night with a just-about-geared-for-TK Pally, and an end of SSC Ele-shaman and Holy-priest. Ignore the adds, DPS the boss, nuke Ursula when she shows up. Later we did it with an SSC-geared group with a Resto-shaman’s Earth Elemental tanking. It does seem to be a bit harder without good AoE tanking though.


  5. My druid made out like a bandit the first night I went in. Got the Kodo, the Healing trinket, the Remote, and the Brightbrew trinket (Stam ftw!).

    My hunter now has the DPS trinket and the Balebrew trinket.

    A quick note on the Remote – if you have it in your inventory, go talk with the goblin by the stairs. There’s a new conversation option that lets you summon L70ETC any time you want!


  6. I’ve only had one chance to do it so far, but out of the five times we could do the fight, both the ram AND the kodo mounts dropped. To make it even more ironic, they were both won by the same guy! What’re the odds?


  7. You don’t need to have the remote to activate the band, Lvl 70 Elite Tauren Chieften. If you /cheer any member of the band while they are playing, you’ll get a nice 5 minute +stats buff for the fight. and if you go around the corner next to a sleeping dwarf is a mug that you can pickup and when used will turn you into a dark iron dwarf….more fun to be had


  8. Every time I log on, it seems that I get a massive amount of whispers asking me to tank this dude. @_@ So I’ve killed him quite a few times now… unfortunately I don’t actually want any of his items, but I did keep some Hops for my non-existent healing set. >_>


  9. It’s a fun fight I have been very sucessful on it when feral specced I keep the boss and his whirlwind attack away from all the others while the melee dps kills elites and adds.

    on the other side I have had very very bad luck when healing this fight as a tree once
    I moved next to a consacrate of the pally tank to get adds of me whirlwind attack later meant dead druid wipe

    and on a few other ocasions when healing the fight I get aggro mobs start beating on me and I die.

    It seems I move a lot when getting hit (it hurts!!) so that’s something I need to work on when I respec back to healer.


  10. I always loved BRD.

    I’m not lying.

    I loved how immense it was, the multitude of bosses, the lore of the place, the lore you interact with, the feeling that you WERE invading a third faction and discovering an enemy force bigger and more devious than the mindless ones you battle in the Plaguelands. In BRD, the stories of Searing Gorge, Gnomeregan, Burning Steppes, Blackfathom Deeps, Dun Modr, come to a head Silithus as you discover the schemes of the first Elemental Lord and the Empire of the evil dwarves. I play Alliance. BRD was the anti-Ironforge when Ironforge was the center of the World of Warcraft. I continue to have a growing fondness for it, as dungeons get shorter and shorter, BRD gets more and more daunting. It’s a time commitment. And that makes BRD somewhere you will only go with your most favorite people.

    Players WITHOUT favorite people have demonized the design of BRD, and have documented that even with a good group, getting to the final boss from the instance portal can take upwards of 4 hours. To this I would suggest that the only thing wrong with BRD is that there is only one way inside. If there were multiple instance portals that allowed players to enter different areas of the Shadowforge City, BRD suddenly becomes much simpler and more interesting.

    So. You can imagine my elation and vindication when the FIRST DROP we receive from Coren Direbrew is the Direbrew Remote. YES. YES. YES. (And some schumck healer got the Hops to push his healing to 2K, but meh 😀 )


  11. I’ve done it 10 times and we only messed it up once.
    We went with a pally tank, elemental shammy, BM hunter, mage, and resto-druid (me). We lost once when the pally got stunned by elite adds about 4 times in a row. My resto druid still got the casting and healing trinket. So I was happy.
    The second group was a bear tank, rogue, mage, priest, BM hunter (me). This group ate the adds for lunch.

    No kodo mount for anyone. =/


  12. Agreed, the fight is fun.

    We did it a few times last night, with T5-ish tanks, and once with a early-Kara pallyl tank and early-Kara healer. It is quite doable.

    I also like how the mob rewards are scaled to the level of the boss – early-Kara people may have a use for the trinket, and early-Kara people can beat the fight. This is much better than Ahune, where we needed a late-Kara group to beat normal-mode Ahune, and the people who could beat him likely had no use for his loot.


  13. I love the cutesy little fun trinkets, remote, and the possibility of acquiring a mount, but I’m a little disappointed with the fight itself. They implemented it wonderfully in that you don’t need to exit to reset the boss and that you can be warped to the boss rather than fight through Blackrock Depths, but I found the fight ridiculously easy to do. It’s fun, but I really enjoy having a challenge.

    The Midsummer Fire Festival was great in that regard because there was both a non-heroic and heroic boss, with increasing amounts of difficulty. While it wasn’t too horribly difficult for us on heroic, it was difficult enough that sometimes I really had to work to keep everyone alive. I’m a masochist — what can I say?

    I also like how a lot of those instances are revitalized by events like these. Few people return to the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard — and, honestly, most people ignore it completely to do the other three wings — and Blackrock Depths is sadly empty these days. That’s a shame, because it’s always been one of my favorite places to visit!


  14. I like this due to the multitude of group makeups you can use. Last night went in with 2 rogues, hunter(me), warlock and a priest. Cleared a few times, priest got the healing trinket and the second time the shield block trinket dropped Hah! Anyway, love these special events.


  15. If I see another coin drop, I will be very annoyed.
    Out of the last ten kills: 2 Healing Trinket, 5 Shield Block Trinkets, 3 Stamina Trinkets.
    If they could at least be vendored for a copper, that’d be nice.

    On the plus side, plenty of PUG action and no wipes yet.


  16. The paladin doesnt even have to be a tank. For one of our runs with a very high dps group, I just put enough pvp gear on too reach -5% crit and tanked and healed myself. But its a fun event and its easy enough that nobody objects to a myriad of alts being run through


  17. Typical! A fun holiday event and it’s at a time when I’m hardly able to play with work and holidays…

    Hopefully get to take him on at the weekend…


  18. You will only get barreled when you receive a second mug. If the first one gets dropped in your inventory, drink it before a second one hits you. That way you won’t ever get barreled.
    Most of the times we just nuked the boss to keep time limited, as long as Melee moves out when the boss casts disarm.
    1 of the Dps (AE helps idd) would kill off some adds if needed but the healers we brought had no problem taking some hits of 1 or 2 adds. (Our one tank would grab the boss and 2-3 adds but most of the time it didn’t stack that high)

    Not seen any mount drop yet tho 😦


  19. @Exanimo: not true, in one fight I (dudu-tank) got barreled 4 times without a single mug showing up in my inventory. I did the fight like 20 times as a tank and 10 times as a hunter. I got every possible item except for the remote and the kodo (I got the ram and it looks awesome with marlone-set, yay me 😀 ).
    I’m trying to get my 66priest in there as well.


  20. Mm, I’ve been barrelled repeatedly as a druid without seeing a “You recieve […]” message – haven’t actually had time to go looking in my inventory for it. I’m also worried that drinking it would pop me out of form fatally.


  21. Only pugged it once (so 5 shots). Healer trinket popped first time, priest healer had better, so I (feral druid) got it for the off-set. 3 of the next 4 times the same trinket came up, rejected by the healer each time. Finally I told her to take it, because Blizz wanted her to have it. (4th run was the tank/shield-block trinket without a shield-user in the party, thx Blizz)


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