Lusting over Engineering in Wrath

People keep asking me if it’s going to be worth being an Engineer in Wrath.

I keep wondering why they’re asking me, but that’s okay.

I guess the answer to that is, “What class are you, and why are you an Engineer now?”

I have always felt that Engineering was mostly a Hunter profession. You get to make ammo and bang-bangs. Kind of self-explanatory, ain’t it?

But there are plenty of folks that love the explosives and neat gadgets, myself among them.

And I have to admit that I leveled it on my Feral Druid for one primary reason; Epic Goggles. (The Mote Extractor was a super lucky bonus).

So I guess the question could be, is it any good for Hunters, and will it be worth having for non-Hunters too?

I’m gonna leave the whole question of whether you like guns or not as a Hunter out of the equation. I love the guns the most, and if you don’t, I can’t really quantify the experience for ya.

So, Non-Hunters… I bet you’re wondering, will there be new Epics you can use?

Yes, yes there are. There are new Epic Goggles for the expansion, for each class.

An example? Okay.

For Rogues and Feral Druids, let’s take a look at the Weakness Spectralyzers.


Equips at 72, and requires Engineering of 400 to use.

It takes a Frozen Orb to craft, which seem to be the Wrath version of a Primal Nether. As of now, they drop in Heroics, or can be purchased for 10 Emblems (which are  the first level of Badge lookalikes… You get the idea.)

Right now a TON of stuff is BoE. Remember, Blizzard wants stuff accessible for testing. Expect a lot of this to be BoP in live. PLEASE keep that in mind.

But you get the idea. An Expansion version of the Epic Goggles for each class, along the same concept as we are already used to.

So, what else?

Well, I’d like to point out to my Hunter friends one of our very first recipes… the Mark “S” Boomstick.


Let’s compare that to the Crossbow of Relentless Strikes, which can be bought for 150 Badges.


Think about that. In Wrath, an Engineer will be able to equip, at level 73 I’ll grant you, a weapon nearly identical to one that costs 150 Badges now. Pretty nifty.

Okay, you want more non-Hunter specific stuffs?

How about the Sonic Booster?


Oh what the heck, let’s kick it up a notch with the Hyperspeed Accelerators.


Ahhh, but are we going to have another freaking tanking gun at 80?

Well…. yes.

But we ALSO get one of these!

The Long Range Cranium Drill!


Okay, can I cry with happiness? I may not be raiding past Naxx, but I’ll get to have an Epic Bang-Bang!

Yes, there are new ammo machines, and new repair bots. There is even a new Teleporter called a Wormhole generator that take you and your whole party to Gadgetzan, much like the current Direbrew Remote we are seeing drop from Coren Direbrew.

There are new Mana and Healing Injectors, there are Scopes, and of course there is the new Motorcycles.

But there is just one item I think caps the whole dang thing.

Engineers, I present to you…

The Gnomish Army Knife.


That sucker alone is going to replace 5 items I always carry in my bags right now.

Is it going to be worth being an Engineer in Wrath?


(I can’t believe I said that.)

10 thoughts on “Lusting over Engineering in Wrath

  1. I myself had Mining and Skinning at 350-375 and i wanted the goggles, so i dropped skinning and took up Engineering. think i used 1000g on leveling it up to about 350.. but i regained alot of that money aswell by selling the stuff i made 🙂


  2. My hunter is currently level 53 with 300 skinning and 230 mining I am intending on dropping one for engineering which should I drop and how much gold should I save to level engineering? Also at what level should I make the switch?


  3. I play 30 toons on 3 servers, all of them at least 20+, with a few 40’s scattered among them. I play that many so that each toon (except priests) can take up engineering, as well as having a second crafting profession. For me, I’ve determined that rogues and paladins should be miners, druids should be herbalists (since they can easily pick stranglekelp at low levels, and pick herbs in flight form at high levels), and hunters should be skinners (so they can keep find humanoids up at all times).
    I love engineering. I powerlevel to 225 engineering as soon as one of my toons hits 20, so they can equip the parachute cloak with an appropriate enchant on it, thus saving me from them needing to upgrade their cloak for at least 20 levels.
    I love the AOE power of bombs, I love the versatility of the attack pets and trinkets, and the jack-of-all trades outlook of engineering that lets you emulate talents from other classes.

    I even have my paladins go thru Gnomish engineering first, then when they hit 35 and get their Death Ray and Chicken, I drop it, talk to Narain Soothfancy in Steemwheedle Port to respec to Goblin, and re-level engineering thru to 300 on Goblin side. Paladins are natural choices for using Death rays and Sapper charges, since their bubble allows them to use them without taking damage. Heck, at higher levels, you could probably use both and still have some time left in bubble.

    So, yeah, I’m only slightly looking forward to the expansion. 🙂


  4. BBB: I agree that Engineering is awesome. It’s not a profession you see a lot on Druids, and when I made my second goggles, the Wonderheal XT40 Shades, my GM was surprised “blue lenses? never seen that before. I just think it’s awesome that I can make a pair of goggles for each spec ^_^.
    And although engineering seems a lot stronger for hunters, mine will remain a devoted Leatherworker (hopefully be a bit more profitable in LK than BC).
    Nice to see that they’re keeping the gas clouds idea, that was an awesome bonus.
    And yes, that Army Knife is awesome. Means I can sell my Jumper Cables… oh yeah, we get a non-combat res anyway. o/ (Druid with Jumper Cables is very entertaining)


  5. Artorin — play with friends! It looks like new engineering recipes will start at skill 350, and will no doubt be cheaper to make than those last 7 points you can get right now.


  6. Hmm my subscription is expiring in 2 days and this may be the last few days I play before WotLK comes out… so do I play with friends or grind my engineering from 368-375? Man I hate choices! Either way looks like my hunter will be my main come WotLK. With all of the gear/class changes going on with my Druid/Pally I think I will enjoy the scenery and content alot more if I can just sit back relax and enjoy the view. I’ll wait and see when the dust settles how I want to lvl my pally and druid to 80. Priest changes don’t seem to be all that dynamic but I cringe at taking a squishy on my first grind to 80.


  7. Assuming that the frozen orbs are *not* BOP, I am very excited as I currently have 3 engineers…but if I have to wait to level 80 to get a heroic BOP drop to use my equip-able at 72 goggles, I’m not going to be a happy camper.


  8. BBB —

    I’ve been suffering from some of the malaise you wrote about a couple of posts ago. My home computer was down for about two or three weeks, and even when I got it back up, I haven’t found myself itching to get back in-game like I used to, at least not at the expense of much-needed sleep. But your post about the Engineering goodness (and goodies) coming in WotLK has got me excited again, so many thanks. Obviously, when I rolled a Gnome Rogue long ago, I wasn’t playing the percentages. I chose Engineering mainly because I thought it would be fun. And any time I find genuine utility or function out of things I make, I consider it a bonus. Looks like we’re in for all KINDS of bonus fun in a couple of months! WOOT!


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