Omigod! EPIC WIN!!!!

Before this day, my favorite webcomics could be placed in order VERY simply.

  1. Girl Genius
  2. Looking For Group
  3. Order of the Stick

Very simple. Very precise. Coincidentally enough, I have every collected edition they have each released to date as well.

God I love those Girl Genius collected editions.

Yes, there are others I enjoy… I have the Schlock Mercenary books (and a shirt), I have almost every Sluggy Freelance book there is, until I stopped reading about a year ago (I still love my Bloody Bun dice bag from the Slugween, and yes I know he is parodying WoW lately… I still think he just lost his sense of humor somewhere in the course of the plotlines, breaks my heart… I miss suicide bikini frisbee), and I’ve got a ton of PvP Online comics and every book by Penny Arcade,  that kind of thing.

But the big three never change.

Girl Genius. Looking For Group. Order of the Stick.

They never change.

Until today.

Today, for a limited time at least, Order of the Stick takes pole position with the most godlike awesomeness EPIC WIN I have ever seen.

I could just link you to the comic that is EPIC WIN, but that would do you a disservice. If you haven’t been following things in the comic, you would get the punchline without having read any of the lead in to the joke.

So if you don’t read Order of the Stick, why not start here at Episode 589… and then read it until you reach Episode 595 HERE.

It’s not a perfect solution… the entire plotline has just been convoluted and entertaining as heck… but assuming you just want to jump in and spend no more than 5 minutes to find out what I’m talking about, this’ll do.


12 thoughts on “Omigod! EPIC WIN!!!!

  1. Lol both lfg and Order of the stick had a similar theme of torching this week. I’ve been following LFG for awhile but the others were a nice read as well thanks for sharing!


  2. OOtS is win in its purest form. I do wish that they would reunite the team and get back to the main story arc at some point. This arc is fun, but i miss the group dynamic.


  3. My eyes about fell out of my head from laughing that punchline was so perfect. OotS is just so damn awesome it defies words. I often wonder just what the campaign setting was like that Rich Burlew submitted that WotC, in their infinite fallibility, thought that Eberron was better. Seriously.

    Oh, and if you aren’t also reading the Battle for Gobwin Knob, for shame!


  4. Oh, and in case anyone’s counting:

    “Disintegrate. Gust of Wind.”

    are the four right words said to the right person for all the wrong reasons.


  5. OOTS FTW!

    Nothing has more chance of reducing me to tears (of laughter) at work then Order of the Stick. But try explaining that to your work mates sometime…


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