It’s good to have friends!

Cassie checked the mail this morning while I was installing some software, and came into my office with a bundle in her hands.

“It looks like Manny sent you a package. Feels like a T-shirt.”


“That’s wierd, he didn’t say anything the other night when we chatted…. the hell he be sending me stuff?”

I open the package, and instead of a T-shirt, I gots… well, you check it out.


The attached note said;

“Hey John,

Thought you could use something comfortable in the way of late night tanking attire. I realise it’s not even a green, but….



Thanks buddy…. I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t take any pics showing how it looks. “You just let your mind run riot, mate.”


10 thoughts on “It’s good to have friends!

  1. Exceedingly amusing! I’m trying to think of a similar-type item that I could get for a Retribution friend of mine who has been a little down in the dumps lately.


  2. Cynra: You could always try to make a design for the cafepress store… much like BBB did for I tank with my face.

    Get a cafepress design with something cute like “This Smite’s for you!” or “I heal with my hammer (axe/sword/whatever pali weapon)”, or “Consecrate This!”

    Agreed, Epic loot there, BBB… potentially better then Clefthide Leg armor


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