A change for da Bears!

Swipe will soon affect all mobs in a cone in front of you, instead of our current limits (and the limits in the Beta). 

Or, as Ghostcrawler says,

“We are going to remove the target limit on Swipe.”

So soon, your biggest concerns will be Global Healing Threat, and players that don’t understand how to deal with a tank that focuses primary threat generation on one mob at a time. 

That is all.

Please direct your shared ‘yays’ at a very welcome change to the comments here, and your QQs and whines about Swipe threat generation and damage output to the appropriate Beta fora.

Thank you!

14 thoughts on “A change for da Bears!

  1. Honestly they’re making things to easy for us, it’s suppose to be challenging to tank more than 3 mobs, our playstyle is gonna be much more homogen than in TBC where it actually takes some quantity of skill to hold aggro on more than 4 mobs. How are we going to tell the bad tanks apart from the good, when multimob tanking is gonna be piss easy..


  2. Oooo another thought ( well, 2 )

    One, if I crit I get back 5 rage on the critical hit. It is not ncommon for me to crit on all three swipe targets for essentially a rage free attack. Wonder how thats gonna get nerfed If I can crit swipe on 7 targets at once and be up 20 rage for the attack? Can you verify this in beta? Throw on your cat gear and go tearing through BRD 😉

    Also, In regard to my other comment, while the mobs DO spread out around you, this is only if you stand still. Bear tanking multiple mobs is likely going to be a positional thing, as neil mentioned, but the main trick is gonna be to basically walk backwards slowly to keep all mobs in front of you.

    If they drop ALL damage from swipe, make it a threat only attack, and keep the threat scaling on AP, about where it is now, this would still be an awesome tool. If they scale back the threat as well as damage though, then we run into trouble staying ahead of healer threat. triple swiping multiple mobs in SH still risks the healer now, (that is 7+ mobs at once in kara/badge gear) if I get even a couple of misses/dodges/parry’s then healer threat is gonna pull em.

    How many tanks would cry bloody murder to lose all damage on swipe for an increase in threat? (Id bet 2/3 ;))


  3. This is very nice for multi-tanking…if we’re going to see 5-6 pulls in front of us. I support what BBB is saying about global healing threat. Will swipe generate enuf threat in time to prevent healers from pulling them off me? Currently for pulls i’m spreading the lacerate between mobs to keep them on me…and then swipe and occasional lacerate on each of the 3 targets. If it is multi pull like H MgT and w/o CC, will I have enuf time to generate enuf threat before they’re beating on my squishy healers? I hope the modify the swipe threat a little to keep them on me.


  4. This change isnt going to turn us into pallies!
    But multimob tanking is one of our major weaknesses (compared to other tanks).

    So to see this looked at by blizz gives me a nice warm feeling inside.
    Now i know that this wont make us multimob gods (As swipe dmg aint that great) but any improvement is better than nothing!

    Wonder what will replace the minor glyph that was supposed to increase the number of enemies that swipe could hi???


  5. Paladins have the advantage that they, in a tough situation, can just throw up Consecration and start generating threat. Druids still have to deal with positioning and the mechanics of that “cone”.

    In a tight situation in a raid, where a fraction of a second makes the difference between a downing or a wipe, that could make all the difference.

    You also have to consider the buffs that Paladins got re: single-target threat, and the fact that they’re now using conventional weapons means they can now equip 1H weapons with mitigation stats.


  6. If this is the homogenization the players are complaining about, the I don’t see what the fuss is about. I welcome this change with open arms!

    The players who pay too much attention to the numbers and the function/properties of abilities are more appropriated to play text-based games, since that’s what they’re reducing it to.


  7. I never wanted Druids to become the furry Paladin… I am personally fine with Swipe doing significantly less damage to our AoE mobs than Pallies do.

    I would be happy with that trade off, if it means that I can continue to be a strong single target tank.

    To me, this means that I can focus my intentions on one or two single targets, the primary first kill targets, while still laying the smackdown on more than three mobs with Swipe to keep them concentrated on me. I can once more bring skill into the equation, looking at threat generation on single and multiple mobs, but not have to skip laying down threat on one mob that people are killing in a frantic effort to tab-target or mouseover-target and hope I’m spreading my Swipe around enough.


  8. Glad that druids are getting a AoE threat generation tool. Question I have is Aoe tanking gonna be preeminent tanking style i.e. BC or is it gonna be situational. So woot for druids getting a positive change. Also agree that a skilled player playing their class outstrip a poor player playing same class. I’m excited and hope that whatever class(es) we choose play all will be viable and fun in the coming xpac .


  9. hmm, the mathematician in me is curious…

    What range of arc in front of us? If I turn 90 left will the cone shift to the left or will it stay behind my targtted mob? Will my current swipe macro shift the cone around me with a mouseover swipe, or am I literally going to be spinning circles to keep mob aggro? ( keep in mind large mobs spread out around you, you are still gonna have to move around to hold large crowds )

    Pallies have a big advantage still in AoE tanking behind them. We are stil gonna have to have some skill to make it work.

    Druids are stil gonna rock 🙂 But skill is still gonna be the defining factor, we just get new tools to master 🙂


  10. Nah, you didnt get shoved… the difference should be about skill, not talents or abilities. As long as you’re a skilled player, you’ll have a place. I know some hate the “skill” argument – they feel its a lazy answer. However, the best players I know agree that skill trumps class in the end.

    btw, I just read over the beta threads: damn they’re depressing: for every druid that’s excited, there’s 15 complaining that its not enough and pallys are still the aoe tank of choice.


  11. Thiis change just shoved prot pallys under the table as well as holy.
    Ret only has its head up. I am glad that you and the warriors have now a great way to AE tank but now the pallys are going to get shafted now cause the drood’s, warriors have better health then paladins so i am kinda mad, all these good buffs for paladins in Wrath and now they are paling in my eyes and dying slowly.


  12. Oh sweet! Yeah baby yeah!!!!! At last, maybe I can go back and do ZA without a prot pally.

    OMG druid tanking is gonna be so much fun, I cant wait. I was just checking out the new talents, because I need to figure out how to spec once the patch goes live. We’re gonna carry on working through BT, in the hope that things will be easier. One thing I noticed: all the defence/resiliance gems are unnecessary. Woot! but is it really worth 1200g to regem for a month? Anyway, any comments you care to give, BBB, on how to choose talents pre-wrath would be very welcome.


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