In other news, Shammies are fun

No, not the rags that you use to clean your car.


I got a few hours to dink around in Duskwood this weekend, and as of late last night, I have dinged 29. Leveling Enhancement, ’cause I want to taste that sweet, sweet Windfury lovin’.

Oh, this toon will be a healer. Uh huh, that’s right. A little Chain Healing, a little Totem loving, all sorts of yummy funs.

My Priest? Yeah, Shadow spec? I wish I knew how to quit you. It’s just too darn much fun. 

Shadow spec, you complete me.

So what the heck, a Shaman healer. Someday. It’ll be fun!

But in the meantime… Lightning Bolt swing-THWACK! Shock swing-THWACK!

Ahhh…. it is my fervent hope that tonight, I will be able to get that one last little level, and get my mount, and get the first stage of yummyness, the Windfury self-cast weapon buff.

And at 40?

Ahhh…. Windfury, Dual Wield, slow one-hand weapons… mmmMMMmm.

Oh, and yeah… level 30 is when the increased levleing really kicks in.

I figure I have about 6 weeks to get my Shaman to a level where I can abandon it for Druid leveling in Wrath.

Here’s hoping I hit 58 by then!

Level 40, I just can’t wait…

Anyone have any recommendations for slow one-handed weapons I should look for to buy before 40?

21 thoughts on “In other news, Shammies are fun

  1. I would recommend farming scarlet monestary Armory for the Mail drops there with high STR. (that’s armor – I can’t offer any weapon advice from memory)

    I am hugely dissappointed by the lack of outland Quest rewards for enhancement – and as such I have a resto shammy now at 64.

    …but I loved enhancement …..:) have fun


  2. After my balance druid and holy priest to 70, I also decided to try out the shammy class, enhancement spec. (After spending about 35 levels elemental, I realized that enhancement with Mental Quickness pushed out more dps, both spell and melee, for leveling purposes. Go figure.)

    I find maces to be more viable than axes for dual-wielding. Axes will often have a faster weapon speed which is not good with windfury because of the hidden cooldown on the proc.

    For around level 30-40, take a look at Ironspine’s Fist from SM and the Stonevault Bonebreaker from Ulda. There’s also nice shields in both instances as well.

    When you get a bit higher level, a href=”>Gryphon Rider’s Stormhammer is very accessible. The quest chain that results in the reward will drag you through ZF, where 2-3 more viable weapons can drop.


  3. I love my Shaman. I leveled her Enhancement as well and have been Dualwielding 2 Third Legs since level 40. I put Crusader Enchants on them – spent considerable time farming the Orbs in Strat. I still use them at level 62.

    If she ever gets to Max-Level she’s going to be my healer, too. Right now I am shelving her because I am waiting for Wrath to make leveling to 70 faster.


  4. I’m with TwinShammies on that. I just created a second account and play on my laptop/desktop to freshen up the leveling experience. Because let’s face it, even though it’s nice to do things differently with different classes it’s still the same leveling experience and giving it a little speed boost is always a good thing =;-) I did the ZF Carrot on a Stick quest and got a ridiculous 30k experience for it the other day.

    And not to mention it’s pretty easy. I take my pally, run in and consecrate, auto-attack, and then lightning bolt spam on my shammy! My pally is having more trouble keeping aggro as I level, though. I think it may be because of talents and the shammy critting more often than anything else. ::shrug::

    And after I get those two to 60 I’ll get a different character to 30 and then BAM, instant 60. And then there will be leveling changes in 3.0 to make it even easier to get to 70.

    Now getting the new characters to 80 and still focusing on my durid will be a feat -.- lol


  5. This is a little off topic but somewhat related. If you like playing with alts and want a whole new experience you should try dual boxing sometime. It’s not difficult to set up at all and with the Recruit a Friend program you can get a pair of alts to 60 in about 2 or 3 days /played. You can even gift free levels to your main account’s alts (up to 29 free levels when your secondary account alt hits 60). It is tons of fun and makes you feel super powerful. It was lots of fun to level a pair of shammies (one enhancement and one elemental). Windfury weapon is tons of fun. Even spamcasting on my elemental shaman I couldn’t pull aggro off the enhancement one. Dual wielding with windfury is just nasty fun!

    You can even transfer the toons to the main account if you don’t feel like keeping the second account active too. I gotta tell you though it is so much fun it is hard to just play one account once you’ve played 2+.


  6. Filter on required level and weapon speed on Wowhead, like this,


    I have a Sickle Axe, compliments of a generous guildie, but I use a shield a lot, and you might like using a two hander so

    Big Maces

    Rock Pulverizer is really easy to get.


  7. It’s great that you’re enjoying Shaman. My first dedicated character was a Human Priest, Holy spec from 10 to 70. I learned that I loved healing a great deal.

    When I returned to WoW after a brief hiatus I really needed two things: I needed to get back into Horde and I needed to get back into RP. After playing “The Pure Healing Class” to 70, I figured I could indulge in a hybrid class and started a Resto Shaman. After a ton of alts, this has become, solidly, my new main. I love playing the Shaman, I love healing with the Shaman, I love being able to fill various group gaps with the Shaman… Between racial lore, class lore, real life shamanism (a background in my family, it seems), and the joy of the class I truly love being a moocow shaman.


  8. Yeah, Shammies are the essence of fun. I leveled Enhancement, and still farm and occasionally off tank as such… but found it was cheaper to respec him back and forth for healing/farming then my priest, who I went shadowweave set and shadow spec…

    I think part of the fun is playing a shamman is like visiting vegas… you get a lucky roll, and crit… which procs a half dozen effects, which intern proc other effects… creating all sorts of lights and sounds, and progressivly bigger damage numbers… just be careful not to hit normal, smack stormstrike, proc windfuty, cast earth shock, and crit on all 5 attacks on a boss… poor bear tank didn’t know what happened, and could not get agro back to save my poor glass cannon butt. I wasn’t necesarily trying to pull agro… I just got a jackpot on my dps slot machine.


  9. Nice mid-40s blues for shammies:

    Wirt’s Third Leg (a little fast, but nice stats):
    Heaven’s Light (I wish this one had been one-hand and not main-hand when I leveled):
    The Shatterer (blacksmithing):
    Stonevault Bonebreaker (Uldaman boe):

    There are also some nice quest one’s I can recall from leveling…the “Test of Endurance” quest line had a nice green mace (horde only I think), as did Weapons of Spirit, from Feralas.


  10. I too am leveling a shammy. A little behind, at almost 24, but catching up fast.
    Enhancement FTW!!! Very much a lot of fun, and also plan to be a totem slinging healer at the end.

    And of course, I’ll be leveling my druid first on expansion, unless we need shammy to level.
    But we have TONS of Druids, Big Bear Butt’s everywhere. lol Not many shammy’s.


  11. Auction House, pick up 2 random greens that have some combo of str, agi, stam, or int. They are almost always 2.6 speed, which is fine. Honestly, at lvl 40, it will be pretty difficult to tell the difference, the DPS boost from DW alone will be huge. There is a lvl 40 boe blue mace, and I found it pretty cheap when I was leveling my Shaman. Flurry Axe would not be worth the gold investment, in my opinion, considering the suboptimal speed.

    As for Midnight Axe, sure, if you want to pay through the nose and twink your Shaman in BGs well below their optimal level for twinking (level 49 is where Enhance Shamans really shine as twinks, if anywhere), have a party, but being level 29 virtually guarantees that it costs over 100g for something you’ll replace very quickly if you plan on leveling. There’s a nice mid 30s 2 hander that bears a striking resemblance to the Whirlwind Axe for Warriors, that my Shaman had, but was only purchased because it was a very good deal.

    If your weapons are of different speeds, put the slower 1 in your offhand. You have no actual mainhand only instant attacks like a Rogue or Warrior, only Stormstrike (both weapons) and Windfury (shared 3 second cooldown on both weapons). The slower offhand increases the likelihood that Windfury procs off of the mainhand, which is where it will do the best damage.

    Finally, above all else, stack strength. Lots of it. Crit is nice, get some of that, but you can’t go wrong with buttloads of strength. Avoid spell damage and spirit like the plague. Ap is fine to sub in for strength unless you are grouping with paladins every day for Blessing of Kings, then strength is slightly better.


  12. Midnight Axe
    Binds when equipped
    Two-Hand Axe
    49 – 75 Damage Speed 2.70
    (23.0 damage per second)
    Durability 85 / 85
    Requires Level 29
    Chance on hit: Sends a shadowy bolt at the enemy causing 30 Shadow damage.
    Item Level 34

    Run to the Auction House.


  13. Flurry Aexes would be nice…but very expensive…wonder how the extra swing will work w/ WF. BBB if you really want to blow your furry druid mind on something. Read up on the concept and practice of “Twisting Totem” It makes rogues/fury warrior godly w/ enh shammy


  14. A touch of altitis, BBB? All I’ve got is altitis wannabeitis. I have neither the time nor money to indulge in altitis (and a shammy would be high on the list)… but I do so wish I could. 🙂 Good to hear you’re having fun!


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