The most important issue we will ever face

There has been a lot going on this last week. A ton of heavy information coming out.

I’ve put off talking about it, since this is supposed to be about WoW.

But I can’t put it off anymore.

I can’t… I just can’t let it go. I HAVE to talk about it.



I’m talking, of course, about Bacon.

I love Bacon. Talked about it before, love it, live it. My idea of the perfect meal is a couple slices of toasted bread, some light chilled mayo, fresh sliced tomato, crisp lettuce, and lots and lots of crispy, yummy bacon.

And over the last few weeks, some of the places I refer to frequently for the very latest in bacon news have had lots to say on the subject.

I recommend you go check out Bacon Today, and see his lovely pictures of the delicious looking Scallop Wrapped Bacon. I love scallops, so this just looks nummy.

Or perhaps sit back, relax, and enjoy reading the lyrics to that fabulous song, “An Ode to Bacon in Summertime.”

Or perhaps you might like to head over to International Bacon Day to keep up to date on the latest Bacon shenanigans, like I do.

I also love the Royal Bacon Society. Yes Marianne, yes I ❤ Bacon.

And no discussion of that lovely meat candy could be complete without looking in on the Bacon Freaks gourmet bacon store.

And then there is this lovely post about how to make your own Bacon flavored Vodka.


Ahhhh. God bless America.

Wait, wut?


Wait, what did you THINK I was gonna talk about?

25 thoughts on “The most important issue we will ever face

  1. I am told that there are people in this world that serve… wait for it… chocolate covered bacon. I have not yet experienced this delicacy, but should I ever find any, I will be sure to report in adequate detail…


  2. I continue to be comforted by the number of people willing to profess their love of bacon! Keep up the good work! You may not know this yet, but it’s National Pork Month, and I totally plan to party like it’s 1999. Or at least eat a lot of bacon and ribs. They did that in 1999, right?


  3. Your post reminds me of my own eccentric food-centric interests, and an actual heated battle over it and makes me wonder… what other WoW bloggers feel very strongly about food-wise. You are adamant in your love of bacon, for me it’s milk and dairy that tickles my fancy (Ironic I play Tauren no?)

    Who’s in charge of those shared topics on Blog Azeroth? I’d like to see who else is passionate about a certain type of food! With Wrath so near and some of us not being in beta (grats you lucky devil) I’m very interested in learning more about other bloggers, and I do so love food.


  4. I just had to mention this. When discussing the typical man’s reaction to the most wonderful meat of all (bacon, in case you missed it), some of my friends and I began to compare the effect of bacon on men to the effect of chocolate on women. To cut a long story short, we decided that bacon would be forever known as “man-chocolate” and chocolate would henceforth be referred to as “girl-bacon”, just to clarify its effects on the opposite gender.


  5. I never thought that one of my RL activities would intersect with wow like this. Some friends of mine started bacon day in Boulder a few years back (a salute to the health nuts who live there). It grew into international bacon day when this girl moved to Australia and started celebrating it there, I believe that she hosts the blog you link. This year my contribution was Bacon infused vodka. I actually came to the idea, in a moment of clarity, independant of the internet. Went I went online to see if it was crazy or not I had discovered that it had already been done. Needless to say I fried up some thick sliced bacon, seasoned with good ole Montreal steak seasoning. Then let it infuse in a Ball jar with Stoli. The results were quite interesting, and good. I think I might go brown sugar next time. Though the peppery flavor was quite good. I was dissapointed with the bacon bloody mary I had. Probably because I hate bloody marys. Anyways, my preferred drink was a bacon vodka shot with a drop of Chollula (or tabasco). I called the shot an aborted piglet, but that’s just because I’m gross.


  6. You ever seen a pig eat a cat, or a mouse, or a bird? The pig ain’t thinking about the pain it’s causing.

    It’s called a food chain, and bacon is a (tasty) part of it.

    BTW – Plants feel pain too, so unless you’re going to start eating rocks or just starve, you’re inflicting pain on something.


  7. Deecee, I’ll start caring when they start arming pigs.

    And likewise, if you come to make my kids into sausages, I got a 12 gauge present fer ya.


  8. You should think about the pain and suffering an animal has to go through to “become” Bacon. It would just be fair if a near relative (one of your children maybe) would have to go through the same. *crosses fingers*


  9. BBB, have you heard of chicken-fried bacon?

    “Thick and peppery Farm Pac® bacon is seasoned, double-dipped in a special batter and breading and deep-fried. Served with a creamy side of ranch or honey mustard sauce. Winner of Best Taste in the Big Tex Choice Awards competition.”

    It’s one of the new big things at the Texas State Fair – and I plan to try it out this week!


  10. Not that I’ve seen it, but my favorite bacon concept: bacon wrapped in bacon, fried in bacon fat and then sprinkled with bacon bits. I’ve also seen stern, unhappy men swoon over bacon. It’s just that awesome.


  11. If you’re doing that much bacon, you have bacon grease. May I suggest, then:

    Whip 1/3 cup of bacon grease into 2/3 cup of mayo. Store as you do any may, use as you do any may, but enjoy the flavor of bacon every time you use your mayo. I like to gild the lily with mine, using it as the mayo for my BLTs.

    Note this mix works even better if you make your own mayo. Add hot bacon grease to your primary oil, then allow it to cool/chill to an appropriate temperature. The oil will keep the grease from setting.


  12. Oh Happy Day! You have given my brother-in-law and me more ammunition to annoy my mother-in-law with when we have our Bacon Fests(tm) at her house. Love it!


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