Where I do my Mania impression

If you play a Hunter at all, then you probably know who Mania is, the one person that I consider the absolute awesomest resource and authority on Hunters in WoW.

When I first created my Hunter, and I desperately wanted guidance on how to find new skills for my pet, learn what pets I could choose from, and what the stat difference between a Cat and a Wolf were, Mania’s Petopia was what I found, and has long since continued to be my “Hunter’s Bible”.

Mania also has a wonderful blog which I follow every day, Mania’s Arcania, and a regular feature is “Name that Pet”, where readers mail in with screenshots of their new critter friends, asking for help from the community in finding an appropriate name. This will become relevant later in the post.

Yes, I know when people think of Hunter blogs, they usually think of that other guy, but in my book Mania deserves the crown. Her dedication to keeping us informed of Hunter and Pet changes is legendary. 

Well, that, plus she never said in MY hearing that she thought Druids should be tamed as Hunter pets. Which clearly shows her ego isn’t writing checks her class can’t cash.

Or at least not in my hearing.

On a side note, last night Cassie had a question on pets, and I told her, naturally, to go visit Petopia. I gushed on for about 5 minutes about the greatness of Petopia, I reminisced over when I was but a Tadpole Hunter, trying to figure out where I could go at the earliest possible level to tame a critter that could let me learn my next level of Claw, so I could then scurry back to the Stables to teach it to my beloved Moonclaw…

And she called out from the living room, “How come Petopia isn’t linked on the blog?”


Anyway, my version of “Name that Pet”.

I went wandering into the bank in Shattrath, looking for mats to make a gun.

I stopped, dead in my tracks, staring transfixed at the glorious sight before me.

This was on the live server, Kael’thas, October 1st.

And as I saw this, I knew,KNEW, that Papa Hummels Pet Biscuits only affect non-combat pets.

This, THIS was a creature of beauty.


I whispered to Kahel, saying something along the lines of “Oh, how beautiful!”

After a bit, he replied back, saying, “What is?”

“Your pet.”

Remember, I’m whispering him out of nowhere.

He replies back, very nicely, “Oh, thank you. Vilebranch Raiding Wolves have the same skin, you can find them in the Hinterlands.”

Very nice, very helpful.

“Well, those may be cool, but your wolf is the most awesome I’ve ever seen.”

There was a pause of a second or two, and then he whispers back, cautiously;

“Does she look big to you?”

I answered, justly, that she was the biggest honking pet I’ve ever seen in my life.

He whispers, “Oh no, she’s bugged again.”


Can I please have that bug hit Moonclaw for just 5 minutes? In Alterac Valley? Please?

This is the first I’ve heard that Rema may sometimes bug so that she goes back to appearing as her huge, giant form to other players. Awesome!

I, personally, hereby name that pet, “AWESOME.”

Edit to add: I looked Rema up on WoWhead, and found out in the comments that it’s been reported for a long time that anyone with Rema as a pet would have that huge size thing as a permanent bug, but someone that tamed one recently says that his Rema is now normal size. So it may have been fixed for new taming… or not, since apparently the Hunter himself sees a normal size pet, it’s only other people that still see the massive honking wolf.

Expect me to tame her tonight and find out!


17 thoughts on “Where I do my Mania impression

  1. I’ve actually seen that bug on many other hunter pets. The weird thing is that the hunter usually doesn’t see their pet that big. They see it as normal size, but lots of other people see it as ginormous like in your screenshot. Hmm…I wonder what it looks like when it’s bugged and the hunter makes it go Big Red… /ponder


  2. Hehe you almost made me spew my cereal all over the table-it was that funny. Orclette and Damm gave me weird looks, and then Damm took a bit of Orclette’s toaster pastry (organic) and she started giving HIM weird looks … 😀


  3. It would be nice if feral forms would be bugged that way sometimes …

    Can you imagine a 10 meter tall bear in AV. Or a Boomkin? Damn, that would be awesome 🙂


  4. I agree with Squirrelz – it’s a reasonably common bug. Judging from what I’ve seen, it looks like the pet appears to everyone else the way it was when it was tamed.

    So it has the same name as it did at the time of taming, and (more obviously) the same SIZE as it was when it was tamed.

    Makes you want to look around for a snow leopard and see if there’s a teensy weensy little hunter pet running around.


  5. I seem to remember a lot of really big hunter pets during Open Beta. I was a bit disappointed when I made my first hunter and tamed my first pet…and he shrank down to a nub.


  6. Interesting thing about that particular wolf is that it’s a Horde-friendly NPC so only Alliance can tame it.

    I skinned it once though on my hordie… cause I walked by right when an Alliance had killed it >.>


  7. Well, I won’t dispute your experiences, Squirrelz and Ego, and maybe Mania will settle it for realz, but I CAN say that in my personal experience, in all the years I’ve played, I have never before seen other pets being bugged as mondo huge as that wolf, AND I was surprised to see a lot of comments on Wowhead attached to that particular pet saying that this is a known size bug associated to that named animal as a pet in particular, rather than to other pets in general.

    Whatever the situation may be, and since I’m at work I can’t very well log in now and tame one to check, the fact remains… that was one awesome sized Wolf… and if you were in the bank when I was, you would have seen everyone else coming in stopping and staring in shock as well. So. Damn. Cool.


  8. So why isn’t mania linked? =P

    Seriously, I heard about petopia a long time ago, but didn’t realize she blogged as well. I come here and then link out to a few other blogs (that other guy included) pretty much daily. Do her a solid and get her in there!


  9. Ive seen this happen quite a bit lately to a friend’s spider. And she sees it all the time on my (normal) wolf. Neither were that big when we tamed them.

    Screenshots or it didn’t happen? *sigh* Alright.

    My wolf, Narar, as seen by Aeslynn: http://i243.photobucket.com/albums/ff28/moonie1978/MassiveNarar.jpg
    Aeslynn’s spider, as seen by me: http://i243.photobucket.com/albums/ff28/moonie1978/WoWScrnShot_081408_224906.jpg

    I agree that unfortunately it’s not a special skill we can call upon when desired, and wish that we could witness it on our own pets 😦


  10. Nice shout out to Mania’s site and blog. Petopia is the first site I go to for hunter pet knowledge as well.

    As for being the ultimate hunter reference, she herself admits she is more focused on pets than general huntery stuff. On the hunter specific side my recommendation would be Less QQ More PewPew http://www.qqpewpew.com/ .

    And she actually has a pretty strong rival for hunter pets as well at The Mystic Hunter themystichunter.wordpress.com/
    Znodis there has spent countless hours leveling one of each pet family to 70 and reviewing it for his site. If you want an idea of which pet is best for soloing, instancing, or pvp, that is an excellent place to go (at least in the 2 weeks we have before he needs to do all the reviews again).


  11. Toque, I heartily agree that both Less QQ More PewPew and The Mystic Hunter are awesome. Both are on my feedreader, and I read them all the time.

    However, when I was sad and alone, and my Hunter was lost in the dark, it was Mania whose light showed me the way.

    There can be many great hunter blogs… but there can only be one that gave you that first big push towards hunter happiness. And for me, Petopia was that website (and blog).


  12. Yeah i think i know what you mean. For me it would have to be that other guy you mentioned. He pretty much single handedly pulled me out of the depths of huntardy. Mind you I was looking for the information and would have found it eventually, but that was the place where i found out how to play well with others, and I will always appreciate it.

    Actually its a lot like this place for my feral druid, thanks 😀


  13. LOL! I think King Mukla (the Gorilla) has the same problem. I was in PTR testing AoE/Thunderstomp/Volley grinding with King Mukla (it is awesome, by the way – took me 2 hrs. to level him from 65-70) and someone whispered “WTF, he is HUGE AS A HOUSE, where did you get him?”

    I had no idea what he was talking about since he seemed normal to me……must be the same bug.


  14. This sometimes happens with other pets as well, usually when you see the pet first and not the hunter (Logging, zoning into cities), and if there’s lag. A lot of lag, godly amounts of lag. I’ve had that happen to my Lynx, and seen it happen to a boar and a handful of others.


  15. I have to add, dear sir, that this bug is also apparently on the Bloodmaul Dire Wolf. I trained one yesterday on my hunter alt for raiding purposes (oh, Furious Howl <3). I had little ol’ wolfy out whilst trying to grind out the elusive bracer enchant found in the same area, and all of a sudden my guild mate says on vent: “Your pet is huge!” Very confused, I eloquently reply, “What?” Their surprised reply back; “I couldn’t tell if I was targeting your wolf or the ogre’s wolf! He got huge and his name changed!” So, there you have it, the bug exists not only with Rema, but our wonderful Bloodmaul Dire Wolves as well. Now, if only I could see this change myself…

    By the way, as a first time poster, I do have to commend you sir, for writing one of the most entertaining and informative (Feral) Druid blogs out there. I traipsed on over from Resto4Life weeks ago (oh Tree Form, how I love thee) , and have had you bookmarked from the first post I read.


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