A little light WoW Forum humor

Here is a little something to brighten your day, and it doesn’t require much reading.

Simply go to the main WoW US Forums, and read this thread on the first page.

It starts out predictably enough, but the plot twists around comment 11 brought a smile to my face…

EDIT to add:

Sadly, as the commenters noted, the thread was deleted. Which is very interesting, considering the hate and other crap that gets left on the forums on a daily basis, but okay.

As was mentioned below, just so you know what you missed, a Blood Elf Hunter named Dárk or something very similar came onto a realm forum, saying he was a recent realm transfer in full Tier 6 with such-and-such awesome gear, saying he was looking for a Sunwell raiding guild.

There was the usual forum trollage of him, folks mocking him as a ‘serious’ raider if he’s wearing full Tier 6, since apparently real hunters wouldn’t wear all 8 pieces of Tier 6.

His Armory showed he had 377 Enchanting, he had logged out with the Baron Deathcharger mount buff, and had equipped 8/8 Tier 6.

The guy got real pissy, saying his gear clearly showed he had the skills to raid, and telling people to leave him alone.

At post 11, someone showed a Craigslist posting, from the day before, listing that exact same character, right down to the Baron mount, 8/8 Tier 6, and Enchanting skill level, for sale for $500.

The thread erupted into laughter.




You know, my wife has visited the site, she is always looking for a bargain of some kind (right now she keeps looking at all the people selling backyard swing and tower/slide sets) and shown me those kinds of listings.

We have both laughed about them, and wondered who would spend that kind of cash.

Now, now we know.


12 thoughts on “A little light WoW Forum humor

  1. Haha, I saw a link to that thread on the general forums this morning. I adore things like that.

    I have to wonder whats going to happen. Maybe he’ll get banned, maybe he won’t, and if he doesn’t, how many times is he going to have to transfer before people stop looking / lose him? If I were him, first thing I would do was ditch the Baron’s mount for awhile after transfering, thats the dead give away I think, considering the rarity of it.


  2. Awww that’s a shame it’s been deleted. In a nutshell a Blood Elf Hunter went onto the Realm Forums looking for a raiding guild advertising themselves in 8 pieces of T6 gear.

    There’s some back and forth as people suggest he’s ebayed the character which is denied with the standard vitriol before someone posts the link to the Craigslist advert for the character/account.

    Suddenly the OP disappeared from the forum thread and most likely the game now if the thread has deleted it.

    Cheers for posting this B^3 gave me a huge laugh.


  3. that other possible twist at 113:

    * 113. Re: New Xfer: 8/8 T6 BE Hunter, LF Raiding Gu 10/05/2008 05:59:27 AM PDT

    quote reply
    ALRIGHT. Half you guys don’t even know the full story…

    The ORIGINAL Hunter who played this account was called Ahoq (We’re going back about 4/5 months). We fully geared him and ran him thew Sunwell because GC Had one hunter at the time. After blowing his DKP-Load on the Twins Bow, he vanished for 2/3 weeks, without saying a word to the officers, we then realize that one night his no longer in the guild, he ”transferred” off.

    He then, after atleast a month, logs on an alt and feeds up a story about being ”hacked” after. This is the post that follows:


    THEN, after that long post, he posts this:



    YES, he sold his account, to the last owner, and yes, I’m 110% sure that it’s the same hunter, down from the reputations, gear, and previous servers. This character has been followed with drama.

    This account NEEDS to be banned. ”

    yeah, I saved a copy of the original post, the page with this twist, and even the craigslist post. I want to be able to laugh at this again in a month. hehe.


  4. I wonder if this is the guy they were talking about in raid last night who suddenly disappeared from our Realm Forums … Was the name “Darc” by chance?


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