Go! Troll the thing! See if I care!

I have a new Shifting Perspectives article up.

I provide my take on the whole armor/Protector of the Pack thingie.

I anticipate the usual boring flames, since I’m either a paid schill of Blizzard, or a hopeless QQer, depending on who you ask.

Or, and these are my favorites, the comments from people that say that I’m wasting their time posting what everyone already knows if they are worth anything as a player, mixed in with comments from people saying thanks for covering some of the new stuff that’s coming out that they hadn’t heard just yet.

So go!

I send you out in your dozens to join in the fun!

Flame! Flame like you’re wearing asbestos underoos and sucking on argon fumes!

Show those tired, boring, lame ass trolls what a little ingenuity and crativity can do!

Bonus bear points for being crazy, creative and making me roflmao!

I might as well get some fun out of this gig.

16 thoughts on “Go! Troll the thing! See if I care!

  1. Whoa, whoa whoa. Never ever let those folks who say “I’m wasting their time posting what everyone already knows if they are worth anything as a player”. I have played since Blizzard started selling WOW and I don’t know Jack Schmitt (sorry, Jack) about anything, even my hunter – always something new to learn each day. And those that say they do, well, just use your imagination on how they actually are – wannabes. I appreciate this info (on anything you want to write about) as does hundreds, nay, thousands of others. As other folks have already said in a more grand jesture than I could have said, “Thank you for your insightful thoughts and knowledge of the game.”


  2. just looking at what you were saying about int and mana on upcoming feral gear. seems like a talent or two deep in the feral tree could use a second feature where you get spellcasting buffs. maybe protector of the pack should reduce restoration spell cost by the same % it reduces damage taken…


  3. Your mom! Ha!

    Flaming aside, man, I hate people who have nothing good to say about anything they see on the internet. I have my share of complaints, but there’s a line…


  4. I think it would be hilarious if half the staff suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started flaming each other for no explicable reason on some random post.

    It would confuse the hell out of the standard trolls.

    Maybe an April Fool’s idea?


  5. Flame, flame, flame…Everyone should have known all that already….Thanks, exactly what I was looking for, keep up the good work.

    Did I cover all the bases?

    Anyway, thank you for the post it doesn’t put my mind at ease about the changes, but it helps me see how my gear will evolve. I found it useful and neither look at you as a Shill or QQ’er. (the accusations of brown nosing can commence)


  6. Snarl: Actually, Bear and I let Rossi out every once in a while. Let him do a few laps. Sometimes on good days we’ll let him have his share of WoW. We attached an IV unit full of Red Bull into him =D.


  7. Your post is great, and rather helpful for me (since I’m trying to figure out how this whole druid thing works anyway).

    That – and you get bonus points for making me snort my Sprite. Asbestos Underoos indeed.


  8. I am looking forward to the expansion, however, I don’t think I will be playing me druid, at least as a tank.

    I am having far too much fun with my lvl 30 prot paladin.

    Great post man, keep up the good work. 🙂


  9. I do not know if you are a QQer or a schill. What I do know is to never trust Bestbuy!!!

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your blog and WowInsider articles.


  10. So wait… am I supposed to flame you for your work now? If so let me think of something good and retarted so I can post it when I get home before I even look at the article!


  11. Actually, I was lurking around a number of site this morning looking for Feral druid articles for a guildie. He was looking for stuff that he can expect in the new patch and beyond when we enter Wrath and I was extremely glad to see that you’d done that post this morning. Between a couple of posts you’ve made and some other Feral sites, I think that he has enough information to sate his curiosity for a while!

    Thanks for your post, BBB!


  12. I enjoyed the post, if for nothing else letting me compare some gear changes since I didn’t have time to fool around with wowhead myself. Hopefully you don’t go complete over to your hunter once the exp-pac drops because I’d hate to lose the analysis you provide on occassion (and the fun stories too).

    PS: Crativity? 😛

    PPS: Being an “insider”, you might know the answer to this. Is Mister Rossi chained to a PC 24/7 and cattleprodded constantly so that he spouts some Warrior-related… um… at every possible opportunity?


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