Manipulating the loot gods

Hunter loot post incoming!

I haven’t spoken about it all that much, but for at least the last month, I’ve had two main playtime objectives;

  • Run Karazhan with my Hunter
  • Play my brand new Shaman alt

My Shaman is, as of this writing, level 35 and parked in the Inn in Southshore to rebuild some rested XP. I’m leveling Enhancement all the way, with Skinning/Leatherworking (with an eye towards crafted gear at 80), but I intend this to be a fully specced Healer at 80. 

I’ve been running Karazhan with my Hunter, because my Priest and Druid are pretty much as maxed out as they’re going to get, and therefore are held in reserve to help out. Why take a tank spot with my Druid when there are plenty of other people that want to play their tanks in Kara? Why take a Priest ranged DPS when I could take a Hunter ranged DPS?

Except for Moroes, of course. I still bring Windburn on Moroes, for the extra Shackle. And for those rare occasions we don’t already have a Priest in the group, to do a quick Fort buff and swap back out.

But yes, I’ve played in Karazhan on my Hunter quite a bit, and I’ve had a lot of fun. I’ve smoothed out a lot of my mistakes, and I think I provide pretty decent ranged DPS, plus the fun of Misdirects and Traps.

Now, you might think that, having me along as a Hunter would be a bad thing. After all, I have a low and evil sense of humor.

Fortunately, so does everyone else in the guild, so we’re good. When I see we are waiting on someone to enter the instance, for example, I don’t really think it’s out of character for my to throw Misdirect on our Mage and then open fire at the elite Spiders in the room right off the front door. Keeps ’em on their toes.

Damn spiders go into evasion as soon as they leave the cellars, anyway. They don’t cause more than a second or two of panic.    .:sigh:.

Last week, I had a moment of ‘whoops’ that had me feeling bad for a moment, because it caused a complete wipe. Truly a Huntard move.

The first pull on the way to Attumen that has a single wandering Healer that comes in and out of the group. Think it’s like the third actual pull, not counting the pat.

The healer mob got marked with Skull… and I still had it targeted, even after it wandered away from the group, when the tank pulled the X and Green Triangle horsies. I sent my pet, and tab-targeted the X to Misdirect onto the tank, help out with some threat generation before switching back to main tank target… and then thought to wonder, “Hey, where the hell is Moonclaw going? He ran right past the horses… OH SHIT!”

Moonclaw happily ran after the Skull I had originally targeted. Who was, at that time, saying high to the group out of sight in the other room. It never came with the pull.

That’s fine. So the pet went, and as long as it dies there, it’s all good, right?

I made a worse mistake, though. I had just seen Moonclaw’s tail disappear through the arch, and I tried to recover from my mistake by hitting ‘Follow’ on the pet control bar… telling my pet that he had new orders, to get his furry tail back to me, NOW!

And come running back he did… and he brought friends! Lots of friends.

I had a moment to consider telling it to ‘Stay’… and then I decided, “Hey… why not let nature run it’s course?”

I kept quiet, as the new crowd came out of nowhere to pound us into Kibbler’s Bits.

After the momentary shock and awe of reacting to our new friends, and a quick graveyard run back, someone coughed and mentioned something about Huntards… I have no idea who they could have been talking about.

Remember, runs aren’t always about success. At least, not this close to WotLK when no one is really stressing about Kara anymore. Sometimes, a galactically awesome failure has entertainment value all it’s own.

On the plus side, this run brought me a new toy. A reward for my stellar performance!

And I caused it to happen. I manipulated the loot gods to get my toy to drop. It was by my will that the loot happened!

See, I didn’t plan on sacrificing my raid to the loot gods to get my drop. That was just a fortunate stroke of luck. I would have planned on it, if the thought had occured to me. Now that I know that works, I’ll keep it in mind for Naxxramas.

No, what I did was entice the loot gods by giving them cause to make me cry for wasted gold.

I’ve been running with the Ornate Khorium Rifle for a very long time. I’ve had other gear upgrades over time, got some nice pretties, but as far as my weapon, I’ve used that gun exclusively since I crafted it after dinging 70.

I had determined, early on, that my Hunter was 100% guns. Aside from the first level or three, where I had no choice, I have been guns. Big happy bang-bangs.

  • Gun skill: 350
  • Bow skill: 19
  • Crossbow skill: 0

I am damn proud of those numbers. Shows commitment. Dedication. Close-mindedness. Wait, what?

Anyway, I had set myself to only using Guns. And I didn’t want to fart around with just any old upgrade.

I wanted the big mamma jamma. I wanted the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle.

I still do. For the stats? Screw the stats. I think it is the neatest looking damn gun in the entire game.

So when I started running Karazhan, I never really cared if anything else dropped, I was sniffing around for the Wolfslayer.

Well, I’m still sniffing. R&J seems to be the Opera event we see the most. And the Masquerade Gown the loot that drops the most. No worries, other folks have waited on drops a lot longer than me, and I don’t NEED it, I just would love to get it.

But I finally caved in to the inevitable, realised it wasn’t going to drop, so exactly a week ago I went ahead and dropped 900 gold on a good alternative to a Kara gun drop; the Don Santos’ Famous Hunting Rifle.

Thanks to my Icon of Unyielding Courage, I have Hit Rating to burn, so the lack of stats didn’t bother me too much. And at least it looked neat as it fired!

So I armed myself with Don Santos, and then we did a Kara run. And I told Cassie, “I betcha we’ll see some weapons drop now! I can’t wait to get to opera! BBW for sure!”

So of course we get R&J, and the Masquerade Gown drops.

We finished going on to Curator, downed him, and then decided to pick up Attumen and call it a night. Goofiness was the order of the night. We were pretty much just being silly. We even went and did Maiden, and wiped like three times? Four? I can’t remember, I just know we kept trying different things to give it a whack, move outside our comfort zone a little.

Anyway, as I’d mentioned before, the last order of business for the night was smacking Attumen around.

So of course, Attumen drops the Steelhawk Crossbow.

Now, that was mean. Give a weapon drop, but don’t make it the gun.

I was the only Hunter along that could use it, so it’s not like I could have passed on it to Blusummer’s Hunter alt that just hit 70, or any other Hunter, like I would have. Wulfa was there as Hunter lead, but she has long had the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix. She certainly didn’t need it.

So I took it, and I was grateful for the drop. The crossbow looks really neat, and has better DPS and nice stats and an excellent speed for weaving my Steady Shots. I weave them myself with the aid of Quartz Cast Timer, I don’t use a macro.

It is, in all respects, a quality weapon any starting Hunter would be proud to own.


It wasn’t a gun.

Dang it!

So, two things.

First, I now had to go get myself some arrows and a Quiver. And that meant getting a Quiver of a Thousand Feathers. I had the blue quality Ammo Pouch, so I wasn’t going to replace it with a green quiver. Moar money gone!

And that also meant I had a Crossbow Skill of zero. Might want to look into that.

So I did what any self-respecting Hunter would do.

I traveled to the Blasted Lands, and faced off on a Servant of Razelikh (who are invulnerable until you destroy the crystal that they are close to) and leveled my Crossbow skill up to 350. I just left my pet on Growl and auto-attack, threw the occasional Mend Pet out there, and plinked away. Read a book while I waited, glanced up every now and then to throw another Mend Pet.

Word to the wise; if you have a Weapon Skill you need to level, do it before the next patch release. They are changing things so that you can no longer gain Weapon Skill fighting these guys.

Anyway, I now have a Crossbow.

I feel… dirty.


23 thoughts on “Manipulating the loot gods

  1. Grats!

    You can also train ranged weapon skill on Dr Boom out in Netherstorm; you have the range to keep out of his robots and he won’t come in to melee you. Just you might annoy people trying to do the quest by tagging him then not killing him. Hehe. You can always FD to let them get their quest done if you’re playing nice.


  2. I totally hear you about using your preferred weapon. I love Crossbows. Well, I like both crossbows and bows, but since I play a draenei, the crossbows win because of the flip to reload animation that they get. So, of course as I’m leveling through nagrand on my hunter, I finish the hunting quests and get Hemet’s Elekk Gun. I figure that I’ve never used a gun up to this point, so why not give it a try…I hated the noise. I leveled the skill on Dr. Boom, but I hated it. it lasted all of two levels and I went back to my old bow. I’m working on my SSO rep and I’ll have me a nice new crossbow in 2-3 days. And thanks to Nighthawque, I’m working on PvP and grinding towards that S2 crossbow. It’s all fiery and awesome. So yeah, I totally understand when you and BRK say something about not liking a particular weapon. To each hunter his/her own.


  3. My nelfy huntard has been a crossbow user since she stumbled across her first one at lvl 35 almost 4 years ago now. LOVE THEM. If I *have* to use a bow, or a gun (blech) I will, but I love a good crossbow, and it’s my weapon of choice.


  4. If you want to be a healer at 80 with your shaman, I suggest leveling elemental, at least 60 or 70 onward. Makes it much easier to keep the kind of gear you need in mind.


  5. Personally, I think the mats for the Quiver of a Thousand Arrows isn’t worth the 4 extra ammo spots.
    Knothide Quiver gives 20 spots and the same 15% extra speed.

    The one and only time I ran out of arrows (and was saved from having to do the hunter walk of shame by our rogue who for some reason walks around with 10 ammo stacks of arrows) was in Karazhan and that was after wiping a few times on Shade and Prince. And four extra stacks weren’t as important, because I also blew through the 6 stacks that the rogue gave me before we were done with Prince.

    And yes, I started with a full quiver of 20 stacks of ammo!

    I’m a night elf hunter, and bows are just more in theme for me. I can’t bring myself to use a gun. 🙂


  6. I’ve allways used bows or crossbows on my hunter… but that Wolfslaying Sniper Rifle would be the one gun to make me change that. It really does have the best gun skin imo. But alas it never dropped 😦 instead I have the sunfury bow of the phoenix which will last me till wotlk and am more then happy with 😀

    My hunter is an engineer and that gun at 80… mmm… so will have to train my gun skill from 0 to whatever wotlk max will be lol.


  7. raksman, you certainly can use Dr Boom… but only for ranged weapons. Kinda like to give people options in case they have a Sonic Spear polearm they might have recently acquired, and never trained Polearm skill up before.

    Not that Hunters should ever be in melee range. Ever.

    I’d like to see you go to Dr Boom and train a Polearm from 0 to 350!

    Not saying it can’t be done… but I bet watching you and your friends coordinate the adds would be hilarious!

    Raid group on Boom go go go!


  8. Pet pulls happen. Its lame, but hunters have so many ways to cause wipes :[ All of us have done it. We just try to be on guard more next time.

    Funny huntard story. I have a friend who plays (excellently) a warlock and resto shammie. He leads our raids, always tops dps and healing meters, and is basically spot-on all the time. One day he brings his hunter alt (which he got from a friend who is not currently playing) into BRD to do the brewfest boss, which he had done multiple times on his other chars.

    The minute he zones in on his hunter, he picks up the quest and automatically runs over and turns it in, starting the encounter and of course wiping the group.

    He claims he was “living the dream”.

    On kara drops: Due to my schedule I found it really hard to raid. In my second time in Kara (I had been 70 for 6 months already), and no idea when i would be able to make it again, I wanted to do my best dps, so i dropped 1k gold on the Don Santos before the run. Of course the wolfslayer rifle dropped and i won it. I consider the 1000g payment to the luck gods.

    And I ❤ guns, like bows, and basically dislike x-bows…


  9. One of my favourite huntard-related Kara wipes was… we cleared the trash to Attumen while waiting on our hunter to finish doing whatever in Shatt… we summon her and head back into the instance, and run around the corner on the way back to Attumen… we stop for a second to do some loot stuff and so I can recap the fight, and who races around the corner ahead of everyone, and excitedly engages Midnight? Frosty, of course, the hunter’s pet who was still on aggressive…

    All you hear in vent is “Where’s Frosty going?” … [silence] … “OMG!”


  10. Once I got steady shot I preferred guns as the audio differences between auto shot and steady shot are more noticeable than with a bow or crossbow. Otherwise I would have stuck with bows…


  11. Why do you swap your hunter for your priest on Moroes? Our group usually chain-traps one of the melee enemies off to the side of the room – you may need to slap Distracting Shot on him intermittently to keep him running for you instead of a healer midway through the fight, but that strategy works as well as (sometimes better than) shackles, for us anyway…


  12. I’ve had plenty of huntard moments in Kara. From tab targetting mobs that haven’t been pulled to breaking my own traps. I’ve also had moments where most of the raid wipes and me and a rogue end up killing the boss right before he kills us. I’m really looking forward to Wrath and the 10 man progression.
    On the subject of ranged weapons. I’m currently using the Crossbow of Relentless strikes. I’d prefer to use a bow but the xbow is just too good. I personally can’t stand guns so I’d be hard pressed to use one. Here’s hoping that there are lots of good weapons from each type at 80 and beyond.


  13. As a roleplayer, I had more or less sworn that my kal’dorei huntress was not going to use any guns. So, I never even trained the weapon skill, gleefully leveling from 1 to 70 using a variety of bows and crossbows. Blizzard made it easy because the vast majority of hunter weapons were bows. Then I get into Zul’Aman and complete the first timer event to find Tuskbreaker is in the chest. I take it, I level guns by running a friend on an alt through the Scarlet Monastery a couple of times, and embrace my girl’s first intimate encounter with technology.

    All I could think as I was leveling up was, “Dis is my… BOOM STICK!


  14. An easier way for a hunter to train on a ranged weapon skill is to shoot at Dr. Boom. Just head up to Netherstorm and stand out of range of his bombs and go auto shoot and /afk!


  15. I never want to see the inside of Kara again in my life if possible. I did that every weekend for almost a year for badges.

    I am pleased as punch that everything will be doable with 10 ppl in the expansion, though. We’ve always had a solid group of 10 people that can raid on weekend mornings and it looks like I might actually see the top instance at endgame this time around. Missed BWL/Naxx and BT…would like to actually peek inside whatever is at the end of the road in LK.

    In the meantime, I keep switching between my hunter (40) and my third warlock (54). And I have a rogue at 67 that I’ve kind of gotten burned out on. I need to spend the remaining badges I still have on gems, I suppose, for my 70 SP. Nothing else for me to buy at this point.


  16. I’m a ranged whore….I’ll use anything that’s handy. My Troll Hunter went to Dr Boom and levelled everything up just in case I got something to drop in Kara other than a bow (I was using Valano’s Longbow at the time). Next time in Kara, nothing. Several runs through ZA, nothing. Run through SSC and TK, nothing. Finally run through Kara again…Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix. Oh well, I’ve got X-Bows and Guns up to 350 if I ever need it!

    Papersmith is following in the Troll’s footsteps, even has Valano’s in the bank already! Now I just need to get the mats for the 1K Quiver – if you’ve any sense of pride as a Hunter, you’ll only run out of arrows once. My SOP is a full 1K Quiver and another 8 stacks in a bag.


  17. Shackle is for the weak, solo chain-trap the adds on Moroes 6-7 times, hitting them with Distracting Shot to maintain threat (“/cast [target=focus] Distracting Shot” macros are also for the weak, if you move correctly you can hit trapped stuff with Distracting Shot without breaking the trap with Auto Shot), and if they break Wing Clip, Concussive Shot and kite-kite-kite! Lots of fun.

    On the note of pet wipes: there’s an interesting jumping bit in Botanica, where you jump over a couple of tree boxes in order to skip a pull or two. As a hunter, your pet follows just fine over the jumping bits, but once you’re back on solid ground it will suddenly decide that it’s pathing is messed up and gets an urgent desire to run straight into the next group. Fun times.


  18. 2 things that may have been mentioned here by others but I am too sleep deprived by the 9 day old to check.

    1) Why shackle the add when you can trap it? Trapping them is more of a challenge and a lot of fun.

    2) You can get weapon skill on the 4 elemental dudes is SMV who are immune until their 3 totems are broken.


  19. Being on a PvP server, I’ll switch between guns (Gunblade/Hemet’s Elekk Gun) and bows (Valanos or Lohn’Goron) depending on whether I care if people know I’m around. My PvP skills are teh suk, so anything that helps me stealth my way around makes me happy 🙂

    but I still prefer the boom-boom 🙂


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